The Colin Cope Two Step Guide To Cheating Justice


Colin Cope

1) Pretend you’re too sick to stand trial

2) Find yourself a gullible judge who’ll go along with it.

A former headmaster accused of sexually abusing five boys at an independent school enjoyed a remarkable return to health within months of a judge ruling that he was too ill to stand trial.

Alleged victims of offences by Colin Cope were stunned when a court ruled in 2009, when he was 78, that he could not receive a fair trial because physical and mental health problems meant that he did not know “what was going on” and would be unable to defend himself.

Eight months later, covertly filmed video footage obtained by The Times shows him telling jokes and reciting poetry while giving a public talk at his local church. He is also seen driving his car, carrying a table and climbing steep stairs while giving paying visitors a guided tour of his 18th-century National Trust home.

The boarding school where Mr Cope taught for 14 years subsequently paid £129,000 to settle a civil action by the five former pupils, now in their fifties. Three, waiving their right to anonymity, voiced outrage that no jury was allowed to hear evidence of the sexual crimes they claim to have suffered in the early 1970s at the junior school of Tettenhall College, Wolverhampton.

Court papers reveal that police officers who first arrested Mr Cope in 2006, during a criminal inquiry that led to him being charged with 11 sexual offences against children aged from 11 to 13, were said to be “deeply concerned” about Judge Robin Onions’ decision to block the prosecution.

In addition to evidence from the five alleged victims, there were witness statements from another four ex-pupils and a former teacher at the school, each claiming to have witnessed inappropriate conduct by Mr Cope towards young boys. He denied any wrongdoing.

There was a striking contrast between Mr Cope’s apparent physical and intellectual prowess, as displayed in the April 2010 video footage, and the evidence of the desperate state of his health presented in court by defence medical experts a few months earlier.

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10 responses to “The Colin Cope Two Step Guide To Cheating Justice

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  2. Peter McKelvie

    Could Judge be arrested and charged with perverting the course of justice

  3. timsanders2013

    I suspect that we will be seeing a lot more of the old dementia / too ill excuses very shortly.

  4. Raymond

    Happens all the time. Just have a pet doctor or doctors who’re prepared to perjure themselves that you’re mentally unfit in some way to stand trial and bob’s your uncle. A device favoured by rich Jews, typically. You certainly need to be rich to pay the bill, but it’s well worth it to avoid a spell in the pokey.

    • Mike

      Wow Raymond – Its been a while since I read such anti-semitic remarks. I rather doubt that Jews are disproportionately represented in paedophile rings. They are in relative success and wealth terms, I’ll grant you that. It’s called education and hard work. You, Sir, are an ill-informed, ignorant bigot.


    Regarding the Colin Cope guide to cheating justice. You missed the third step. He passed away last week. He was terminally ill at the time of your article .Funny how poor journalism finds you out.

  6. WoodTiger77

    nobody seems to mention that after he left Tettenhall College, Colin Cope taught English and Latin (a step down from headmaster) at Wentworth Milton Mount, a girls school in Boscombe, where he married one of his A-Level students.