Simon Danczuk Warned Off By Sir Edward Henry Garnier MP

Sir Edward Henry Garnier

Sir Edward Henry Garnier

We now know from Simon Danczuk that the Member of Parliament who attempted to warn him off naming Leon Brittan in the Home Affairs Select Committee was Sir Edward Henry Garnier.

He was alluded to in the MSM earlier in the year.

After finding the video below, I might have been a bit behind the curve on this.

A campaigning Labour MP claimed on Sunday that he was “warned off” challenging Lord Brittan, the former Home Secretary, about what he knew about an alleged Westminster paedophile ring.

Simon Danczuk said a Conservative minister told him not to name Lord Brittan in a parliamentary committee last week, suggesting if he did he could be responsible for the Conservative peer’s death.

Mr Danczuk ignored the warning and revealed that Lord Brittan had seen a “bundle” of papers detailing an alleged Westminster paedophile ring. Lord Brittan has since said he passed the 40-page dossier of papers on to Home Office officials to investigate.

Mr Danczuk said the warning came after a vote in the House of Commons on Monday night when a senior Conservative MP “stepped out of the shadows” to confront him. He said: “I’d never spoken to him before in my life but he blocked my way and ushered me to one side.

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16 responses to “Simon Danczuk Warned Off By Sir Edward Henry Garnier MP

  1. And Garnier being the same guy who helped McAlpine with his ” media problems ” too

  2. chrisb

    One part of the MSM seems still to be digging for the truth:

    This is the first article in the MSM that emphasises the link with the royal household. Interesting the suggestion that the royal household was supplying boys to the diplomatic service and that Hayman wasn’t the only recipient.

  3. graeme

    i thought this was already common knowledge; the day after story was broken BBC News did an interview with some establishment figure (forget exactly who, definitely male and possibly Tory) who was saying “i’ve heard the rumours surrounding Sir Edward Henry Garnier, and it was just a polite chat… nothing to see hear blah, blah…) or certainly words to that effect.

    coincidently, he represented Lord McAlpine when he was accused.

  4. Gosh,ingrid. What on earth are you on about? My fuhrer? When i refer to people as being in the tribe are you trying to suggest i’m racist? It’s amazing don’t you think, that there is one ethnic minority who can escape prosecution or any close scrutiny regarding C,S,A allegations? There is an iron dome deflecting and protecting certain perpetrators and on the ground there are any number of cretins ready to jump in with the racist card should anyone have the temerity to suggest Jewish child abusers are getting away with murder. Look at how quickly Muslim child abusers are processed through the justice system and compare.

  5. Pingback: HISTORIC #ChildSexualAbuse #CSA debated in House of Commons on 27 November 2014 | National Inquiry into Organised, Orchestrated & Historic Child Sexual Abuse

  6. “There can no longer be any doubt that powerful people have done terrible things and that they have been protected by the establishment. We know that some of the key figures are alive today, and the measure of success for the police investigations is that those people face justice before they die. This process really needs to happen now. Justice must be done and it must be seen to be done. It is no good waiting years and years for some of these people to fade away and be punished in their absence—that is not good enough. The measure of success for this inquiry is that we and the wider public understand how these conspiracies and cover-ups have been able to happen. Only by understanding how they form will we have any hope of preventing them from forming again.”

    Zac Goldsmith, Conservative MP

    • It concerns me that Zac Goldsmith mp is involved in any campaign to bring “establishment” figures to justice. Firstly, he’s an mp. Secondly he’s a tory mp.thirdly he’s one of the tribe and finally have you seen who he’s married to?

      • Ingrid

        Gosh Leeds Mick, plus fourthly Danczuk is a Polish tribal name and fifthly Garnier is a French tribal name and sixthly some of them were most obstructive to your Fuhrer and his tribe when they felt entitled to invade their countries during WW2!

      • SammyB

        On another former I was attacked as a ‘typical Jewish, probably German etc etc” maligning the good name of Zac Goldsmith MP as I said all Goldsmith did was repeat all the internet rumours which may be true, may not be but he did not ‘expose’ anything that is not already out there.
        The fact the Goldsmiths are German Jews is lost on so many when someone says what they so desperately desire to be true.
        As for Brittan, he is a very ill man and Danczuk is stirring the pot but no-one ever pulls him on the fact he has a book on Cyril Smith to sell.He cannot be regarded as being totally impartial.
        And I predict that Tom Watson who said he “listened carefully” to Goldsmith’s speech will quietly begin stepping away from the more lurid claims.

      • SammyB

        I think Zac is rehearsing to join UKIP. with his slim majority, Certainly he has lost much support from his colleagues evident by their deliberate absense from his speech.
        He is most certainly part of the Tory Establishment as was his father who created 1000s of enemies in businesses he looted and jobs he destroyed, the basis of Zac’s fortune.

  7. dpack
    i dont think he was involve in this case but looking at the costs this chap is facing it seems like a well paid job even if the case goes against your client which it might do if the judge does not believe them or whoever you accuse of libel had a genuine belief based on the seemingly valid information available to them.

    it is a very high stakes game if one has any assets

  8. l8in

    Reblogged this on L8in.

  9. That would be Garnier who specialises in libel. You have all been warned!

  10. artmanjosephgrech

    As important was the rebuke by several Conservative MP’s that the Prime Minister committed a major blunder in attempting to dismiss orchestrated abuse as conspiracy theories, I hope survivors appreciate if the clamour for a statutory inquiry is heeded it will delay outcomes for years however the idea of following the Northern Ireland model starting with taking evidence in private from survivors could be an acceptable solution although this would have to be on going as survivors presently involved with police inquiries would want to participate when freed to do so

  11. Jeremy Stocks

    Andrew Neil making our Jimmy a tad uncomfortable