Op Midland: Investigation Escalates After Two Former Police Officers Tell Of Untouchable VIP Paedophile Ring

According to Exaro News

Other former police officers are urged to come forward with any further information.


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19 responses to “Op Midland: Investigation Escalates After Two Former Police Officers Tell Of Untouchable VIP Paedophile Ring

  1. 200 kids disappeared? Does this mean there might be 200 murdered kids?

  2. Sabre

    One is a tragedy 200 is a statistic.

  3. Sabre

    If there is anything to the latest reports, we may still be being played, it looks like Cooke might be a major part of all this.
    Explains why there seemed to be so little progress on missing kid reports and the CPS refusal to account for murder charges being reduced to manslaughter.

  4. tdf

    Exaro are now hinting that Cooke’s ring was indeed linked to the Westminster child abuse network (The Times crime correspondent has tweeted that, no, they aren’t linked – lol, if you want to see how the establishment thinks or what propaganda it wishes to catapult to the plebs, read the Times).

    • How do you know ?

      It very much depends on what you consider a connection. Look hard enough and you can find a connection to anyone anything, hence why Sloss and Woolf had to go.

      • Sabre

        Sloss and Woolf were definitely connections though. The lesson is to trawl as wide and deep as possible.
        I know it can end up as a Reductio ad absurdum if one is totally indiscriminate.

  5. tdf

    Gojam – or anyone else following developments – what do you make of latest article from Don Hale, it is being alleged that the convicted child murderer Ronald Jebson was a chauffeur for the Wesminster abuse network in the 1970s?

    I attach the relevant link: http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/411704/Babes-child-killer-linked-to-Westminster-politicians-paedophile-ring

    I googled Ronald Jebson, and I came up with a Guardian article from the time of his conviction in 2000 which said that police suspected him of involvement in other murders.

    • Jebson attempted to frame the parents of one of his victims (Rosemary Papper) for the deaths of Susan Blatchford and Gary Hanlon, fraudulently portraying himself to be a child murder ring whistleblower for four years before ultimately confessing that he was himself the rapist & killer of Blatchford and Hanlon.

      I’d say that discredits any allegations Jebson may have made, to anyone, about other people being child abusers. He tried to frame the PARENTS of an eight-year-old girl that he raped & murdered, for a double child murder he himself was responsible for!

      • nuggy

        never a good idea to believe the word of a self confessed child killer in my opinion.

        jebson just got a thrill out of inflicting more suffering on the father.

  6. There are similarly heart-breaking numbers of missing teen boys in North America circa 1974-1984. This is partly a demographic bubble phenomenon, there just happen to be huge numbers of teens in the population during those years, a secondary post WW2 baby boom. Knowing that doesn’t make their cases any less tragic, however.

    EXARO have annoying habits of disingenuous and sensationalist phrasing.
    To begin with, these new informants are variously described as: “former Special Branch officer”, “the ex-detective” and “the former police officers” – this phrasing is clearly intended to make them sound highly credible. Which they may well be, but without their names being disclosed there is no way to verify their credibility. Why, for example, are they FORMER officers and EX-detectives? Because they retired after a lifetime of service, or because they were fired for some kind of misconduct? Andrea Davison could be described as a former Special Branch officer, perhaps, but she has no credibility whatsoever. (I do hope she’s not one of these “new” informants, that would be disasterous)

    Take this statement: “The two ex-officers even said that they were aware that boys were being killed by “the Westminster pedophile network”, but were unable to take any action because the perpetrators were so powerful”.
    What does “they were aware” mean? Presumably it doesn’t mean that they personally possessed conclusive evidence that murdered boys whose bodies had been recovered and identified, were killed by a specific member or members of this alleged network whose identities were also known to them? Although, this seems to be the conclusion EXARO wants us to draw. It could actually mean that they were aware of unsubstantiated rumors, or that some informant had made allegations of this nature to them, or that some other police investigators had claimed to have an informant who possessed such information.

    Every allegation about the murder of a child absolutely MUST be investigated, there is no excuse for dismissing any allegation without attempting to verify it. It is good, then, that Nick’s allegations will be investigated. I just hope that Nick doesn’t turn out to be M.R. or a similarly delusional person.

    • paul

      Justin sanity 100% agree on your caution. I’ve been a little sceptical after nicks strangling tory mp. That there was a vip paedophile network I have no doubt but the murder allegations will hurt the whole investigation if they’re proved to be false.

      • @paul – there are lots of potential problems with Nick’s murder claims, certainly. The fact that he was allowed to go on living, having witnessed a Person of Note commit a child sex murder, by itself…
        Smaller things – the inflated sense of importance implied in his concluding that his handlers ran over and killed a child (presumably, somewhere public) for the express purpose of “giving him a warning” of what they were capable of. The apparent conflation of Cooke gang narrative with VIP pedophile network narrative – the term “abuse parties”, and the idea that these parties would culminate in murdering a child. Hmmm.
        Well, it’s easy to be an armchair critic of someone else’s life story, eh? He seems confident of his recollections, and had the courage to disclose them not only to EXARO but to the police, so I say give him the benefit of any doubts for now. Certainly, his allegations must be investigated, and that is apparently going to happen. At the least, Nick coming forward seems to have stimulated a much bigger investment of police resources into historic child abuse allegations, missing children and unsolved child murders – and that can only be a good thing IMO. And so far he hasn’t committed either of the two Cardinal Signs of delusion or falsehood – he hasn’t claimed that this VIP network was run by the Illuminati, and he hasn’t claimed that he witnessed or participated in child porn snuff being filmed.

        There’s something troubling about the UK public databases for missing children cases. They suck. The CEOP database is pathetic and incomplete. Why isn’t Martin Allen in it? The DOE Network has a more complete database of UK cases, and it is based in the US! In any case, there doesn’t seem to be a PUBLIC record of hundreds of 11-13 year old missing UK boys, for the years 1978-1982 (giving some leaway in case Nick’s age or date perceptions might be a bit off). In fact, there are ONLY A HANDFUL of cases that fit this criteria. I couldn’t even account for the Operation Orchid investigator’s speculation that there “ought to have been” closer to 20 child murders committed by the Cooke gang. There just aren’t that many unaccounted for missing boys circa 1980-1985.

      • The modern Machiavelli

        My thoughts exactly. I suspect these claims are intended to be discredited in due course thus discrediting the abuse allegations per se. The fact that these allegations are being published by the Daily Mail only makes me more suspicious of their true origin and intent.

  7. Because Nick’s allegations of murder will inevitably lead to renewed speculations about child porn “snuff”, and just for that reason, let us please put some facts about that “on record”. There was no video of the Jason Swift rape-murder, nor of any child’s rape-murder from that era. Michael Hames – the Head Detective Superintendent of the Obscene Publications Branch during those years – is very clear about this in his memoir, written after he left the profession and was no longer constrained by active investigation confidences.

    There are a lot of silly ideas in the popular mythology about child porn snuff, and none sillier perhaps than the idea that there has been, or could be, a highly profitable child murder video INDUSTRY – serving a small market of super-rich perverts willing to pay any price for such videos, which would be of “limited distribution” to preserve their high value. This idea would require these mythical snuff perverts to either possess MORAL SCRUPLES – a self-evidently ludicrous concept – or else a strict adherence to some snuff pervert “code”, also a nonsensical idea. There would be nothing to prevent a snuff customer from mass-copying their materials and distributing it anonymously throughout the child porn trader’s international community, and if such videos did exist this would surely have happened.

    There actually is a real-life precedent that can be cited to prove this. Lunatic murderer Luka Magnotta really did make a snuff video, although his victim was a young man and not a child. Magnotta IMMEDIATELY uploaded the video to a file-sharing site. He made no money from this, not one penny, he cared only about insuring his own eternal INFAMY.

    • I believe that there were no films proven or known 100% to be snuff movies.

      There were films. The difficulty always was that it is very difficult to tell whether it is special effects or a genuine murder.

  8. dpack

    vips probably
    networks probably
    murders probably
    however any or all or none of the things found within those categories may or may not be connected to each other in a variety of ways

    if i was looking for potential (and proven)murders the death rate connected to the kincora events and people has plenty of scope for in depth investigation.

    the new cross and brighton fires could also be fertile (if scorched )ground to poke about in.

    there is at least one death of an bryn estyn skp that struck me to be potentially far more complicated than a sad ,troubled,pregnant,young woman overdosing on smack a week after making a home run to her chums.

    dickie and airey are two very high profile murders that might be related to relevant matters and perhaps deserve proper investigation.

    it may be that the recent claims of “nick”are accurate ,it may be they are not.

    perhaps an open mind about all “evidence”is wise .
    after the customs officer confusions i am very cautious about the origin of and motivations for some reports .

    • dpack

      oops my bad ,i have remembered the skp tale in a little more detail and the home run might have been made from gatewen hall rather than bryn estyn.

      a good example of why anything that might be relevant should be written down.

      however it does not change the big question of how a troubled pregnant kid got hold of an eighth of gear probably worth about £500(if cut into wraps).
      her mates had no answer to that question.