Spitting Image 11 June 1987: Tory Rent Boy Scheme

Many thanks to Setanta

Open secret.

Not posted as humour.


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18 responses to “Spitting Image 11 June 1987: Tory Rent Boy Scheme

  1. Which puppet is it? Who?

    • Terry B

      So was Julian Clary outing Norman Lamont?

      I have read speculation but put that down to internet gossip and mischief making.

  2. Sabre

    I don’t recall seeing that at the time, I would have remembered.
    Is it a work in the style of spitting image?

  3. eviltorypervert

    oh yes i remember that well

  4. TFS

    Aint it all lovey dovey, with all the theatre.

    Watson asking some questions and the police interviewing people and having an ‘investigation?’

    Lets cut to the chase…..ask the Americans or the Israelis for a copy of all the dirt they have on past/present UK MP’s and other people of influence.

    Job done, oh and lets thank the likes of Wikileaks, Snowden and Manning for the insight into our criminal security services and the like

  5. dpack

    spitting image was quite accurate at times,the cane puppet does bear a striking resemblance to mr proctor around that time.

    over many years he seems to have retained the assistance of some friends during his legal and financial troubles.


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  7. Martin

    Norman Lamont gojam did allow Miss Whiplash to rent a ground floor flat in Notting Hill area of London in 1991 Miss Whiplash aka Lindi St Clair also claimed to have at least 252 MPs as her clients

  8. Martin

    Also Miss Whiplash aka Lindi St Clair was claims she and a school friend was abused by Jimmy Savile