A Warning From The Self Proclaimed ‘New Machiavelli’

Lord McAlpine

A piece of scum who protected his paedophile cousin.

Words of ‘wisdom’ from Alistair McAlpine, a man who was able to screw the BBC and ITV for half a million £££s while hiding the fact that his own cousin ‘Jimmy’ McAlpine, living in Chester, was the real child sexual deviant abusing children from care homes in North Wales.

‘BM: It is extraordinary – do you have any idea how that could have happened? I mean it seems an extraordinary story.
LMc: It is an extraordinary story and probably more of it will slowly trickle out, over the years, I’ve no doubt. We’ll find things out. People will say things.
BM: But you don’t have any idea at this point of time?
LMc: Well I have my own ideas, but I’m not about to sort of air them because I strongly feel people ought to be damn sure about something before they air it.

Yep, your ‘ideas’ and your deceit are understood. You, in life, protected your paedophile cousin and in the process you attempted to destroy Steven Messham. You came close to achieving that goal.

Another useful ploy is the false accusation.

First, create a situation where you are wrongly accused.

Then, at a convenient moment, arrange for the false accusation to be shown to be false beyond all doubt. Those who have made accusations against both the company and its management become discredited. Further accusations will then be treated with great suspicion. Always remember that people’s memories are very frail, remembering only both the high spots and the lows of a person’s career, and then seldom remembering accurately. People believe in the facts that it suits them to believe.
People find it easy to believe the facts that are offered to them, if they want to believe them, and easy to disbelieve those facts, if they do not want to believe them. Even in the highest levels of business, these apparent facts are seldom checked or investigated in any depth.

 The New Machiavelli, P176, Alistair McAlpine

So, learn that hard lesson and understand that not all stories in the MSM are true. Games are afoot…

Often, the stories you want to believe the most because they validate your existing opinion, are the ones you should scrutinise and question the most.

Take care.


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27 responses to “A Warning From The Self Proclaimed ‘New Machiavelli’

  1. artmanjosephgrech

    Memory amnesia .

    In the short year at Sunderland we waned to stay clear of the Municipal reporter Sunderland Echo Barbara McClennan because she has A
    Association with a leading Councillor. After I left Sunderland she wrote suggesting a meeting and I delayed responding until her paper announced the resignation of the Chief Executive. I went to her home recording the date and time on the letter and stayed there until after her children came hone from school. She showed me a copy of the original Cassam report and that he was being pressed for it to be changed, Cassam then a free lance former Director also did the first Islington report. When question by a journalist via the Opposition Leader of Council five later Cassam said he had destroyed all the paper

    When I left the High Court first hearing Barbara was there wanting to know if the paper could help and saying that I would received a helpful document. This listed the small group of Councillors including her friend told by the solicitor of the Council that the High Court action was being taken on advice from the liability insurers.

    Some 20 years later I discover that Barbara is a Labour Member of the Sunderland City Council so I sent an email asking fi she had information about a matter concerning Newcastle City Council. She said she did not know who I was and that I must have been mistaken about out contact. I then sent her the details of the letter she had sent with date and time of our meeting and which I had subsequently revealed to various interests including the Attorney General. I have not heard since.

    On relation to the meeting of the Association of Directors of Social Services Northern Branch in the year Brian Roycroft was President of the Association when he spoke of the hospitality he had received visiting Bryn Alyn Homes I am nor able to provide the date of the meeting and attendance list minutes etc because as the local authority paid for my attendance in working hours I left the records in the office when I left. In fairness several years later I was offered them but was concerned about the implications of accepting so when I still later entered I found they had been incinerated but hopefully if they are still alive others at the meeting may remember and corroborate. This is significant given that it is evident that there was a police and wider damage limitation job when Allen was first arrested and investigation but at that time there was an investigation locally and it was found 69 children had been sent to Bryn Alyn homes and Brian then lied in reports in the local papers.

    yes memory can be faulty and records have disappeared for good as well as bad reasons ,,that was the reason why all the records of the conspiracy to 0ervt the course of justice at Sunderland are protected by the High Court. But that is matter I will take up in the New Year once the ever changing form and nature of the Inquiry for England and Wales is settled and which at one level begins to look more like a People’s tribunal with each new revelation Full transcript of this afternoons debate on sister site Cathy Fox!

  2. Emma

    I’m ashamed at the way the BBC bottled it with McAlpine – they have lost all credibility. The way the over stated the Cliff Richard search was them trying to get back on the ladder with an easy win but made matters much worse for the victims – the BBC is gutless and stupid.

  3. I think those of us who’ve followed this distasteful subject out of a desire for justice and anger at the evil Tory Government of that day will find Gojam’s conservative approach the most valid.

  4. Paul Mac

    McAlpine was a spineless, ugly scumbag who bullied anyone he could for a few extra quid. He will have been well aware of his cousin’s vile activities and if he was a fraction of the man he claimed to be he would have gone to the Police and shopped the bastard decades ago.
    If the Police were a fraction of the standard they claim to be they’d have hauled him in and grilled him over it.
    McAlpine died a coward & that’s how he should be remembered.
    What kind of vile individual pockets several hundred thousand on the back of a child abuse scandal he is well in the know of and trousers it himself.
    What a shameful legacy to leave.

  5. Sabre

    Paul, even I find that Exaro story difficult to believe. If it’s true how the hell can the State ever allow it to be proved publicly?

  6. On the subject of lawsuits and false accusations The Coleman Experience blog has some serious problems in need of urgent address. One person in particular is fond of leaving comments mentioning any name that comes into his/her head. The comments usually contain phrases like- “i’m not saying he’s a paedo but i’ve never liked him or always thought he was creepy”etc. Scientific eh? It got me thinking whether people like that are deliberately trying to throw a spanner in the works and also whether the C,Experience is a genuine champion of the abused or just a garden fence for unproven gossip designed to derail any investigations. This self proclaimed intellect often posts vile racist comments,the latest one asking “what has Africa done to benefit the world”. Yet if i complain,my comment doesn’t get posted. They’re a bit like Google with their censorship. Beware of false prophets.

    • I’m aware. Some of it is flagrant, for example deliberately adding a name to the MM EGH list.

      All I can say is that I’m aware and I don’t like it as it brings other good bloggers like Ian Pace, Cassa, Murun down too. I know, I’m aware, I’ll deal with it in time.

    • The Coleman experience is just some guy who knows nothing speculating.

  7. chrisb

    The Daily Mail are at it again … getting their retaliation in first against Labour and the Lib Dems before a Tory paedophile scandal emerges into public view ?


  8. paul m

    amazing allegations if true. a conservative mp committed murder? I hope this isn’t a set up which later discredits the whole thing.

  9. Terry B

    What do you make over the fact that he didn’t sue Scallywag for their article naming him? Worried the truth about cousin Jimmy would come out and the family name would be forever associated with child abuse?

    Yet Major did sue and put them out of business for an article claiming he was having an affair even though he was having an affair, just not with the woman named. Sounds Machiavellian to me.

  10. GMB

    Only one in the dynasty?

  11. GMB

    I think alot of people owe Chris Fay an apology. I know Chris was screaming at Newsnight the week before they aired the McAlpine allegations that they had identified the wrong McAlpine re. Messham.Any comments from Marion Jones now of Panorama? I think one is due.
    PS told your readers to watch the TV re. BBC. Murder/Manslaughter is I understand a Sidney Cooke job previously reported.

  12. lordmcalpine

    right that’s it im going to sue.

    im not really dead you know..

  13. artmanjosephgrech

    well done this is becoming far worse that I have feared for 30 years. I had hoped not have commenced to tell he story from mu perspective until after the General Election or at least the New Year, however recent events cannot be ignored Cathy Fox published covering notes on the significance of the of the Gates Family Inquiry 1982 and should receive as also Bexley Council 100 plus press articles which held to tell the story.


  15. Sabre

    Il Principe should be required reading.

    • dpack

      “Sir Arnold: Have you had a chance to glance at their MI5 files yet?
      Sir Humphrey: No.
      Sir Arnold: You should always send for Cabinet Ministers’ MI5 files, if you enjoy a good laugh. ”
      ” Sir Humphrey: So what do you think I should do, Arnold?
      Sir Arnold Robinson: [calmly pours his coffee] Hmm, difficult. Depends a bit on whether you actually were spying or not. [notices Sir Humphrey’s horrified expression] One must keep an open mind.
      Sir Humphrey: But I couldn’t have been! I wasn’t at Cambridge! ”

      i have found yes minister and yes p m very educational ,the italian chap did cover plenty of stuff ,tallyrand is a bit of a warning from history ,there are many good writings on politics , war and diplomacy but the likes of yes minister and house of cards are very accessible educational tools .

      • Sabre

        I totally agree, Yes Minister and Yes PM and House of Cards do give the layman a peek at the atmosphere and machinations at the centre of our political system. Bremner Bird and Fortune took the piss while retaining the essence of what goes on.

      • Sabre

        Thucydides (Gojam’s inspiration) , Hobbes and Machiavelli lay out the ugly truth of RealPolitik for the reader with who has time to go on the adventure.

        Modern writers include Pilger, Chomsky, Fisk, Foot are or were good, given my political background I’m often surprised that most of the Journalist I have any time for are often on the Left.

  16. I suppose “The New Machiavelli” just bought the leery “art” of peadophile Graham Ovenden out of appreciation of the brush-skill.

  17. And why hasn’t Jimmy’s driver ever been questioned. There’s even photos of him online next to JImmys big car, you know like the one the poor little sods described outside the homes.