6 Muslim Men From Birmingham Are Injuncted, Another 75 May Follow


One we do have a photo for Omar Ahmed, 27

They’re not allowed to have any contact with females 18 years old or younger.

“Detective Chief Superintendent Danny Long, of the West Midlands Police Public Protection Unit, said similar measures may be used to tackle the 75 live cases of child exploitation currently being investigated in Birmingham.”

If the injunctions are broken, the men could be jailed for up to two years for contempt of court but as there are no photographs of these men how will anyone know if they break the injunction ?

Is this justice on the cheap or the way forward ?

The injunction was won by authorities in Birmingham today against the six men – three of whom were found with the ‘vulnerable’ girl in a hotel room.

They can be named as Omar Ahmed, 27, Sajid Hussain, 40, Mohammed Anjam, 31, Naseem Khan, 30, Mohammed Javed, 33, and Alam Shah, 36, after a judge ruled it was in the public interest for their identities to be released.

That was despite the objections of West Midlands Police – who despite applying for the injunction, argued the men’s names should be kept secret to protect their private lives.

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11 responses to “6 Muslim Men From Birmingham Are Injuncted, Another 75 May Follow

  1. Mike Hunt

    a pedophile is a pedophile, whatever their colour, creed or race, we need to get away from this stereotype viz pedo’s are elite white, or ” moooslim or muslamic groomers etc. A pedophile is a pedophile where he is black white, pink or martian, whether he is catholic, a satanist or claims to be a mooslim catch my drift?

    Another thing, do not get lost in the falseflag of “Historic”, it was ages ago, 20, 30 or 40 years ago” who are you kidding its still going on today right now this minute, thats the real reason why the establishment are staling and dragging their feet. Its not so much the past MP’s or those that help cover up there inappropriateness, but who’s cottaging today is what I am interested in,. Mr Charles Lynton has a lot to answer for, why hasn’t his ass been dragged in front of the Home select committee?

    114 files have gone missing showing and exposing elitist pedo rings, that’s the main reason why the Media is diverting attention away by focusing upon mooslamic rapists in some frenzy of fare right fervor.

  2. steve

    should all be put on sex register for rest of there lives,and wish every one would stop saying what religion/creed.colour they are,deviants/pedos are from every walk of life and every colour race and creed,pervs are pervs end of,and all children in uk need to be protected,its our duty to do all we can to protect everyone within the world in fact

  3. chrisb

    The police should be asked to explain why taxpayers’ funds were used to protect the anonymity of these men. Was the aim to hide police incompetence? Or was it to hide involvement by the police in the abuse?

  4. nuggy

    it says 3 of them were found with found with under age girls what about the other 3 have they been convicted of an offence.

  5. paul m

    I’m sure its a coincidence this was announced one day before the by election where the government is in danger of losing to ukip. its the right thing to do but the timing is pure cynicism.

  6. trippytaka

    Good to see they are being exposed. I think that they do need to be named.

    However, can I ask that you start putting racial/religious descriptors in front of the victimisers for every story, in the interests of fairness. Because from where I’m sitting, white/Anglo/Christian culture has as much of a problem with this as any other. And you can pretend that it has nothing to do with their culture as much as people from a Muslim background pretend it has nothing to do with their culture. All cultures allow this to continue, yours and mine.

    • Andy Barnett

      Hi Trippytaka

      You make a very good point, made better by the fact that you acknowledge that it is the culture that has these problems, not just individuals. All I would add to your words is to say that we should take care when choosing the words to describe a given culture. Is it really ‘Muslim’ culture, for example, or is it more accurate to say Pakistani-British culture? Or something else? Equally, I don’t feel comfortable with the view that the ‘white/Anglo/Christian’ has this problem. I would want to add the words “elite’ to that description to make it more accurate. I might also talk separately of the International Criminal culture, or the Irish/terrorist culture, or even the 70s/celebrity culture. The list goes on…

    • Andy Barnett

      The question is not what colour/religion/nationality are the perpetrators, but who are the people that condone these actions. Whose attitudes is it towards children/the poor/peoples of other religions/etc. that serve to make such behaviour acceptable?

      • trippytaka

        I like the nuance in your take on it Andy. It is so tied up in so many ‘cultures’. I think that each culture likes to believe it is the ‘other’ that does it ‘because they’re evil’. Sometimes, people co-opt their religion/culture to be able to perpetrate and get away with these crimes. and sometimes, the people of that religion or culture allow it to happen. Because shame and denial are two of the most powerful forces in human lives.

  7. ‘Protect their private lives’. We know what they did in their private lives which is why they are banned from contact with children in the first place!

  8. l8in

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