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‘The National Interest’. It’s an interesting term, isn’t it ?

It is a term that is often misunderstood because the majority of the public have in their minds one definition of The Nation while those that are charged to safeguard the national interest have a subtly distinct understanding of what The Nation is.

In the case of the majority of us The Nation is a voluntary collective of citizens prepared to obey the law as a means to safeguard our mutual self-interest. We, as a society, recognise that there are both internal and external threats to our broadly peaceful way of life and The Nation is a glue that binds us together for our mutual protection. For this mutual protection we willingly relinquish absolute freedom which can only manifest itself in an anarchic state offering none of us security.

However, for those, who by definition are the establishment, charged with safeguarding the ‘National Interest’, The Nation is mistakenly conflated with The State and the establishment’s definition of The State ergo The Nation is ‘Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors.’ and, by extension, all the mechanisms that sustain the monarchy in that position.

Every Member of Parliament pledges this Oath of Allegiance or Solemn Affirmation before he or she can sit “I…swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors, according to law. So help me God.”

Similar Oaths of Allegiance are pledged by members of the Lords, members of the Civil Service, members of the judiciary, members of the armed forces, the police, and the clergy.

For the record, I think we have a very good Queen and I think that a constitutional monarchy is as good a system of government as any and better than some. For the most part the interests of The State and those of The Nation are one and the same. If they were not then conflict between the two would have brought down The State, as it is now, long ago.

But sometimes the interests of The State and The Nation, as perceived by the majority of people, are not the same and because when these differences do occur they might lead to public disenchantment and in extremis a breakdown in public order, these rare examples must by necessity be kept secret.

Such is the example of establishment child abuse. By no reasonable definition of ‘National Interest’ can a cover-up be condoned. It is an essential tenet of our social contract that the most vulnerable in our society are those that need to be protected the most and children above all others are the most innocent and therefore most in need of this protection.

Only when the interests of The State, and the establishment mechanisms which sustain it, are jeopardised is it possible for such abhorrent and anti-social behaviour be covered-up by those charged with safeguarding the ‘National Interest’.

But let’s be clear, when this happens the power to protect the ‘National Interest’ has been misappropriated and those that do so, far from protecting The State, undermine in the eyes of the public The State and the establishment which sustains it.


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  2. The constitutional monarchy lies at the very heart of this problem , It gives constant succour to the idea that, there are those who have a right to rule and those who are meant to follow and that this is based on some old mystic geezer with a beard doling out the genetic OK for this. Name me the German President, can anyone without googling it? It can work damn well, it’s just so happens we spend so much time licking up to the Yanks and culturally referencing them, that we, like them, have a habit of forgetting we are only a tiny minority in this world and simply because the USA presidential elections have descended into little more than a gurning competition that, it’s a “bad system”

    Tony Benn use to tell an interesting story about how, on taking high office himself, he flat out refused to take any oath binding him to the queen, church or god and alter discovered, it had been taken as “signed” anyway in law, meaning he was still bound by it even though he refused to accept it. Whilst people from certain background cannot be “seen” to be doing anything wrong solely cos of the luck of the draw that is genetics, then this country is doomed to wallow in scandal after scandal hidden from public view.

    “in the national interest” today more often than not means, In the interests of the royal family above those of their subjects, in the interests of the Whitehall Mandarin’s above those of the people who pay their salaries and in the interests of the political and industrial elite who also, are totally beholden to the lumpen masses for their position in life.

  3. ” It is an essential tenant of our social contract ”

    Sorry Goji it’s “tenet”! Not wishing to be a pedant!

  4. dpack

    to defend the indefensible is perhaps more dangerous than to expose or attack it .
    the divine right of kings could be interpreted as the legacy of the more successful fratricidal psychopaths and the national interest as the interests of their henchmen .

    however if those who rule and those who maintain that rule apply the same standards to themselves as those that they apply to every citizen the citizens are unlikely to reject their assumed right to rule .
    if it is one law for the established and another for the rest there is a danger that the citizens will support those who claim to seek to redress that by any means available to them.this has often led to a lot of unpleasantness and the replacement of one corrupt elite with a new one.

    perhaps the best option is to use the law against any evildoers and the democratic process to control those who serve the citizens.
    that option might not be popular with those who rule or enforce that rule but enough of them may see it as their best option if the citizens demand one law for all.

    the alternatives might be tidy or might be very messy but they might be necessary.

  5. Andrew

    Great piece Gojam, please keep up this work. You’ve set out why the resolution of this issue is SO important to our democracy, and why it cannot continue to remain unresolved as in Belgium.

  6. I Googled the Dutroux subject yesterday via The Tap I think and was horrified to learn of the goings on there. Is that a mirror to what is going on here?

    Can it be possible that this “Tip of the iceberg” that Theresa May referred to may be that even she was unaware of this “dark force” we are only thanks to the AM becoming aware of? Or is much of this stuff we are reading smoke and mirrors? (this coming from an open minded reader of the newest David Icke book)

    • dpack

      the belgian stuff is probably very similar to the uk situation ,there are links between them.
      the tip of the iceberg hardly begins to cover the situation in the uk,in europe and globally either historically or currently.
      the csa blackmail and reward aspect of the iceberg is very nasty at every level it exists but that is only one tip of this iceberg ,however it is one of the tips that happens to be partially out of the water at the moment.
      if the berg turns over or is examined from underwater there are a variety of tips all of which need melting to make the ocean safe for us travelers .

      the idea that a lowly home secretary of a backwater nation would be made aware of the nature of the whole iceberg and the dark forces that hold it together seems unlikely because need to know applies to politicians even more than it does to”civil servants”,contractors and assets.
      in some ways politicians need to not know so as they can honestly deny any knowledge if the shirt hits the fan.

      i half suspect that many of the tools of dark forces are often unaware of their true role as they believe they are furthering their own agenda which might be good or bad .i spose the same often applies to the tools of good folk.
      the secret alliances that exist between foes and secret wars between friends complicates things even further.

      it might seem to be callous to get rather abstract when we are trying to achieve truth ,to obtain justice and to ensure protection for real kids and hold real abusers to account but an understanding of realpolitic can assist towards those aims .
      knowledge of context and detail are needed when trying to understand anything of either.

      there have been and still are some people who are best described as evil ,whether they are following their agenda by any means necessary or the nature of their agenda is evil isnt important ,they cause evil and should be identified and stopped.

  7. Andrew

    Even a scant reading of what has happened in Belgium is truly horrifying. So much evidence, so much evidence of cover-up and ………nothing happens. Surely that couldn’t happen here?

  8. National Interest, just like Justice has little to do with what is best for the people as a whole. Sure if the people and the state interest coincide they do as the masses want – and they make loud noises about listening to the people. But when the State wants something 180 from what the people want – they do it anyway. Justice means JUSTUS, and the ‘us’ means them.

    If anyone belives the Royals have maintaned power all this time without dirt on their hands – well I have some unicorns to sell them. The establishment is rotten to the core, and has always been so. In addition, most of them if they had not been born into privelge, would have a hard time getting a job at a fast food restaurant. If you read books about these tossers during WW1 and WW2, you realize how based on their pedigree, and not their ability – they were in charge of decisions that killed millions. Read ‘Operation Mincemeat’ and you will understand how people with no skills decided the fate of so many – and after a hard days work and slapping each other on the back about their brilliant thinking – they retired to their clubs for finest steak and wines. What stands out in their diaries, which they loved to keep, was how little they thought about the young boys that were on the front lines enacting their brainless plans. In fact, it is pretty obvious they saw these kids as dispendable. Sound Familiar?

    I am not sure I totally blame them for thinking they were born to rule, and we to serve. The masses are so easily manipulated. Was it just a week ago you posted Campbell’s thoughts on the power of twitter? Here we are and on so many feeds I see #Cameronmustgo. I even see it on the feeds of people who want to bring the child abusers to justice. People who know, or so they say, about dark forces at work. Yet they mindlessly tweet #cameronmustgo – never questioning who is behind this. Who organized it? They will say this # was created by ordinary folks. I would belive that if I saw # saying Milipants etc must also go. In fact, they all need to go. But i don’t, and so just like the police help turn protests violent, you can be sure there are forces behind the cameron tweet.

    I bring this up, because I hope you write a post on it and shine a light on it. Because, in these dark times TPTB have no intention of losing control. They will serve some weak heads. With stuff coming out now, people need to be consistently reminded that all parties are in up to their necks on this. Not allow those behind the curtain to control the conversation, any conversation.

    I also think it is time a post was written on the need to not only root out the abusers, but also those that covered it up. We need for the dialogue to stay strong and stay focused. It is also time we switched away from just focusing on EGH and Dolphin, and shine a light on just what happened during Blair’s government. I heard that he also issued D’notices over the shootings etc at Dunblain. Is it true,I do not know, but the MSM can not be allowed to use words such as ‘historic’. Blair and his ilk also covered up child abuse and it is time it also started getting more attention. As much as the State does not want what happened in the 70/80’s yo come out – they will do anything to stop stuff coming out during Blair’s reign. Why? because it is really close to home, and if it also comes out then we will see genuine grassroots # saying they all need to go.

    thanks for all you do

    • Regarding Bliar there is stuff out there on the web about a boat on Loch Ness…..Dunblane ….stuff like that.

      Check out and – the latter being a fair rabbit hole.

    • paul

      Tricia you haven’t seen milipants as you call him must go because he isn’t in government .he has no power to do anything,cameron has.

      • Hate to disagree, but yes he is power. albeit in oppostion, but in power nonetheless and useless. Why are people not demanding answers as to why he never had a job. What did he do to be given a safe seat? Just those two questions alone should tell you everything you need to know. so yes, if we only see # that he should go once he is PM then people really are lost in the woods. My point was if it were grassroots then where are the # saying they should all go.

        Are you telling me people are too dumb to see that the problem is bigger than the current clown at number 10? Probably is the case and that is even more depressing

        I saw the reaction to mansion tax thing. People were so busy ripping her apart there was no room for sane conversation. Such as why is their answer always more tax? such as why when his party were in power did they collude and help fuel the banker bubble? why did his party not arrest any bankers. Anyone, who has read history knows when they introduce new taxes they always say it is the rich they are after, but that always turns out to be BS.

  9. There is no doubt in my mind that Blair Witch is a sociapath. While, he may escape for his war crimes, if the heat is turned on him and his governement, about child abuse and cover up the moat he thinks that surrounds and protects him will start to crumble.

    I just saw Tom Watson tweet that he cannot ask about D’Notices that are more than 20 years old. Really? what a joke they are having. They can slap 70 year and a 100 year ‘do not disclose’ on documents, and fob us off with tweets saying they can’t go back more than 20 years.

    Fine, because about time we also focus on the last 20 years. What happened to list of names the Sunday Times was going to publish during operation ore, I think it was called. Did Blair’s government muzzel the press in the build up to iraq war. Blogs like this need to give Exaro a helping hand. While it shines a light on the decades before Blair, questions need to be asked about Blair.

  10. So do the police. What happened to Operation Ore? what did the investigation find out? Was it shut done etc etc. There is no doubt in my mind that this country has been run for a very long time by some of the vilest, criminal, and morally bankrupt people.

    There is no doubt the stench goes from the palace, to westminster, local councils, the city of london, the three letter agencies and the police. There is no doubt that they will start a war, or anything to stop this all coming out.

    For too long the power has been in the hands of the few. Maybe given different names, but same old same old. The unwashed masses are nothing more than cattle to be taxed, to be sent to fight their wars, and their children to be sacrificed to their vile perversions. They get away with it, because the masses are ignorant, fearful, and too brainwashed to believe people in power could be so manipulative, and morally bankrupt.

    I read the account you posted of the man who worked in care for the council of Avon. That account should be dissected and tweeted far and wide, so more and more people can see why they have been able to get away with it. So people can see just what their local council is really about.

    But then I wake and remember most people are too brain dead. Look at hackgate the public were outraged and now Coulson walks after spending 2 minutes in jail. Murdoch laughs, and so do those in power. Because just as the corruption of those in charge has always been a reality – a far greater and more depressing reality is that the unwashed masses have never ever managed to change anything. Or to borrow the name from your blog they have hardley pushed the needle. Again, I have to hand it To TPTB, despite all these revelations coming out they are pushing through even more draconian laws to curb free speech – in the name of national security. That is how much they are chastened by what is coming out. Not one dot

  11. dpack

    as we are having a chat about national interest the news from ni is quite interesting tonight ,apparently 30 names have been posted to mr adams listing ira activists accused of csa .
    as the number of folk on active service has never been huge so it could be a significant proportion who were/are potentially compromised in practical as well as moral terms.
    if true in deed and content this probably means that both sides of the troubles were known (and potentially controlled) by those taked to protect the “national interest” which begs the question of why 30 +yrs of guns,bombs and propaganda rather than a few arrests on each side ,a few choice words and a quiet life for many ?

  12. Andy Barnett

    Excellent article Gojam. I agree with every word.

    One thing I would add is that the interests of the state and the interests of the nation will only be one and the same when both feel each others pain. For this, the Queen and those that sustain her, need to be aware of, understand and importantly care about the suffering of our most vulnerable.

    My hope is that the extent and reality of child abuse and exploitation was kept from the Queen and therefore that she was not aware. Failing that, I’d like to think she did not understand the suffering that such abuse caused, believing perhaps that the children involved were not capable of suffering. My fear however is that she and those that sustain her were aware and did understand, but did not care.

  13. special branch

    this blog is not in the national interest we are going to D notice you.

  14. Terry B

    Is it ever possible to challenge a D notice or are they set in stone?

    I’ve read there is a 100 year D notice on the Dunblane report but could someone in the (hopefully) near future challenge that?

    • dpack

      a d advisory n is advice to not pursue an investigation or publish what you know
      the 100yr lock on files is a judicial seal

      ignoring the first has unspecified consequences which potentially might involve a treason or osa charge( or worse),ignoring the latter cant be done without access to the paperwork and if it could be done by unauthorized access to the paperwork it would be a serious contempt of court .

      • Terry B

        So could the 100 year lock be over-turned? Could it be challenged in the courts?

        I’ve never understood how sealing the records could be considered justifiable.

  15. Sabre

    Interesting subject, about time it was covered.
    I believe that Tony Benn once said something to the effect that the Monarchy is not the problem in the way that most suppose. The Royal prerogative is not exercised by the Monarch but by the Prime Minister in the Monarch’s name.
    We have deposed Monarchs even executed at least one. Edward VIII abdicated, however, The Prime Minister, The Cabinet and the Privy Councillors (all swore the oath of allegiance) forced him to do so.

    The Crown is nothing much more than a fetish, those in power invoke the mystical powers derived from the fetish thereby formalising their control of the great unwashed, the fetish also has to be protected from ridicule and disrespect lest its mystical powers disappear.
    Real power lies with Global Corporations, WTO, Banks, Supra National entities and multi-national power blocks which leverage power using Nato the EU the UN etc etc.

    We are encouraged to believe that it is all down to a Monarch that gets landed with the position at birth and a load of chinless wonders from Eton and Harrow, I’m not the founder member of “protect the nobs”, they are well over represented as the place men of those that are in power and have much to answer for, however, you misunderstand the source of power at your own cost.

    • dpack

      a rather accurate overview of global realpolitic.
      it is important to recognize the nature of the empire but it can also be important to locate the aquilifer and take the aquila .

  16. artmanjosephgrech

    This is an important piece of writing which deserves a wider audience of those who do not understand how British Government/establishment has worked and now works. You are right to see the connection between the reality of government in the context of all the organs of power and the covering up of the extent of crimes against children past and present.

    There are six essential reading books which attempted to make public the nature, power and extent of the UK Establishment by Anthony Sampson and two TV series- Yes Minister 1980-1984 and Yes Prime Minister 1986-1988. The books are

    Anatomy of Britain (1962) by
    Anatomy of Britain today (1965)]
    The New Anatomy of Britain (1971)
    Changing Anatomy of Britain (1982)]
    The Essential Anatomy of Britain: Democracy in Crisis (1992)
    Who Runs This Place? The Anatomy of Britain in the 21st Century (2004)

    My favourite and now most relevant of the series in that published in 1982 coinciding when it could be argued the cover up gained its momentum and also coinciding with the publication of the Gates Inquiry reports with their significance showing how quickly a George Medal national hero- Chief Inspector Doweswell could be destroyed for acting in the best interest of children because it was not in the national interest for an aspect of policing practice to be formally disclosed and where I agreed with panel colleagues not to disclose the information but from different concerns.
    My notes accompanying the Cathy Fox article on the Gates Family Inquiry together with the newspaper cutting and the ten page communication from the then Social Services Minister (now Lord Jenkin) to Prime Minister Thatcher (1980) about the case is one form of evidence of how the establishment of the day worked.

    For those unfamiliar with the Samson series. the 1982 edition surveyed the Monarchy which he describes as the Surviving tribe: Parliament- the faltering Pendulum; Conservatives- Consensus-The Iron Lady (the first part of the Thatcher biography by Charles Moore makes clear that she listened to only the few she trusted- Patrick Jenkin was one), took a decision and then moved on never looking back and took no interest in what Moore was to write other than tell everyone to talk to him and share documentation as she did, getting the State to early release to him her official records. This chapter following is Trade Unions – Politics Wages and the Dole.

    These first four chapters remain important just as there can be little understanding of how the cover up came to pass without the university held Papers of Barbara Kahan(? Uni) and Baroness Faithfull(Warwick Uni) and those of Brian Roycroft although I would not be surprised if his have long since been all destroyed.

    The other chapters which help understand the cover up era are The Treasury Can the centre hold; Local Government Decentralization Defeated; Diplomats Salesmen and Spies; Armed Forces the victory for secrecy; Entrepreneurs The Outsiders come inside State capitalists Government and Industry; The unloved establishment –the Civil service; the Law Judges and politicians; Multinational corporations- the Global Market; The Press and Tycoons and perhaps the most relevant The Police -the sharp end of government.
    Whoever forms the government funded independent panel looking into why the cover up happened, there is no chance of understanding unless the information is looked at within the context of time and place. (A relevant example of this is the Whittam Wanless investigation. did anyone explain and then take them to the Home Office building when the key files were being created which reminds of the first rime I parked my crk, entered the building and walked along coded corriodors with individual offices clearly marked before deciding to walk back out and into main reception and being escorted to the room where the meeting was scheduled.)

    (My love affair with the Home Office and loyalty to its people and politicians was established during the period 1959-1963 when I was found a place & funded on the Birmingham University first course where child care caseworkers undertook some joint lectures and seminars with probation officers, family case workers and hospital based social workers, previously known as almoners. While I was to become the first and I believe only Director of Social Services who had been to prison before an appointment, I was not the first in child care as Denis Allen, West Sussex Children’s officer had been a World War ll conscientious objector. I had lain down on roads and pavements refusing to move when asked in a personal Satyagraha not in my name protest against possession and potential use of weapons of mass destruction.

    I had done more working for the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War and a member of the Committee 100 and this had brought me into meetings with the security services, and police at Scotland Yard and with police authorities along both banks of the Clyde prior to the anti Polaris demonstrations at Holy Loch, Contact with Home Office Ministers commenced in 1962 after the publication of Inside Story by the Prison Reform Trust which I chaired and which led to communications with Hugh Gaitskell over unilateralism and Harold Wilson over prison reform which he passed to Barbara Castle, and I also communicated with Frank Allaun Salford) who I met on a bus to Adermaston leading to the Twilight Housing debate in Commons which also attracted national publicity.).

    Your appreciation of the Oath of Allegiance to our heredity Head of State is important alongside the fact that the Monarchy is the only position in the UK above the law. Peers used to have right to be tried by their peers and I am not sure if the right of access to the Monarchy is still open. It is also difficult to see how a member of the Privy Council can be prosecuted without first consulting the Head of State.

    The Royal Prerogative to pardon or issue get out of jail letters to bombers and murderers for example involved in ‘the troubles!’ should be another area of interest. Did Thatcher and Blair consult the Head of State for advice over revelations that Ministers were involved in under age sexual activities, and as is now claimed involved in murder/manslaughter?

    The Oath of Allegiance has to be viewed alongside the Official Secrets Acts where I signed those from 1911 and 1920 in 1987in relation to acting as an Inspector of Social Services in relation to the starting up of the Drug Advisory service. I am unfamiliar with the Acts receiving the Royal Assent since but where I understand that one change was the removal of the Public Interest Defence.

    The former Section 2 1 stated “if any person having in his possession or control any secret official code word or pass word, or any sketch, plan, model, article, note, document or information which relates to or is used in a prohibited place or anything in such a place or which has been made or obtained in contravention of this or which has been entrusted in confidence to him by any person holding office under H or which he has obtained to which he has had access owing to his position as a person who holds or has held office under Her Majesty or as a person who holds or has held a contract made on behalf of her Majesty or as a person who is or has been employed under a person who holds or has held such an office or contract.”
    I have quoted from the first pat of section 2.1 because of the emphasis on what I like to call the pleasure of the Head of State and to point out “entrusted in confidence.” I was provided with “intelligence” information from two government departments to be used to help in the task to hand and where some of the information was then regurgitated back in the form of a report to a Secretary of State prior to its publication. The Declaration and understanding of position required to sign also qualified the extent to which subsequent disclosure could be made but which includes “unless it has already been published”.

    It was interesting to hear earlier to day from Lord Laming former Chief Inspector of Social Services in questioning by Jack Straw’s Governance Cpmmittee that he detached himself from the work of his Inspectors and only queried the reports submitted to him if he did not understand a passage. He was signalling that he had no knowledge therefore of what was going on in relation to establishments, services and managements inspected except what was said to him. I rather obtained a similar impression on being invited to Lunch with others at Richmond House where the role was to advise Minister on Policy issues and when matters were raised by Members of parliament and the media. The main centre for those he “managed” was at the Elephant and Castle and the decentralised regions.

    While the Home Secretary has made several statements that the signing the Official Secrets Act is not a bar to disclosure in relation to the cover up there is a body of other legislation which prevents officials from disclosure. Interestingly the priest confessional/journalist information sources are not enshrined formally in law, unlike for example the duty of a company Director is towards shareholders. In the Sun Trial at present the Judge has told the Jury they have to decide if payments to a civil servant were in the public interest or a commercially driven corrupt relationship!

    There is a raft of legislation often rightly strongly protected by the courts which prevents social service and education workers from disclosing information about children in care, and more generally protecting the identification of all individual children in various circumstances, and data protection and other legislation is there to protect the identification of individual officers and which makes interesting the unilateral decision of Sunderland Council in relation to a specific recent request from Cathy Fox whatdotheyknow,com to publish two internal communications from me marked private and confidential at the time without redaction and which include the individual names as well as the posts held of the officers circulated.

    We have all moved into a new era of openness and transparency although I suspect there are limits and seeking clarification and permission in advance is a wise move to which all us of directly involved should adhere before making disclosure where authority to do so is unclear,

    Your article goes on to express legitimate concern that State Interest has been and is being used not to prosecute those who have committed crimes against children, against women and against some men or that the state knowing allowed children, women and some men to treated in this way. It is important to make the point that the decision not to prosecute does not mean no action was taken although given the life long damage to victims, especially if the perpetrators were allowed to continue to commit crimes, such decisions should and will not in general be taken lightly! Saying this will horrify.

    Recently the film The Imitation Game has brilliantly covered the horrifying nightmarish realisation of Turin and his team that the cracking of the German code machine had to remain a secret if their discovery was to help the allies win the war This meant they were selective in the situations where advance intervention could take place without alerting the Germans that all their communications were being monitored. The ability to find ways to monitor what the enemy is up to is not a new thing especially as countries with advanced technology capacity like China, Russia, and the USA have the capacity to watch listen record anyone anywhere anytime as well as well as throw the switch to knock out all forms of communication.

    I mention globalization and earlier highlighted a chapter Entrepreneurs The Outsiders come inside because of the experience of attending a four week residential general management course in the mid 1980’s after being expelled from NALGO alerting various interests to the role of Militant Tendency supporters had in terrorising some care staff in children’s homes into a strike which the Labour leadership, supported by opposition parties authorised me to successfully break and then to organise the voting out of the entire executive by the membership.

    Together with a government lawyer, a military man and one other we were the only non commercially orientated public sector officials out of the forty attending the course. (I wrote a paper on the implications for local government which Michael Heseltine circulated, “extensively throughout Whitehall.”) The purpose of the course was to scrutinise and test for future general managers Chief Executives. I was offered a position which I decided not to take up. One international executive flew in to give an after dinner talk on the value of to an organisation of creatives especially those at genius level although their tendency to change sides or cross the line meant that before deployment you had to have machinery not just to remove them from the organisation but all trace that they had ever been employed by the organisation.

    Just in case this is seen as something which only international corporations do along with the advice of being always ready to move production to cheapest labour markets and HQ’s to the best, and stable taxation friendly governments the same management game was played in Australia where a team of would be heads of civil departments found they were losing in competition with another team. So the group of senior civil servants obtained a real gun and really kidnapped the leading member of the then winning team until they were able to gain ascendancy after which individual was released. My claim to fame was to arrange for someone to arrive on a motorcycle from No 10 with a letter from the Prime Minister instructing the individual presenting our combined teams national energy policy to a government Minister in which the objective reduction in the size of coal output in annual tonnage was to be set aside for 25% higher level because of the social implications and the promise of a New Year honour. The change was made believing it was a college manoeuvre rather than the initiative of one individual in the coal team.

    A different level of game role play was to attend the national civil defence centre for a week to act as the civil authority for a large city after a nuclear weapon had exploded devastating a large area. We took over after Marshall law ended but the military and civil police available to stop food riots especially from those who we knew were about to die. One key decision was whether we authorised the military to shoot looters on sight or recreated some form of judicial system. At the end of the week a computer worked out the number of people who might have lived if our decision taking had been better. We were not as good as others in the past although not as bad as one group where over 150000 plus had died who could have been saved. The other distressing aspect was that when a representative of each team met with others to plan the rebuilding of the city they displayed the same sectional interests and competitive rivalries which led to the situation where nuclear weapons had been deployed

    I mention the concept of collateral damage in the context from learning from a leading British Defence expert Russia has produced the best military stategists over the past 150 years and their latest exponent explained the concept of hybrid war as well as the need to apply science to prediction.

    I have no doubt that those planning the Normandy landings could only make a rough calculation of the number of military who would die or be severely wounded in the initial assault or the number of civilians which the allies would kill during their advance through France and where in fact more civilians died than on the beaches. This is concept of collateral damage which includes blue on blue. Now it can all be done by equations and computers. What has war, and military actions and civil defence games to do with child care?

    First it is not clear if the terms of reference are to include the military who remain outside the civilian justice system and in general are dealt with by secret military courts. It is also fact that there is a dark history of what is to day known as R and R- rest and relaxation with Madam Butterfly and Miss Saigon being dramatic presentations of child purchasing in the past but the street of brothels in Gibraltar and over the Border in La Línea de la Concepción have serviced hundreds of thousands and where poor children have been sold and bartered with the greatest number now in India.

    Children in and out of care have been treated as collateral damage for centuries just as violence towards women, and the British have been adapt at sweeping under the carpet until the efforts of investigative journalists such as Dickens and social reformers such as Shaftesbury gained public and political momentum – eventually.

    It is good in my view that the police and the UK government are now concentrating on crime prevention and the needs of vulnerable children and young adults and Sky’s recent programme about the work of Lancashire police centre on Blackburn or here in the North East, under the leadership of Police Commissioner Vera Baird are only two examples of new approach and where in fact concentrating on victims has directly led to finding perpetrators

    I have also been impressed by the latest interview of the former MI5 agent (who advised Prime Minister Blair at one point) in focussing attention to the failure of previous police operations to look at the commercial aspects of organised crimes involving children and that for many of those in power trafficking, prostitution, drug supply is just business. I was also alerted to this aspect to this aspect in the later 1980’s by a senior police officer who disclosed that there was a drug funding group in the Midlands involving a judge, and several lawyers as well as other local prominents in that community.

    In my view the Home Secretary and other political colleagues are driving forward the process of joined up action at police and local authority levels as well as within government. The truth will recognised and published by the state but changing the dynamics of individual institutions is not within the power of any government except the departments of government. Insisting on decentralised controlled institutions such as the police inevitable lead to anger resentment and secret revenge action In my view the national parent has no prospect of changing institutions by making recommendations Change will come from within the organisations of the establishment and turkeys will not vote for Christmas. As with why people vote it is important to understand the emotional basis upon which most people take decisions and the lets survive together tribalism which has dominated northern cities against the common enemy of Home Counties southerners and the Westminster village.

    I was thrilled once to be taken into the bar frequented by Northern Members of Parliament including several member of the shadow cabinet and the shadow ministerial teams on the day of a reshuffle. That experience brought home the power which Party leaders hold although since then the wisdom of avoiding sacking colleagues who quickly become enemies has been leant from the actions of Margaret Thatcher.

    By only significant Margaret Thatcher experience was one of mistaken identity when I was taken onto the floor of the House of Commons just outside the bar with a senior North East Shadow Minister sitting n the bench in front for a debate on the Cleveland Scandal which significant the Prime Minister attending the opening speakers. I found her staring at me and then asking something from a colleague. My host confirmed what I was thinking that she thought I was Mike Bishop. Little did I know then that was find myself in a similar situation to Mike just a few years later although it was not of my making when the Editor of a local newspaper contacted and at a breakfast meeting with the Deputy Editor he confided that before contacting the matter had been checked out with my predecessor. I had returned from the holiday of a lifetime of set mind to do what was evidently required irrespective of personal consequences. Just as well given that some two score and more years later I am still dealing with issues that I insisted that all the documentation should be retained under order of the High Court. After Christmas and the New Year this aspect will be checked out.

  17. John

    Very impressive article, and even more so the other comments – thank you all.
    Howver –
    “It is important to make the point that the decision not to prosecute does not mean no action was taken although given the life long damage to victims, especially if the perpetrators were allowed to continue to commit crimes, such decisions should and will not in general be taken lightly! Saying this will horrify”.
    This didn’t horrify, it merely inspired total disbelief.

  18. John

    (And, to place much, if any, reliance on what a computer ‘says’ in a game-playing scenario leaves one open to huge manipulation/control/falsity. More distrust of what computers ‘say’, please “