Errors in the Wanless/Whitam Report


I’ve been made aware of two errors in the Wanless/Whittam report.

The first error is in the search terms that were used. The search terms list Charles Napier aka Roger Nash, but Roger Nash was actually the alias of Peter Bremner, who was another member of the Paedophile Information Exchange’s executive committee. See evidence of Bremner using the alias Roger Nash from the Times and Guardian articles reproduced below.

Extract from Peter Wanless/Richard Whitam Review, Annex D


The Times, 14th November 1984

Times141184The Guardian, 19th November 1984

G191184There is a further error in Annex E (page 29) which refers to a Times article from 24 November 1983 that said: ‘Whitehall mandarins are accused of concealing a civil servant’s links with the child sex group PIE’.

Although a newspaper article does exist, both the newspaper and the date were wrong. It was actually the Daily Express, 25th November 1983


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  1. steve

    The Authorities will never let the truth be known,why because it will bring the whole corrupt system down