Three Police Forces to be Investigated

Just for clarity, this story is not related to the one below HERE. This one relates to Operation Spade, the other to North Wales investigations into care homes during the 1980s and 90s

Three police forces in England and Wales are to be investigated for their alleged failure to act on intelligence regarding child abuse images.

Essex, North Wales and North Yorkshire face an inquiry by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). It will examine how the forces handled information passed to them by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), the IPCC said.

The inquiry relates to an international police investigation into paedophiles. That investigation – Operation Spade – saw Canadian police send information on around 2,000 men to CEOP.

Operation Spade

BBC News 12th Nov 14


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7 responses to “Three Police Forces to be Investigated

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  3. dpack

    bedfordshire has very different ratios to say norfolk but does not seem to be on the list and assuming a similar range of referrals was given to each area it looks like both the police and cps had different criteria for action in different areas .
    without numbers for 2 out of the three it is rather hard to tell if it is about these stats but it does not look like that is the issue(especially as essex had a higher charge to referral ratio than some)so why were those three chosen for scrutiny? .

  4. Disappointing & frustrating, to say the least! All of the effort involved in uncovering these perverts comes to naught, if that info isn’t acted upon by other international partners.

  5. No stats on that chart for N Wales and N Yorks, wonder why? Casts a shadow on all of them, no room to be slipshod when #csa is involved. Will they never learn?

  6. Liam Corcoran

    well North Yorks makes a lot of sense. Savile A Royal family member, an ex foreign secretary who was doing quite well.

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