Martin Allen & Vishal Mehrotra

I was struck by the similarity in dress between the artist’s impression of Martin Allen’s abductor and a description of a man seen with an Asian boy later on the afternoon of Vishal Mehrotra’s disappearance not far from the place where his remains would later be found.

Artists impression of Martin Allen and his abductor.



Sighting of a young Asian boy, possibly Vishal Mehrotra, and description of a man accompanying him. “6ft man dressed in Army-style combat jacket and matching cap.”


Vishal Mehrotra disappeared at around 2pm on the 29th July 1981. This sighting was at around 3:30pm at Beacon Hill on the South Downs not far from Rogate where Vishal Mehrotra’s remains were found 7 months after he disappeared.




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5 responses to “Martin Allen & Vishal Mehrotra

  1. tdf

    There are some similarities to the artist’s impression of the man last seen with Martin Allen, but some differences also, e.g., the man seen with Vishal Mehrotra was described as wearing spectacles in the article above.

    For what it’s worth, Exaro recently tweeted that the Martin Allen disappearance, and presumed murder, IS linked to the Westminster abuse network allegations made by their witness, but not the Vishal Mehrortra case, as far as they known.

    The police said years ago that they interviewed ‘thousands’ in relation to he Martin Allen case, have they ever said whether any of those were MP’s or other high profile figures?

  2. Kitkat

    Great article Gojam, glad your highlighting Rogate

  3. colin

    Military style clothing is easily got at many surpluses type etc I had one myself in the 1980s,I think that the poor wee soul was murderd but so much time has passed to hope for the truth to come out and offenders caught.

  4. Jeremy Stocks

    “6ft man dressed in Army-style combat jacket and matching cap”
    Could he have been heaven forbid, military?

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