Jeremy Thorpe Dies

Sir Cyril Smith


Former Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe has died aged 85 after a long battle with Parkinson’s Disease, his son Rupert has announced.

He was elected leader of the Liberals in 1967, promising to turn the party into a radical pioneering force.

But his political career ended when his life was engulfed in scandal and he faced trial on charges of conspiracy and incitement to murder.

He stepped down as leader in 1976 and was cleared of the charges in 1979.

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8 responses to “Jeremy Thorpe Dies

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  2. dpack

    i hope he went kindly if he was on ok sort of chap who was sinned against by dark forces
    the contrary also applies

    maybe those tasked to settle his affairs can assist in establishing the truth about his nature by securing his paperwork and making a gift of it to the public

  3. timsanders2013

    I hope Rinka does not bite him.

  4. Bill Wagstick

    We should speak ill of the dead, I guess Cyril will have the ‘Bumthing’ out.
    opps, got get these teeth sorted, I mean ‘bunting’

  5. godhelpus

    Not soon enough! not really worth a mention.

    • dpack

      splendid link .

      re break ins if the world’s information is spread far and wide it makes “data raids “rather ineffective and nowt but confirmation that the data thought to be held in the location of the raid is of value.

      again cheers mr berners-lee ,hiding data in full view in many places does negate the risks of “protecting secret and important papers” .

      if we had a two finger emoticon i would place it here facing the enemy .

      ps rinka was a civilian and there is no such thing as “collateral damage”