Tim Hulbert Alleges That Home Office Funding For PIE Was Requested By Special Branch

Tim Hulbert, a consultant who worked for the Home Office in the 1980’s, on BBC Radio 4 12th Nov. He claimed that the Paedophile Information Exchange received HO funding.

Very worthwhile listening to not least because James Naughtie sounds as though he chokes when Tim Hulbert tells him that the Home Office funding for PIE was at the request of Special Branch.



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9 responses to “Tim Hulbert Alleges That Home Office Funding For PIE Was Requested By Special Branch

  1. Well Hilbert doesn’t sound like a liar does he.

    Sounds like it was a very clear conversation and there was paperwork.

    Its a cover up of epic proportions.

    Speicla branch turn up in every major thread od this story in the early eighties along with the security services.

    That’s why it’s being covered up.

    • I’m asking around about the Government Protection Unit of Special Branch as referred to in the Don Hale interview on LBC. Just trying to narrow down who exactly was responsible

      • I wondered about that. If it existed then I bet it exists in some form now.

        Which raises the question as to why the coverup now. Perhaps the same practises are still in place with whatever unit exists?

      • gw


        I believe that “Government Protection Unit” is an mistaken term for “Protection Command”. I believe the relevant group now is SO1 – the specialist protection branch. Would appreciate hearing anybody’s else’s take.

        Their counterparts at SO6 – the Diplomatic Protection Group are somewhat infamous for “plebgate”.

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  3. Tim Hulbert’s allegations are so outrageous that one could not make it up. Just another example of no one keeping tabs on those who keep tabs on us.

  4. dpack

    even if the paperwork for the funding has been “weeded”or otherwise destroyed there may still be paper records of intel generated ,assets obtained.
    even the expenses claims for staff visiting meetings ,chatting with assets etc etc might still exist and be a weak link to any cover up.
    iirc the “accountants ” are quite retentive re paperwork relating to hmg paying out which is why some of the less “official”or very secret operations are funded by private or black means.
    however if pie was ,at least in part ,funded by hmg via the ho at sb request in a semi official way there could still be at least a partial paper trail if the access all ares pass of an inquiry is well informed as to where to look .

    • Sabre

      If any paper work existed re SB instigation of funding for PIE it would have disappeared when all the current concerns started gathering momentum.


  5. dpack

    you are probably correct but only if they found it .i recon there will still be records that would be hard to identify as relevant to somebody on a “weeding”expedition that was based on the obvious .