Police Failures ? John Allen, Bryn Alyn, And Pallial

John Allen

John Allen


John Allen was sentenced to life in prison today. Here. Personally, I’m left asking more questions than I was before Operation Pallial arrested him. I’d like to put these questions to the officers in charge of the many previous police investigations. I’m not alone when it comes to wanting answers. I know many ex-residents in the care systems that are left with more questions than answers.

I was in Cardiff the day Waterhouse’s report Lost in Care was released to the public. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and relief. I was with friends and we celebrated being vindicated, being believed and being heard. Because that’s how we felt. Or did we? Most of the day was spent at HTV HQ among many staff who had been involved in the abuse scandal for the past 15/20 years. It’s my belief that many of the staff were as relieved as we were. They too considered themselves vindicated and proven to be telling the truth. Maybe we were carried along more with the ambiance of the environment rather than with our own internalised feelings.

The following weeks were an anti-climax. Dullness appeared. The sky looked grey most of the time. I couldn’t fathom out why. I didn’t bother to examine my thinking. I was studying at university at the time and had things to be getting on with. The next ten years were lived as any other member of society lives. Work, rest and play. All my time and energy was devoted to building a secure family environment within which my children could grow up safely and with solid foundations. It’s ongoing.

I’d moved on. I existed as a graduate, a father and a husband and employee. Residential care abuses were a thing of the past. I still bumped into others who were in care with me and we used mention this and that but I wasn’t the “spearhead” of victims I used to be.

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7 responses to “Police Failures ? John Allen, Bryn Alyn, And Pallial

  1. artmanjosephgrech

    This is just a quick and I will write more fully as soon as I can
    My interest in Bryn Alyn Homes and their owner first arose in 1989 when the mist powerful man in Social Services The Director of Social Services Newcastle ( sometime European Commissioner appointed by Margaret Thatcher in preference to the Chief Executives nominated by the local authority Associations) was President of the Association of Directors of Social services, having previously been Secretary of the Association, its Junior Vice President then Vice President attended a meeting of the North Branch spoke of the great hospitality he had received and recommended that we made placements.

    When John Allen first appeared in Court and was convicted q

  2. artmanjosephgrech

    When John Allen appeared in court for the first time and was convicted questions were asked by local politicians and by the Newcastle press and other media about why 69 young people were sent by Newcastle outside the region to Bryn Alyn Homes and Roycroft clearly lied about his involvement. I have the press cuttings from that time and circulated will check the list but I am sure to the Cathy Fox site.

    Later was contacted by a former colleague who worked with me Cheshire who came to visit having been appointed to undertake a management review for the County local authority. Unfortunately I cannot mention if I mentioned at time. However I did mention that he had recommended placements, (and I assume he did so to other colleagues on the national executive and on any other visits he made to meetings of regional directors) to a number of interested parties during the period1997-2003.

    In addition to concerns about how the police carried of their investigations into allegations made against Allen and other staff members there is also the outstanding question why HH Judge Waterhouse was precluded by the terms of reference from considering allegations that children placed in establishments were trafficked to other places, HH Judge Macur carried out an investigation into the role of the Waterhouse Inquiry and for some reason her reports appears to be locked away in the Welsh Office/Justice Department. I am now sure about the various times and it may be coincided but was not a member of the social services inspectorate at the Welsh office convicted at some point. I will go through my records at some point but it could be other former colleagues have information which help to put the conviction of Allen in the wider context and of assistance to the victims and their families the full nature of the suffering inflicted on them, and I believe cannot prove a cover up by public servants. They should certainly get in touch with the Member of Parliament for Wrexham Ian Lucas who raised the subject on short Commons debate arranged by Simon Danczuk on Npvember 27thg

  3. dpack

    i have been told that many records relating to kids in care from that period in time and/orwould document any transfers are often missing or locked under judicial seal .
    that might because of events in the original locations or it might be due to trying to avoid the “frying pan to fire “issues by those who “posted “kids to john allen’s “care”

  4. anne

    It seems to me a lot of people were made very,very wealthy treating these poor children with the most evil abuse,I can not imagine what these poor souls must have suffered at the hands of these evil beasts,but somewhere sitting in a bank vault must be a great amount of cash???where is it????who has it????cant the cash be followed??
    I suppose it is all to late now to trace the millions which must have passed dirty,filthy bloodstained hands??
    I know not all the poor souls are still with us,there must be many no one has any idea what became of their little battered and abused bodies,but maybe for the ones who did manage to survive a large cash amount would help make their everyday life just that little easy ,I know it will never take away their darkest fears and memories,but they should be awarded some kind of repayment from these evil bastards in government who knew what horrors these children were suffering,be they LIEBOUR,CON-SERVATIVES OR LIE-DEMS LORDS OR ROYALTY THEY EVERY ONE KNEW WHAT SUFFERING THESE POOR SOULS WERE GOING THROUGH

  5. Tazzdevil48

    The waterhouse abuse tribunrial named 50 police officers invoved in abuse in North wales.WERE IS THAT DOCUMENT ..ASK WILLIAM HAGUE,ALTHOUGH I HAVE TOLD PALLIAL WHAT HAPPEND BALL OF FIRE BY SOCIAL WORKER EMPLOYED TO STORE,BUT BURNT WAREHOUSE TO COVER IS ARSE,IT DISCUSSES ME HE STILL WORKS FOR WREXHAM SOCIAL SERVICES.I was in care from 1969 to 1984 as made award of court,today i still dont know why i was sent to south wales out of county and my files never followed me WHY,abuse going on actual bodily harm going on ,staff haveing relashionships with children in care.I seen my family one time and social worker 2 ,times all the time in south wales homes.I was groomed but police say ok in 2014,i then went to IPCC ,THEY SAY IT WAS OK FOR ME TO FIND OUT THAT AN OFFICER ON OPERATION GOLDFINCH IN SOUTH WALES WHO TRAVELLED TO MY HOME 500 MILES AWAY TO ASK ME DID I STAND BY MY 9,HOUR STATEMENT IN MOLD POLICE STATION TAKEN 1997. THE YR 2001 THE OFFICER THEN TOOK MY STATEMENT TO ABUSER NAMED IN MY STATEMENT TO READ AND USE AS MALICE,AS THIS ABUSER WAS WITH THE OFFICERS PARTNER TWO WOMEN .I then made an official complaint as this abuser phoned my home and gave me so much S..T but the truth hurts dont it.South Wales police then twisted my complaint and said i had said the complaint was in regards to me haveing a fair hearing within the court.bullshit my complaint is an officer who tammpers with evidence ,is tampering with vital evidence verbally.South Wales police said my statement was lost 2yrs pri to this officer tampering with my statment.HELLO IF THATS THE CASE 98 STATMENT TAKEN ,HOW DID THEY INVESTIGATE MY COMPLAINTS PUT FORWARD BY SOUTH WALES SOCIAL SERVICES IN MY SOLICITORS OFFICER IF STATEMENT LOST,Along with the officer turning up with written statement 2001..to date i have recived letter from South Wales police 2014 saying no further action against grooming,along with the actual bodly harm had six months to take action.WHAT A DAM JOKE AND TODAY THIS STATURE OF LAW STILL STANDS.PLEASE WHAT CHILD LIKE I WAS 500 MILES AWAY FROM HOME LOST ,THINKING WHY AM I HERE IN THE RITE MIND COMPLAIN AS WHEN DID I WAS PUT IN A CELL .THE EMOTIONAL DAMAGE I SUFFER IS THROUGH INCOMPETENCE AND NO OTHER EXCUSE CAN BE GIVEN. I THEN FOUND OUT THE POINT OF CONTACT THAT WAS GIVEN TO ME BY OPERATION PALLIAL ,FOR SOUTH WALES WAS SACKED AND WORKED ON MY CASE,SACKED BECAUSE HIS OFFICER WAS HAVEING PRIVATE RELASHIONSHIP WITH VICTIM AND THE OFFICER DID NOT ACT TO STOP IT ,IPCC SAY SOUTH WALES POLICE DID NOT NEED TO INFORM ME …HELLO THEY HAVE A DUTY WHEN ONE IS GIVEN A POINT OF CONTACT BY S O CRIME TEAM.NAMED SUPPLIED IF NEED .THX FOR READING .