Keith Harding: PIE Member # 329



This story is very interesting and not just because of the hook that the BBC and other MSM outlets have used to hang the story on, ie that Keith Harding appeared on ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ in the Christmas 1980 episode. That may be important and suggest a personal connection to Jimmy Savile, as it is alleged that his appearance was “set-up but it might also be erroneous and misleading.

The question that interests me the most is how the BBC got this information and whether it indicates that they have a copy of the full membership list for PIE.

A few points made in the article might give us a clue.

1) Keith Harding died in June this year. A search elsewhere clarifies that it was June 7th. []. Only 5 months ago.

2) One of his former employees said the clockmaker had described his role for the group as “membership secretary”. This may be his partner of 20 years John Ferris.

As a former ‘membership secretary’ of PIE Keith Harding would have access to the full PIE membership list at the time that he occupied that executive position, as well as other PIE related documentation, and as he’s only recently died it doesn’t seem beyond the realms of possibility that following his death someone close to him went through his paperwork.

But if true, this article is not a simple single source story.

BBC News has seen confidential social services reports from 1995 which confirm Harding’s “PIE involvement”…

…Social services documents described his convictions as a “real cause for concern” and warned that children should not be left unsupervised with him.

BBC News

The BBC acquired independent confirmation that Keith Harding was involved with PIE and that he had been “convicted of indecent assault against four children aged eight and nine in the late 1950s and was a “schedule 1″ offender – meaning his convictions remained on his police file for life.”

And that independent confirmation is important. A quick search for ‘Keith Harding’ on Google throws up quite a few including some quite eminent. It would be a tragedy if a person completely unconnected to PIE were to be mistakenly thought to be a former member.

Another difficulty with identifying PIE members from a list is illustrated by the case of Peter Hayman who used a false name (Mr Henderson) and false address.


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5 responses to “Keith Harding: PIE Member # 329

  1. Yod Dom

    Maybe his ex wife, together at the time of PIE involvement, who has been actively contesting his will, could have found something

  2. Paul Mac

    This sort of story looks fed rather than found.
    The BBC and several MSM outlets have stated they know names & info recently but have decided not to publish it to avoid predudicing investigations (or, more likely, they can’t verify the information & are wary of libel actions).
    I remember an article on the Jim’ll Fix It series claiming that most of the ‘fix it’s’ were set up rather than as a genuine response to a child’s letter. They’d often be approached by companies wanting free publicity offering kids tours of chocolate factories etc. so it would not be that surprising if the 1980 appearance was as a result of Savile & Harding being mates.
    One of the pics I’m the MSM yesterday pictured them shaking hands with the handshake circled hinting at a Masonic link. Can’t remember which one but the implication was that they were flaunting their membership.
    There’s a ton of stuff the MSM will be well aware of but most ‘revelations’ they have made are a thinly veiled attempt to link everything to Savile.
    It’s distracting as there are bigger fish to fry and we need them fried before their death.
    If the Beeb or any other news outlet are sitting on a PIE list of any other unrevealed information they should bloody well ensure its properly reported to the Police (clearly I’m making the assumption they will be allowed to actually act on it which is debatable) or leak it carefully via a foreign news agency beyond the reach of UK libel laws.

  3. artmanjosephgrech

    see Ofsted report to day Sky News with Lancs special police unit in Blackburn today