A Quick Update From Tom Watson


It’s very worthwhile clicking on the link below and reading the entire piece.

Wise words.

New allegations regarding child murders will shock many. The correct response to these allegations must be to fight to ensure the police have the resources and space to conduct a thorough investigation. I’ve written to the PM to urge him to encourage the formation of a national police team, made up of specialists from forces around the country. It’s simply unfair to ask the Metropolitan police to carry the load for what is effectively a national inquiry in all but name.

As has happened in the past, there have been unpleasant side effects to the latest allegations. A number of journalists from newspapers not previously that interested in the child abuse inquiry have been tasked to report on the investigation. I can already tell from the limited contact I have had with them that they know little about the cases being investigated. They posit wildly speculative theories from unreliable sources. It is as irritating as it is dangerous.

The danger of renewed interest from media outlets with limited knowledge of the case is that they help inflate another ‘MacAlpine bubble’ that may cause great distress to the innocent and huge harm to the credibility of legitimate investigations.

The worst thing that those campaigning for justice could do is allow their comments or private thoughts to stand up stories that make headlines in newspapers but do not assist the police with their inquiries.

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9 responses to “A Quick Update From Tom Watson

  1. dpack

    no one person is “up to the job”
    good folk do what they can and add to a collective force

  2. Tom Watson has been and always will be out of his depth. He’s not up to the job.

  3. Kittiwake

    Those newspapers and other media who participate knowingly in misleading the public in order to try to make them turn away should be very careful indeed. They will not be forgiven.

  4. Anon

    “The danger of renewed interest from media outlets with limited knowledge of the case is that they help inflate another ‘MacAlpine bubble’.”

    But surely that is the whole purpose, so that, in the words of MacAlpine

    “Spread false defeat to gain public sympathy; or false accusation and then arrange for it to be exposed as such – so the accuser will forever be treated with suspicion.’”

    MacAlpine died an Innocent man – he was never charged, as did Savile & Smith. and they want to avoid great distress to those who remain Innocent until proven guilty or proven dead which ever comes first.

  5. dpack

    that there is an increase of interest and concern is good ,that there is an increase in the deliberate placing of mirrors and making of smoke might indicate that there might be panic among those who require the concealing of truth.

    some will try to get justice( or revenge) ,help out ,prevent harm ,get famous ,alter politics,be important , sell papers etc etc by adding to truth and justice ,their motives dont matter to me if the job gets done .

    the deluded ,misled,conned ,used etc etc fall into a variety of roles and add to the smoke and mirrors but even smoke and mirrors can illuminate the world .

    those who falsify data or deliberately misinterpret good data have no mitigation but they can add to truth if their works are seen for what they are .

    those who require truth and justice should work towards that with due diligence when collating and testing data and use careful analysis to attempt to provide understanding of the data .

    hypothesis is useful as it provides a basis for further research and analysis but it should never be mistaken for theory . theory is only a valid and current understanding of the world if further data and analysis is collected and supports it rather than contradicts it.

    only those who would conceal have need of false data and/or false interpretation of that or true data .
    any media star who wants a big story has plenty of true data and sound analysis to use as a basis for their piece.

    those who obstruct truth and justice will be recognized and held to account

  6. Sabre

    Tom knows as we all do that ” the big boys” know all that there is to know.
    They have picture and article databases, contacts ( Government, Police, Local Government, Underworld etc etc) . Some of the smaller players may be trawling blogs but even they are generally part of bigger media groups than the average reader supposes when he scans the local or free paper.

    The ones putting out dodgy stories are doing so deliberately.

    • Barrie J

      Absolutely, like all so called ‘conspiracy theories’ the truth is bundled up amongst the lies and obfuscation.
      The truth of these events will never be known to us, much as there are secrets from the war in the Sudan and the 1st and 2nd Boer Wars.
      Trust in politicians seems to have utterly dissipated and they appear to care not one jot.