The Biggest Scandal In British History?



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11 responses to “The Biggest Scandal In British History?

  1. Sabre

    Watch the video then revisit the Napac donation button !

  2. l8in

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  3. Paul Mac

    It is the biggest scandal this country has ever experienced and it needs to be resolved 100% transparently now. As you mentioned a long while back, this is indeed bigger than Watergate and far, far more shameful.
    Whoever is reading – NAPAC deserve your donations.

    A very interesting read on the Telegraph if you’ve missed it. Not news to those in the know but significant that a major MSM player are becoming braver in what they report. We need to see more of this. It’s on the Daily Mail, Express, Metro & Mirror. Whilst wary, part of me senses that the MSM are desperate to blow the lid on this but cautious of libel implications. I could be wrong but we wouldn’t have read as many articles like this a few months ago……..A right wing paper reporting allegations that a Tory MP murdered a child at a sex orgy.

    • Sabre

      The msm are in effect a propaganda service as well as an ‘intelligence’ service. The Security Services have their favourite hacks that they use to plant stories. Some intel officers use journalism as a cover, some journalists are effectively agents as distinct from officers.

      The public are slowly waking up to all this, some of us have known about different aspects of all this to varying depths, however, you can be certain that elements of the MSM have known about this from the word go.

      The MSM like the rest of the Establishment, The MSM are not referred to as the ‘Fourth Estate’ for nothing, are engaged in jockeying for factional positions and serious arse covering.

  4. pauline

    The thing is all these poor children who were abused,raped even murdered were all poor,from lower classes ,working class,and the dirty,filthy scum who abused these young children were RICH ,MOST IF NOT ALL PUBLIC SCHOOL EDUCATED RICH UPPER SO CALLED CLASS.

    If I didnt know better I would think these todays headlines,mp`s,people in high power Murdering,BUGGERING ,sexually abusing,drugging mostly young male children,were headlines from Victorian times not 2014.

    Its like the power the rich had over the poor in days gone by centuries ago whereby the lord of the manor was above the law of the land,and could treat the SERFS/POOR like pieces of dirt to do what ever they wanted to them,what bloody gives these evil scumbags the right to treat poor little children like they have been?these children are not pieces of dirt ,garbage to be used and abused by rich men in power,only to have their life snuffed out when the filth abusing them grow tired of the poor little weak bodies,and dispose of them like sewage.
    Whoever these rapist,murderers,abusers are they must be named,shamed no matter how rich they are or what title they hold,or what rank they hold,even if its the highest title in the land,NAME THEM ALL

  5. Watcher

    Sadly it looks very much as though senior police are involved not just in protecting the perps/pervs, but in the actual abuse itself, and at the same time. Our wonderful British Establishment: “They’re all in it together.”

  6. I said at the start of this that if it all comes out it will be the biggest scandal a civilised country has faced, certainly bigger than watergate.

    We are about to see if the new generation of politicians and police have the decency to hold the old generation to account. Keep watching.

    • Sabre

      We all hope that the wrongdoers will be held to account, The Establishment is ‘blessed with continuity’ , new intakes of people have a shaping effect on The Establishment, unfortunately The shaping effect of the Establishment on the new intakes is far greater.

  7. callie

    It’s either the biggest scandal ever, or it’s the most gigantic hoax. Most of the public don’t believe a word of it. Only time will tell.

    • Sabre

      I tell people things that get in the papers 6 months later, I hope to make my fortune flogging next summer’s lottery numbers !!!

  8. dpack

    i dont know most of the public but when i have shown and explained evidence to the folk i do know they seem to believe that there has been (is) a scandal.