This Is What A D-Notice Looks Like.

This is a genuine D-Notice, not complete, which was sent to the press on 07/06/2013 concerning Prism, the  electronic surveillance program.

Just so you know what they look like.

Private and Confidential: Not for publication, broadcast or use on social media.

Defence Advisory Notice

There have been a number of articles recently in connection with some of the ways in which the UK Intelligence Services obtain information from foreign sources.

Although none of these recent articles has contravened any of the guidelines contained within the Defence Advisory Notice System, the intelligence services are concerned that further developments of this same theme may begin to jeopardize both national security and possibly UK personnel…


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3 responses to “This Is What A D-Notice Looks Like.

  1. Sabre

    This is what an unofficial one looks like.

    Never mind about my name I can identify myself by warrant number.
    Now back off and stop making waves because domestic gas explosions have a nasty habit of wiping out the wife and kids too.
    You’ve been warned !

  2. Sabre

    Glad to see the twitterverse trying to track down the hit and run victim.

  3. Sabre

    Kevin Allen enquiring about his missing 15 year old brother Martin Allen (Nov 79)
    The brother of a missing teenage boy claims he told a senior policeman that he suspected a top-level cover-up – and was warned: “Stop talking like that, you might get hurt.”

    My version of an unofficial D Notice seems to be on the money !