A firebreak  is a gap in vegetation or other combustible material that acts as a barrier to slow or stop the progress of a bushfire or wildfire.

The world’s most expensive firebreak was created when the whole of Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco was dynamited to stop the spread of fire resulting from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.


It’s a dilemma that decision makers in the establishment face.

The VIP paedophile scandal goes right to the top, the very top. If left ‘unmanaged’ everything will be exposed but who to burn in order to  protect them from an inferno that leaves nothing? Too near the top and too powerful and it might become too hot at the very top, too far away and the rot will not be perceived dealt with by the public.

Decisions, decisions.


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  2. dpack

    it would seem that there are multiple fires so attempting to control each one with firebreaks would perhaps contain each to a smaller area but many small areas still burn the whole forest.

    other failings of late attempts at fire control are that the fire has often already caught and is smouldering in the place to be protected,that the fire breaks are hurried and too narrow so the sparks can blow over them,the wind changes direction and the fire takes hold in an unexpected place or the fire can trap the fire fighters with fatal results.

  3. Kittiwake

    Nailed it. My hope is that these days we’re a bit wiser to their tactics, and less credulous about the lengths they’ll go to both in their abusive behaviour and to protect themselves, and all will be exposed in the end. The scales have fallen away from my eyes in the last two years and the same is true for so many others. Too many to shut up. EVERYONE I talk to knows about this now.

  4. Using a Firebreak assumes you might/can get control of the fire. IMO the only way those in power will realize they can not control this fire is if the people refuse to play. The only power the people have is at the ballot box. Be great to see # trending where everyone refuses to vote until the guilty and those that covered it up are prosecuted.

    A # such as that and not #Cameronmustgo is how the people not those in power create a FIrebreak. So long as we react to what they do instead of taking control of the action nothing will change.

    One more thing instead of worrying about legal implications of naming names – again lets them control the narrative. Another useful # would be they are all guilty either directly or through cover up. If these types of #’s started trending it would be a game changer.

    I can think of several people on twitter with a couple of thousand of supporters that could get these types of #’s trending. Just needs a wordsmith to give them some clever wording.

  5. A nice analogy.

    What is suggested by the AM, and increasingly flirted with by the mainstream media, is this – Leaders of this nation in every area (politics, judiciary, civil service, clergy etc) have been involved in the most vile activity of all, child sexual abuse, including anal rape of boys. In some cases leading to murder. Their victims have always been the most vulnerable, and easy targets

    I do not see people in their hundreds of thousands marching in our capital city demanding justice. I do not sense revolution in the air to overthrow this despicable corruption (apparently) at the very heart of everything.

    (Perhaps) we are a vile species. After all what are a few young boys being buggered and murdered compared to the holocaust – “shit happens”, does it not.

    • Random Anonymous Crank

      I personally see that as a crassly stupid comparison, but just for you it may be a good idea to outlaw “abuse denial”

      • Random dear, It seems that the system is inherently corrupt. I do not see you (and others) demonstrating against this vile corruption.

        Abuse exists, to what extent I do not know. But allegations that a serving HOME SECRETARY was involved is IMMENSE.

        It seems “shit does happen”, and we move on.

      • Sabre

        You could argue the case unless you are content with a personal observation.

        Outlawing abuse denial is a non starter, Government and opinion formers through legislation, propaganda, political correctness and encouraging the masses to indulge in self censorship have all played a role in this issue remaining hidden and unchallenged.

        I will decide my opinions on everything from abuse to the holocaust, race, religion, politics and global warming after availing myself of all available evidence.

    • nuggy

      that rather silly as they don’t know who did what to or who covered it up.

  6. Sabre

    The firebreak is easy airborne napalm raid of Westminster and the City of London (the square mile).

  7. Sabre

    … but seriously, A firebreak can’t really work. They have no choice but to hide as much as possible for as long as possible. The allegation abroad is that the entire Establishment has tolerated the sexual abuse and possible murder of children, a lot of these children were charges of the State, raised and educated on our behalves at our cost. WE aspired to the greatest heights to decently care for the weak unprotected children of our community because their own families couldn’t or wouldn’t care for them, we hoped that they would salvage something from their troubled lives and go on to be decent citizens benefitting themselves and the rest of us.
    The result in many cases is a life of suffering and bitterness which often leads to a bitter misanthropic outlook on life ( I wonder why !!!) no benefits accruing to anyone.
    All this for the perverted desires of sociopaths and psychopaths in order that even worse bastards can maintain control.

    That’s going to be a hell of a firebreak.

  8. “Shit happens” excuses all and everything. Live with it girls and boys.

    Am I happy? No comment.

  9. It is likely, even, probable, the elite are corrupt. Are the masses any different?

    Most definitely not. All of this outrage is political and not moral,


    • Sabre

      Amongst the masses there are most definitely many sociopaths, psychopaths and perverts (including many paedophiles).

      The individuals and groups amongst the masses that fall into the aforementioned categories have an obvious interest in keeping their activities secret.
      The masses as a whole do not fall into the aforementioned categories and have exactly the opposite interests re covering up crimes that are a danger to society as a whole.

      In contrast the Establishment, the majority of the individuals therein are most unlikely to be paedophiles have nonetheless decided for reasons of self interest to close ranks in order to protect the institutions and themselves to the clear detriment to society as a whole.

      Therein, David, lies the substantial difference.

      Shit does indeed happen and when it does it tends to roll downhill, we, unfortunately are destined to live in the valleys.

  10. dpack

    i recon most folk are fairly nice but scumbags are more inclined to seek power.

  11. Micky

    Well, sacrificing a handful of geriatric, moribund, washed-up “celebrities” hasn’t been sufficient, so they’ll have to toss some higher-up lambs to the wolves if they hope to put out this fire.
    Personally I would not be satisfied with anything less than the whole rotten lot up to and including the monarch. We’ll see how far we get; time will tell.

  12. nuggy

    is everybody commenting here pissed..

    • dpack

      possibly but
      in vino veritas
      and in a american idiom i am extremely pissed at some of the things that have gone on