Op Fairbank: Operation Midland & ‘Possible Homicide’.

According to Exaro NewsHERE, Operation Midland is investigating allegations connected to Dolphin Square.

That the Met have released a statement suggests that this is significant and being taken very seriously.


Detectives examining accusations of historical sexual abuse have launched a new investigation into “possible homicide”.

Scotland Yard said officers from Operation Fairbank, which is looking into claims there was a paedophile ring with links to government, have received allegations concerning “serious non-recent sexual abuse”, said to have taken place more than 30 years ago.

A spokesman said: “Our enquiries into this, over subsequent weeks, have revealed further information regarding possible homicide.

“Based on our current knowledge, this is the first time that this specific information has been passed to the Met.”

The new investigation has been titled Operation Midland.

Sky News

And here

Investigations into allegations of sex abuse dating back more than 30 years have uncovered evidence of a possible homicide, police chiefs revealed today.

Metropolitan Police detectives looking into the claims say it is the first time they have received this information, and say the investigation is at an early stage.

Detectives from the Child Abuse Investigation Command are now working with the murder and major crimes division on the inquiry, dubbed Operation Midland.

The Met says it will not be releasing any further information concerning people involved or potential locations.

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27 responses to “Op Fairbank: Operation Midland & ‘Possible Homicide’.

  1. paul m

    bbc news top story on 1 0 clock news. nick saying he was sexually abused by high level paedophiles between 75 and 1984

  2. Astonishing but unsurprising to must of us I suspect.

    My hope is the general public start to join the dots together now.

    Cabinet ministers, MP’s, senior people, special branch, security services, Dolphin square, Elm guest house….

    The consipracy theories David Cameron mentioned are more and more obviously true. Just as Scallywag told us.

    Now, where’s Lord McAlpine…..oh.

  3. Probably the one thing that has stuck in my mind throughout this horrible scandal to come is the report in a paper (sure it’s on Murun’s site) where a ex copper said they saw VIP’s and photographed them going into a place where kids were taken by Sidney Cooke.

    Then the plug was pulled by special branch.

    That this is not fantasy is now confirmed by Don Hale telling of his own visit from Cyril Smith and then special branch.

    And the fact that another perfectly ordinary guy claims his boss warned him away from investigating PIE funding through the home office on the request of special branch.

    Too many coincidences all leading to the same things. Too many voices.

    The truth is there was a paedo ring for VIP’s that was supplied with children through criminal gangs and the care home system. It was large, organised and survived and thrived for years.

    Kids died here, and were taken abroad to never come back.

    People in our government knew about it and participated.

    It was covered-up by politicians, police and secret services and used as ammo against those involved.

    All from the springboard PIE tolerance and infiltration created in the late 1970’s/early 80’s.

    Elm guest house, Islington, Spartacus, PIE, Sidney Cooke, Cyril Smith, the Palace, mysterious deaths, Warwick Spinks, Dickens dossier, it’s all linked. It’s all part of the same story.

    If it all comes out, it will be the biggest scandal this country has ever faced.

    And if your mates don’t believe the people at the top would do it, remind them earlier this year they covered-up for one of Cameron’s aides being a Paedo for months while they threw dirt and Labour to muddy the waters.

    These people will do anything to protect their power from being questioned, that’s why they are terrified of this coming out.

    • If you can find it I’ll put it up here. :)

    • dpack

      hello bishop please could i respectfully add the “troubles” ,suffolk,jersey,brighton (with some of their inhabitants and visitors)to the list .
      there are many more names and places that link into the lattice .
      in a longer historical context i recon i could add some names and places back to before ww1.
      iirc we could add an international set of places and people to the list as well ,may i open with ,the netherlands,belgium and turkey.

    • Sabre

      Would have been illegal, but, I will always regret not trying to abduct Cooke when I and colleagues took an interest in him. At the time we believed him to be a common or garden nonce albeit a murderous one.

      We had no idea of the wider political implications at the time, our obvious ignorance probably protected us at the time from the people watching us watching him.

  4. dpack

    this seems a rather significant development .
    the met said they will issue no further statements at the moment which makes sense if they are looking for further witnesses .
    if there is a(singular)possible homicide under investigation being a bit vague about details while seeking further witnesses might bring other possible homicides to light and /or add to knowledge of this one.

    things are starting to look as though watergate was dampmousehole as far as “cover ups”go

  5. Anon

    So the question is literally “Have Establishment Paedophiles been able to get away with Murder?”.

  6. paul m

    part of me worries that if some of these allegations are untrue then it allows the establishment to say its all a conspiracy theory about establishment paedos. we need to avoid another mcalpine fiasco.

    • The truth about the ‘McAlpine fiasco’ is that Alistair McAlpine’s cousin ‘Jimmy’ McAlpine was an abuser and that Steve Messham was shown a picture of ‘Jimmy’ and told it was Alistair. Messham identified one of his abusers but was given the wrong name.

  7. Jeremy Stocks

    I reckon the stuff coming out is perhaps because there may be a crisis of membership of the Freemasons.

    Is it all going to come out now? Seems tantalisingly so.

  8. dpack

    iirc the recently deceased one sold that part of his “art”collection by auction not long before his libelous /confused mentions by various media and individuals and (perhaps in anticipation of a possible price drop) before the legal troubles of the artist.
    any possible clarifications about these matters he might have provided were excluded by his untimely death.

  9. Mike Barnes

    “Homicide and non-recent” why the change in language ?

    • john

      I posted on this website in february about being invplved in the murder of a young boy. Savile and the murderer made me stab the young boy after he was strangled about 2 feet away from me. The name of the murderer is John Porteous. I would like to be heard at this child abuse inquiry but because am from Scotland and 95% of the abuse I suffered at the hands of Savile and many other men took place in Scotland I do not think I will be heard. What a fucking cover up.

  10. GMB

    Homicide/Murder/Manslaughter = Sidney Cooke dual abuse/murder. No politico directly involved. Nick is same BBC/Exaro and Hencke is working ith BBC in last week.

    • Please tell me this is not AA or a horse out of the AA stable.

      Reassure me.

    • pauline

      The person who helped Sidney Cooke(aka Catweazle???am I right do I have the right person????)was Robert Oliver,he was at one time kept in a high security mental hospital in Milton Keynes .called Chadwick Lodge.

      The thing is he Oliver was one of the people who along with Sidney Cooke murdered Jason Swift and dumped his body in some woods,and whilst Oliver was held in Milton Keynes,Jasons family lived just across the road on the Beanhill estate,a very good friend of mine started the white ribbon campaign,to bring it to the attention of the local people.

  11. From a related story in The Guardian:
    “Nick” says: “People who drove us around could come forward. Staff in some of the locations could come forward. There are so many people who must have had suspicions. We weren’t smuggled in under a blanket through the back door. It was done openly and people must have questioned that and they need to come forward.”

    To which I say – YES, YES, YES! If this man’s allegations are accurate, there would certainly be people who can be important witnesses, that don’t realize they are. People in various trades & services who thought nothing of what was mundane or routine occurences to them at the time, but with a more enlightened understanding now, could say they witnessed highly improper behaviour. Just as, the most important non-victim witness to the terrible abuse of boys at Mt Cashel Orphanage in Canada was the handyman who did maintanence work at that facility.

    Of course, other victims of the same perpetrators coming forward, (if any exist), would be the best that could happen – BUT…people sympathetic to and wishing to somehow support Nick need to understand that FALSELY claiming to be another victim of the same perpetrators will NOT help him. That’s not the right way to be supportive.