John Allen Guilty On 26 Counts Of Child Abuse


John Allen

12 other counts are still being considered by the jury. At 73 years old I doubt John Allen will be free to walk the streets ever again. I hope that is some small consolation to his many victims.

A former children’s homes boss has been found guilty of 26 charges of sexually abusing youngsters in Wrexham.

John Allen, 73, of Needham Market, Suffolk, denies 40 counts of sexual abuse against 19 boys and one girl in the late 1960s up to the early 1990s.

The jury in his trial at Mold Crown Court started their deliberations last Wednesday. The trial began in October.

Allen has been found not guilty of two verdicts. The jury is still deliberating on 12 charges.

The case was adjourned for the rest of Wednesday.

The former hotelier and pop band manager ran 11 homes in the Wrexham area known as the Bryn Alyn Community.

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14 responses to “John Allen Guilty On 26 Counts Of Child Abuse

  1. l8in

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  2. artmanjosephgrech

    Why did it take 20 more years for the prosecution to take place?
    Why was there not a more through investigation some 20 years ago.
    Did the present inquiry cover the trafficking of children to his properties in London and elsewhere.
    As Andrew Davison has posed the question was there an investigation of the money and its use.

    Was this why Waterhouse only looked at crimes against children in homes
    What has happened to the Macur Review?

    Why did Brian Roycroft Newcastle send 69 children to Bryn Alyn Homes>?
    Why did Rycroft recommend to Directors of Social Services sending Children to Bryn Alyn?

    Why did he life in the regional media when challenged about the children sent from Newcastle to the Homes?

    • dpack

      a good point about the london link,afaik at least one address is subject to a current police investigation ,i was only aware of one ( not in detail only that it was in a rather posh area and described as a half way house for care leavers ).if you know of more than one it might be a good idea to share your list with the relevant coppers .

  3. joanne

    this man has friends within the prison service and was allowed a special visit to one inmate with with matt arnorld and his wife in the 90s before his first conviction..This visit took place in a small room unsupervised.. perhaps the gov of that particular nick at the time should explain to us why a boss of a childrens home along with his collegues can spin such a special visit in a mans prison…. Please dont think this man will get what he deserves because he never will.

  4. Evans

    If I was, or had been, a social worker who had had anything to do with putting children in John Allen’s care homes then I would just have to offer my sincerest apologies. Even if former and present social workers were to say “So sorry, I had no idea”, it would be some token of recognition and sympathy for what went on.
    As a child, my brother and myself accompanied our late dad, Gwynn Evans, a social worker based in Mold, in delivering boys to various care homes. In taking children away from their families to these cruel;institutions, on behalf of my late dad, I wholeheartedly apologise

  5. Raymond

    Why should we have to support this piece of sh*t in his sunset years in prison? Let’s just hang these scum, cut them down after a few minutes and burn them alive, like what happened under our greatest king, Edward I. A pretty good deterent I would say.

  6. dpack

    without prejudice to ongoing trials or investigations i recon a bit of reassurance to the citizens and survivors might be nice at this stage .pallial seem to be getting things done that were not done in the past and an interim report on the stage they are at might justify the praise i think they probably deserve.

    are there about another dozen accused awaiting trial in relation to matters within the pallial brief?
    have pallial many more potential charges and a few dozen more people to formally charge once they have had enough time to process the information/pass it through the cps etc ?
    is the above all relating to staff?
    if the above is relating to staff once that is ready for court are they intending to prepare the evidence regarding “associated persons”,”visitors”, “visits” and any other related matters that might have been uncovered ?

    a holistic approach might get most value from the information.

  7. dpack

    life with a minimum of 11 years

  8. suzie

    I remember running away from gatewyn shoeless as iv done it loads hence the shoeless . hitched a all the way home to Bermondsey south London got put in rotherhive police station an about 1030 am got picked up by ken white I told police to arrest him cruelty I would of rather stayed in custody then go with him . and the digs I got on the way back to Wrexham was un bearable , how I had ruined his weekend away with kids he took to London for a weekend ect n how he was gona make the whole house pay for my mistake and punish evry1 cos I ran away , n he did we all ad to dig the the front of the house with spoons

    • I had issues with ken white,,suzie back in the late 70s early 80s,and still have if im honest,the fact that he has never been charged really irratates me,

  9. joa

    I’m sure Ken white was found dead by a railway line or something like that.