David Steel On Cyril Smith Child Abuse


“What Smith was accused of was no different from what went on in public schools all over the country”Lord Alton quoting David Steel after a discussion the two had concerning the Rochdale Alternative Press Cyril Smith child abuse allegations.


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  1. W.Steel

    The parliamentary record Hansard shows that Liberal leader David Steel also spoke out in the House against Dickens’ use of parliamentary privilege to name the paedophile diplomat in written questions.
    ‘As a member of the Select Committee on Privileges I am naturally concerned that parliamentary privilege should at all times be defended,’ said Steel. ‘I submit it is difficult to defend if there is a sign on occasion it is being abused.
    ‘I want to draw your attention to two questions which have appeared on the Order Paper today naming a retired public servant and asking for further inquiries into his activities.’
    He added: ‘I would like to suggest to you this is creating a dubious precedent of which we should be careful.’
    The Times reported that the Liberals said Mr Steel was merely expressing the doubts felt by many MPs.

    The Times reported that the Liberals said Mr Steel was merely expressing the doubts felt by many MPs.
    We know now, of course, that Mr Steel and his Liberal Party failed to recognise the paedophile activities of their own MP Cyril Smith, who is believed to have been named in the dossier Dickens later handed to Brittan. Police recently confirmed that Smith was also a visitor to the notorious Elm Guest House in South-West London, where paedophile parties were allegedly held.
    At the time, Steel and the Liberals did nothing, and Smith took his secrets and good reputation to  the grave.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2681318/How-Establishment-hid-monster-midst-As-MPs-demand-inquiry-covering-VIP-child-abuse-ring-chilling-proof-depraved-diplomat-protected-good-great.html#ixzz3QLlK56E3

  2. W.Steel

    Somebody should to take a closer look at David Steel.

    “What Smith was accused of was no different from what went on in public schools all over the country” – Lord Alton quoting David Steel after a discussion the two had concerning the Rochdale Alternative Press Cyril Smith child abuse allegations

  3. dpack

    steel was on telly talking about thorpe .
    imho he said what he might be expected to say.

  4. Peter Appleby

    The wife of one of the Cambridge Spies,Kim Philby I think,once said something to the effect:”If the British Establishment didn’t want their children to be buggered,why then,they would not send them to Public Schools”

    • dpack

      philby studies might be useful or might be the road to madness.

      seraph and other means of wet insertion/extraction might be a better node to start with than cambridge or moscow or even the aftermath of him leaving beruit

      a slightly odd thought is if the so called cambridge spies (and associates) were as “super bad “as they have been presented how come we dont all speak russian ?
      it is possible that they were triples and a good way to convince moscow the west did not have full sigint against the 4 wheel stuff moscow had been using .
      placing selected local “news”and london’s “soviet”info in their reports and adding the odd dead agent/asset /defection /or by not reacting to intel and taking avoidable damage might have been thought to be acceptable to establish a veil over almost total sigint capability for a couple of decades .

      a useful way to put such things into context is to file it under dont know (or here may lie madness) but this other thing that the mad stuff led me to can be proved and it fits into the lattice in this place.

  5. GMB

    Dig Dig Dig…allo wots all this…

  6. GMB

    Why didn’t the Liberals go after Smith? Could it be it was a little too close for the comfort of others in the Party?

  7. dpack

    strange but true is often the case in politics
    listen to the words and observe the actions often gives a very different impression .
    for instance smith would not have cared for the citizens gaining access to government documentation relating to industrial disease caused by asbestos as he was deeply involved in preventing the long term knowledge of mesothelioma being used against the legacy assets and insurers of the derelict rump of that industry .he wasnt just a noncey nasty man he was a nasty man in many ways.
    for instance steel would probably not care for some of his directorships being publicly examined via government paperwork.
    for instance janner would probably not care for government paperwork relating to some of his interests being in the public domain.

    foi is usually a good thing for citizens and a bad thing for those who abuse power by design or by incompetence.

  8. Strange but true , on the list of MPs who ” broadly support the campaign for measures to secure for all citizens access to information that they have a right and need to know and measures to encourage greater disclosure of such information ”
    is none other than David Steel, Greville Janner and, er Cyril Smith…go figure

  9. Jake

    The should rename themselves the “Libertine Party” – it would more accurately reflect their repulsive true nature. It scarcely matters any more anyway, they’re being wiped out at the polls as people begin to work out they really stand for legalising sex with children above all else. Their other policies are mere padding.

  10. artmanjosephgrech

    yep you said it david the Lib Dem approach to sexual crimes.

  11. Perhaps Public Schools should be closed if that is what goes on in them?

  12. He is noted for his human rights work including the co-founding of Jubilee Action, the children’s charity.

    • dpack

      keeping an open mind is wise and time spent on intelligence is never wasted.

      once the facts seem clear and it is the proper time to cross the rubicon it should be done without fear or hesitation .

  13. No doubt David Steel is well informed, perhaps he could shed some light on just how many public school pupils who are likely to have either abused or were abused become Britain’s powerful elite when all too often in later life the abused become the abusers.

  14. dpack

    i was reading about him and a bunch of his chums this morning in relation to a different topic ,how strange he should get a mention in this second context .

    it is possible to kill several birds with one stone if they are in a flock so long as it is well aimed and thrown hard .

  15. Terry B

    Does that make it alright then?

    Maybe David Steel needs looking at more closely if he finds Cyril Smiths actions excusable.

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  17. timsanders2013

    Yes,I agree with him. And that is one of the main reasons for the
    disgusting mess we find ourselves in.