Children Trafficked To North Wales Care Homes.


Now that John Allen is behind bars it’s time to ask a couple of questions.

Why were children in care from all around the UK moved to children’s care homes in John Allen’s control ?

Why were senior, influential, and powerful people including within Social Services in the UK recommending that children be transferred to these North Wales care homes, part of Bryn Alyn Community (Holdings) Limited  a company that over the last 40 years has had at least 29 former members of staff convicted or accused of sexual or violent crimes against children?

I see that The Mirror are already asking similar questions in regards to exchanges of children between Angell Road Lambeth run by paedophile Michael John Carroll and homes run by paedophile John Allen.

But this goes far deeper than this one example and it now needs to be investigated.

Two notorious paedophiles were at the centre of a nationwide network of abusers which allegedly included both Labour and Tory politicians, a Mirror investigation has found.

Detectives suspected 16 years ago that the children’s home abuse ring spanned the country and involved hundreds of victims.

Official documents show paedophiles John Allen, 73, and Michael John Carroll, 66, were friends when they were abusing youngsters North Wales and London respectively in the 1980s.

The Mirror


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  1. dpack

    the judicial seals on documents in these matters cant be to protect the dead ,they are probably are not to able protect a victim /witness(new name ,kick ass attitude etc etc will sort that ),as most decent caring families or social services staff have nowt to hide and would like to know what went wrong if it did go wrong it cant be to protect them .

    i conclude it must be to protect the guilty or to avoid claims against the incompetent or to ,

    umm no, the last two things cover it

  2. “The defence say that he is innocent and claim that publicity surrounding his previous court appearances and information on the internet make him a sitting duck for **false allegations by people seeking compensation.***”

    Ah the ‘compo’ narrative
    Add that to the ” witch hunt ” narrative
    and the ” moral panic ” narrative

    I wonder who keeps putting these narratives out all the time ?

    Oh yeah…

  3. I to know quite why it is that we have been noticing odd numbers of closure orders on archived material at National Archives as an example ,
    and most of them involving child related subjects

    Eg closure orders on child care home inspection reports in 70s 80s
    Missing believed murdered children cases
    Peers of the realm involved in child sex abuse cases going back to 1950s
    Arrests of offenders with closure orders ( 80 years)
    eg arrest of a Colin Peters and associates in Naples

  4. Operation care ( merseyside which overlapped onto operation middleton
    Greystone Heath to Angel Road
    And the fat scout guy who lived in Brixton , the newspaper capital gay chap who hung out with Cooke gang member
    And the extended dirty doz family who,made extreme boy scout videos that were watched in that Barnes place (the ” gay hotel lol )

  5. didnt carroll buy a hotel in wales with the money he made from lambeth police cell job?
    the ” internal disciplinary matter” where the documents went awol
    Oh well we are back to Brixton and Norwood again i see, all sounds familiar

  6. Didnt Carroll go and purchase a hotel in wales using the proceeds from hid ill gotten gains from lambeth cop shop abuse ?

    You know the cop shop abuses that was called an ” internal disciplinary matter ” and all documents were made to disappear.
    So here we are again back to Brixton and Norwood .. sound familiar ?

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