David Cameron: From ‘Gay Witch Hunt’ To ‘Conspiracy Theory’

Spinning on the issue of establishment paedophilia since 2012.

“It [The Wanless Report] says there wasn’t a cover up so some of the people looking for conspiracy theories will have to look elsewhere.” – David Cameron



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12 responses to “David Cameron: From ‘Gay Witch Hunt’ To ‘Conspiracy Theory’

  1. bishop brightly

    From gay witch hunt, to conspiracy theory to I knew nothing in a few months time.

    The man is trash.

  2. John

    He is a right ‘see you next Tuesday’, isn’t he ?

  3. dpack

    ,my watch ,the fan,oh dear,hit,on,shit,the.
    the details need arranging but i recon he might be a bit worried regarding developments .
    time and date sweepstake ?

    • Sabre

      Hands off, 10s of threads back I have bets running on Lords buying one way tickets from El-Al and the sad deaths/ suicides/ accidents befalling “Great Statesmen”.

  4. pongo

    All has to be stopped – a childhood is precious – I think Cameron still does not `get it` we (the majority) hate/despise child sex with adults.

  5. godhelpus

    Surely it can’t get any worse for Him! or can it? such a vile Man.

  6. dpack

    on a more direct version of the theme i had a chat with a chum this afternoon and we reckoned the snowball is growing
    more witnesses are telling what they know ,
    more folk realize the significance of what they know
    folk feel safer telling what they know because if it is true they are safer sharing it and it will be taken seriously .
    the will to use this evidence by those tasked to find /use it is growing .

  7. GMB

    People picking on Mrs May hows about the PM. Seems Mr C is the cock-up. Howsc about asking him about his involvement at Carlton TV when they pulled a Cook report into this whole sorry story. One for PMq’s or will he respond with another sarky remark in OUR parliament

  8. karen

    hes admitting that its gays do this to kids, this has been established many times already

  9. Paul Mac

    The current political generation are distanced reasonably enough by time from the last. Dave has clearly forgotten that most significant discoveries were once deemed theoretical.
    Come on ‘Flashman’, I know your boys brigade are reading this – do you have the bollocks to see this job through or don’t you?
    You will be yesterday’s man very shortly & you will find the spooks have precious little loyalty.
    You have the chance to change how history will judge you.
    Grow a pair and haul them all in.

  10. Paul Mac

    Schofield plays a curious part in this debacle. He resides in a small village called Fawley in Buckinghamshire (pop approx 250 or so).
    The late Alistair McAlpine, (to be clear, my legal friends, I’m referring to the recently deceased Baron McAlpine of West Green, so hold off on the letters please) has a brother who resides there too – Sir William Hepburn McAlpine, owner of Fawley Hill estate.
    This estate’s website is no longer in existence but the ‘Silver Fox’ was a regular celebrity visitor at charity events held there.
    I’ve never quite understood why he would libel one of his mate’s brothers on live TV in the presence of the PM (a claim anyhow which was never legally proven in court).
    One would assume the atmosphere in the small habitant is now someone tense.