There’s No Such Thing As Child Pornography.

Please note: The IWF uses the term child sexual abuse content to accurately reflect the gravity of the images we deal with. Please note that child pornography, child porn and kiddie porn are not acceptable terms. The use of such language acts to legitimise images which are not pornography, rather, they are permanent records of children being sexually exploited and as such should be referred to as child sexual abuse images.



‘Paraplegic US pedophile, 59, jailed for 50 years in Kenya after pleading guilty to child porn distribution’ –  Daily Mail

‘Kenyan court sentences U.S. man to 50 years for child pornography’ – Daily Mail

‘Child porn suspect, 17, ‘enrolled in elementary school and posed as 12-year-with his pedophile friend pretending to be his father’ – Daily Mail

‘Luke Batty’s killer father was not arrested for having child porn because it wasn’t urgent, police officer tells inquest as Shane Warne joins memorial at cricket pitch where boy died’ – Daily Mail 

‘One in six pupils accesses porn on school computers: Secondary school aged children bypassing teachers’ controls to look at adult websites’ – Daily Mail

‘Former Miss Porter’s teacher jailed for sex with female student faces up to 20 years over child porn charge’ – Daily Mail

‘Pictured: Substitute teacher, 41, who ‘bought child porn of a female student from one of the girl’s classmates’ – Daily Mail

‘US author John Grisham questions child porn jail terms’ – BBC News

‘Anti-paedophile police fight child porn ‘epidemic’ – BBC News

‘Norfolk ex-minister Philip Hilstrop in child porn breach’ – BBC News 


‘Bovey Tracey man found with child abuse images on computer’ – Western Morning News

‘Young farmworker caught with hundreds of child abuse images on his phone’ –  Gazette Live

‘Revealed: The shocking extent of child abuse images being downloaded in Merseyside’ – Liverpool Echo

‘Teacher at Prince Charles’ old school is banned from the classroom after he was sacked for downloading child abuse images’ – Daily Mail

‘Oldswinford head teacher arrested over indecent images’ – BBC News

It Really Isn’t That Hard To Grasp!



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  1. l8in

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  2. The Faily mail is porn.

  3. James Hanning

    If someone derives pleasure from images of a child, and if someone else peddles such images, surely that is pornography. The volition (or lack of it) of the subject of those images is not the point, is it? Or are you saying that if the child was complicit/posing, it would be ‘porn’. (I ask in ignorance, perhaps obviously …)

    • Sabre

      The point they are trying to make is that most of us find porn acceptable to some extent, people have different tastes, some find it unacceptable for religious or moral reasons, some find it objectionable on the grounds that it is exploitative, however, ‘child porn’ just isn’t porn is it? There isn’t even room for debate as to consent of the ‘performers’ , whether they enjoy it?, whether it is just a job?

      ‘Child porn’ is documented evidence of serious criminal offences taking place against children, it isn’t porn.

      • yes @sabre you are exactly right there, each image ( allowing for duplicates and sets are a depiction of a crime taken place and when you consider how many images are collected and stored by offenders on hard drives and the fact that offenders can be anyone and everywhere and add in millions of children worldwide then no wonder its way past epidemic proportions , And whats the paedo apologist answer ??
        ” its a witch hunt ”
        ” its moral panic ”
        ” its compo culture”

        No its denial and delusion with them …

      • Very well said, Sabre! Thank you.

  4. dpack

    the use of words can conceal or reveal the truth in a statement

    to use the yes minister theme , english sausage or high fat offal tube ?they are the same “food” but the choice of wording conceals or reveals and makes them more or less acceptable.

    the examples of newspeak that are used by the political,media and in everyday life do need to be popped with a needle sometimes .

    tis important to call a spade a spade and a shovel a shovel

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  6. GMB

    I am not interested in the ‘Lets have a Meeting stuff’, what matters is that these criminals are sentenced harshly. That is what the people want. I remarked to my sister that Myles Bradbury had got 22 years she replied ‘he should have got life on an open wing’. Now that would be a deterrent.

  7. James Bond gets re assigned to MI5

    ” Your mission 007 is to protect VIP paedophiles from unwanted intrusion ”

    ” From whom M ? ”
    ” a new enemy Bond , armed with a secret weapon”
    ” which is what M ?”

    ” they will be asking awkward questions ”

    ” My God M its worse than we thought ”
    ” Yes Bond a deadly enemy indeed ”
    ” ok M i will do it , just one question will i get a gadget car and have sex with any female i encounter ?”
    ” well we’ ll see if Edwina Currie is busy and let you know”

  8. chrisb

    The points that the IWF are trying to make are correct. We should consider whether the consent of the people involved in the filmed sexual acts has been obtained or not. Our choice of words should then reflect this distinction. This distinction is more important than our own personal opinions on what is acceptable to be watched and what is not.

    I would guess that they would extend the phrase ‘sexual abuse images’ to any pornography involving adults who were coerced into taking part.

  9. Andy Barnett

    The two terms refer to the same thing but have different meanings. Both may be ‘correct’ (an image of sexual abuse may then be used as porn) but our choice of terms depends upon the meaning we are trying to convey.

    Anyone referring to ‘child porn’ is talking about the use the of the image by the person viewing it. Their moral judgements are therefore likely to be focused on the act of viewing only. The term ‘child sex abuse image’ OTOH is talking about how the image was created, focusing any moral judgement on the effect that creation had on the child.

    Clearly, anyone who cares about the effect of “child porn” on the children involved would wish to draw attention to the creation rather than the viewing, and would therefore use the term “child sexual abuse images”.

  10. @Chrisb how does an a child consent to appear in a sex related image or video ?
    the child does not unless coerced in some way
    That coertion is another form of abuse surely

    • chrisb

      I did not suggest that a child could give legal consent to being filmed in a sexual act. Children can’t legally consent to having sex. Period. That is why I make a distinction between films of consenting adults having sex and films of children, who by definition can’t give consent.


    Child Abuse survivors and supporters and campaigners pull out of Sham historic CSA enquiry

    • Before long people will be signing a letter suggesting to withdraw from Needleblog as its a sham blog on historic csa with backing from the police
      and establishment

      • Hi Bob.

        I’m surprised you’ve got the time to leave a message here given all the campaigning you’re doing with Liz an’ all.

        If you want to withdraw you’re welcome.

        Good luck with the ‘campaigning’, try not to screw it all up for genuine survivors.

      • So no ticket to the police mens ball this year nevermind eh ?

      • Don’t believe all the crap you hear Bob.

        You’re speaking on behalf of survivors now, I’m sure they’ll appreciate it… NOT!

        Go and play with your new friends.