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Right now it seems every MSM story mentions Elm Guest House. I’m not in a position to say whether they are correct to do so but I think it’s always a good thing to remain cautious.

Yesterday evening we had a new story regarding Vishal Mehrotra who went missing on July 29 1981, the day that Prince Charles and Lady Diana were married. In February 1982, part of Vishal’s skeleton was found in woodland in West Sussex.

The story can be found HERE

So what is new in this story ?

Firstly, that Vishal’s father Mr Mehrotra, is a solicitor who was a JP at Wimbledon magistrates’ court until retiring in 2006 and so we must treat him as an extremely credible witness.

Secondly, that a few months after his son’s disappearance he received an anonymous call. This would be before the Elm Guest House was raided, June 1982.

Thirdly, that a tape of a 15 minute conversation with an anonymous source was passed by Mr Mehrotra to the Police and that the anonymous source had indicated that he had previously passed the same information to the police.

I’ll quote Mr Mehrotri directly excluding the reportage in the article.

“I was contacted by a young man who seemed to be in his 20s. He told me he believed Vishal may have been taken by paedophiles in the Elm Guest House near Barnes Common.

“He said there were very highly placed people there. He talked about judges and politicians who were abusing little boys.” Mr Mehrotra, a solicitor who was a JP at Wimbledon magistrates’ court until retiring in 2006, claims the man said he had already informed police about activities at the guesthouse, but had received no response.

“I recorded the whole 15-minute conversation and took it to police. But instead of investigating it, they just pooh-poohed it and I never heard anything about the tape again. The whole thing went cold.

“At that time I trusted the police. But when nothing happened, I became confused and concerned.

“Now it is clear to me that there has been a huge cover up. There is no doubt in my mind.”

Is it possible that this information was pursued by the police at the time and resulted in the raid on Elm Guest House in June 1982 ? The timings of Vishal’s disappearance, the anonymous call, and the raid would fit. I’ve never been satisfied that the raid which was preceded by a significant police stake-out operation was precipitated by simple child protection concerns. That could and should have been done without such a long observation period and undercover work. The raid resulted in one child being taken into care.

If that was the case it wouldn’t preclude a cover-up. Afterall, no one other than the guesthouse owners went to court.

Now let’s take the cautious approach.

I’m assuming that Mr Mehrotri no longer has the recording. If he did The Telegraph journalist would have quoted directly from it instead he quotes Mr Mehrotri’s recollections of the conversation 33 years after it happened.

The sad fact is that there were other paedophile groups at that time which we know DID abuse and murder children.

Five days after the announcement of Operation Stranger, a national police conference was held in London to discuss child killings and abductions. Three boys in particular attracted the interest of the Stranger team. These were Mark Tildesley, Vishal Mehrotra (who vanished from Putney High Street on Royal Wedding day in 1981 and whose body was discovered in Surrey) and a six year old from Brighton who had been the victim of a vicious homosexual attack in a car in August 1983.

Operation Stranger

The police conference mentioned above also looked at the murder of 12 children and another four abductions in which bodies were never found. They go back eight years, to 1978, involving children between the ages of five and 16 years. More on that HERE

As well as Mark Tildesley and Vishal Mehrotri mentioned above, we can add Jason Swift, Barry Lewis, and  Martin Allen.

Or Kevin Hicks who was 16 when he went missing in 1986.

The book ‘Lambs to the Slaughter’ refers to Michael Maughan a 14 yr old gypsy boy who had been living on a camp site in a British Rail goods yard in North London in 1985. Paul James a 16 yr old epileptic who disappeared in 1984 when he left his home from the West End, and Michael Monaghan a 16 yr old who disappeared from a children’s home in Hayes Middlesex in August 1984.


Two others are also noted in the book – an unknown/unnamed boy and a boy called Hassan.

We must trust that Mr Mehrotri has recalled accurately the conversation he had 33 years ago. If it is correct then it is extremely significant and I’ve said he must be considered a credible witness.
But I do worry that there has been a blurring of different strands and allegations in the media.
I hope we get to the truth for the sake of all the families of the missing children.


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28 responses to “New Information Regarding Vishal Mehrotra

  1. D Dempsey

    I have looked all over the internet trying to find a way to contact Mr Mehrotra or any of his family, without success. At the time I lived in London and saw something very suspicious, which I believe involved this child, though before I heard he was missing. I told the Police who took my statement but very reluctantly and dismissively. Likewise all I got from a UK paper was a standard acknowledgement when I emailed last year saying I believe I saw something relevant and asking to be put in contact with a representative of the family. Perhaps this will reach them – the best I can do since I no longer live in the UK and don’t know who to trust with information that could be important but no one else seems to want followed up.

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  3. Anthony Nesbitt

    Martin Allen, 15, missing, 5.11.79. Vishal Mehrotra, 8, missing, 29.7.81. Both children went missing within a mile of Elm House. Marin Allen’s brother, Kevin has recently admitted that a policeman warned him not to go any further with any further demands and enquiries about his brother’s disappearance. Also, in 1980, within a year of his son’s disappearance, Martin Allen’s father in stated he believed his son had been kidnapped by a paedophile gang for child porn. Check out for latest developments.

  4. dpack

    the whole horrid situation has more than a light mist of the fog of war at the moment .
    it is very difficult to establish what is deliberate confusion and what is added information

  5. GMB

    Watch the BBC over the next few days…massive

    • Give us a bit of a clue. There’s potentially ‘massive’ stories everywhere.

      In the Keth Harding PIE story I speculate they might have the PIE membership list. If that’s the case they’ll have massive stories up until xmas.

  6. Good points on the calls.

    I’m still thinking there is more to that recording than he did it as part of standard practice.

    I’m edging towards to ransom theory, or that something was arranged. More to come on it I’m sure, as the person who told him could be hugely important to whatever happened.

  7. This was the new news to me as well.

    What surprised me was how he took a recording of a phone call in 1981.

    Who had tech to do that in their home in 1981??

    There was a masseuse at elm guest house.

    Where is the recording?

    How and where was it done?

    Who exactly did he pass it to?

  8. pongo

    Mr Mehrotra I hope, gets justice for his son.

  9. Mike Barnes

    A very interesting piece, but why should Mr Mehrotri’s evidence be any more credible than mine ,or Joe Blogg’s ?

    • I think generally a solicitor of long practise is expected to be in command of detail.

    • Sabre

      Mr Mehrotra has a far greater interest in having his son’s murder solved than you or Joe.

      Mr Mehrotra is infinitely more likely to get a call regarding his son’s fate than you or Mr Bloggs.

      Mr Mehrotra would be cognisant of the fact that misleading information would hinder the progress of the investigation of HIS son’s case.

      Mr Mehrotra, a lawyer and magistrate, would be cognisant of the perils of committing possible criminal offences e.g obstructing police.

      Four reasons for Mr Mehrotra to be considered more credible than you or Joe.

  10. Sabre

    Mr Mehrotra had the presence of mind to make a recording, he is a lawyer with, one assumes, an appreciation of evidence and documentation.

    I’d be surprised if he didn’t make a copy, I wonder if the family have suffered any fires or burglaries?

    I wonder whether the police have suffered any burglaries or fires? Perhaps the filing system as gone askew? Perhaps old bill have actually retained the tape!!!

  11. Just to add…. Peter Sutcliffe worked in a mortuary……..if you catch my drift?

  12. Sarah Harper was murdered by the guy many police consider to be the most cunning and prolific serial in Britain, one Robert Black. Many suspect Black of being the infamous “Bible John”, on which an episode of Rebus was based, as his known movements and his appearance fit the known facts. Blacks notoriety is such that, he was even used as the basis of a character in the American Series “Criminal Minds”. He apparently really enjoys calling a cop in and teasing them with hints of information about other murders he was responsible for without ever giving them enough detail to make any meaningful follow up.. The point is with Black, he is only known and suspected of the murder of young girls, AFAIK, he’s not connected to the murder of any young boys and acted totally alone.

    The truth is, when one looks back over the last fifty years the number of lone serial killers praying on young boys is a very small list. and Steve Grieveson is the only name that springs to mind, who fits that profile. Grieveson is also, way too young to have active when these young boys went missing.

    Now, this was the 80s, so profiling was in its’ early stages and one can put forward a case that the police were, like the rest of us simply naive about such approaches to searching for serial killers and lumped young boys in with young girls because of that. However, there has been ample research into such killers to now be able to look back and spot details that would have been missed by earlier investigations.

    What we do know now is that, many of those who are successful also have similar character traits to those who turn into serial killers. This is particularly pertinent to politicians, many of whom’s careers are built on the backs of those they have “used” to achieve their success. A politician “gone bad” is far more likely to be an seemingly avuncular larger than life character and on the surface, a very charming person. Due to the media and entertainment we tend to view all psychopaths as “killers” and totally dysfunctional within the context of larger society,, the truth is of course, only a tiny percentage of them are. I can think of one serving cabinet minister who exhibits all the classic symptoms of being a psychopath, I would doubt very much, they’ve ever physically harmed anyone at all.

    That then begs the following question, have the police ever bothered to attempt a to profile the series of killings of young men in London and the home counties from that period and if not , why not? I remember the guy who penned the series “Cracker” said, in the wake of the revelations about Savile that. The police should check their records of missing persons and cross reference against Savile’s movements as in their opinion there’s a good chance Savile was a murderer as well as a serial sexual attacker.

  13. I very much take the view that if it were not for the tenacity of media journalists, these inquiries against possible paedophile groups perhaps involving politician, judges and other prominent or hitherto prominent establishment figures would be buried for another thirty years.

    • Just bear in mind that the MSM existed 30 years ago.

      The MSM are not the change in circumstances of themselves.

    • Mike Barnes

      Not true, MSM journalists have been dragged into this story kicking and screaming.Exaro and the likes of Gojam should take the credit, not the muted MSM.

      • Journalists are too often in competition with each other.

        Whereas anyone who uses the internet knows it can’t be monopolised. The medium is more conducive to respect and cooperation.

    • Sabre

      The MSM “The Fourth Estate”, have until recently been the agenda setters and gatekeepers.

      If it was on the front page the masses and their political masters were deployed to the cause du jour.
      If it wasn’t on the front page it wasn’t important.
      If it wasn’t in the paper it didn’t happen.

      Prime Ministers meet the Head of State monthly, dear Rupert was being granted an audience by the PM a lot more often ( Rupert in all probability was the one granting the audience).

      The MSM have always been part ( a major part) of the problem.
      The current approach is positioning and arse covering.