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  1. dpack
    yugoslavia the former state that keeps on giving

    directorships are a fascinating subject and perhaps a weakness that was not anticipated before the easy public access to what has always been open source data.
    company information provided via the interweb is a useful way to “follow the money”.up to 20 yrs ago it would have required a lot of knowledgeable asking for dusty paper in the relevant building ,now it is a matter of searching for names /interests/addresses/links etc etc .cheers mr berners-lee .

  2. dpack

    re the comments section of that piece ,the take care cos lizards aint squeamish theme is generally good advice if a little less than scientific but the pointer to Sir Brian Cubbon might be significant in a few ways .

  3. The Guardian had today run a story about Tom Watson which in the comments has a fascinating link to Icke which I found very revealing. Rusbridger then pulled it early off the website front.

    I think something big may be about to happen. Might be wrong but if it did be a great present for us all. Not any more clued up than anyone else mind you.

    They did run a really feckwitted piece on the genius of Eric Gill also though.

  4. Andy Barnett

    So anyway Gojam, you were saying in an earlier post that all this CSA malarky went “to the very top”. Care to elaborate on where that might be? Top of what exactly?

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