Wanless/Whittam ‘Interesting’ Search Terms.

We’re free to publish anything that is published in a government report.

Here are the search terms that Richard Whittam and Peter Wanless used while trawling through the files.

Reproduced without prejudice. From Annex D

Peter Wanless/Richard Whittam QC Review
List of additional names/places for searches
Cyril Smith
Leon Brittan
Greville Janner
(Sir) Peter Morrison
(Sir) Peter Hayman
David Atkinson
George Thomas
Sir Nicholas Fairbairn
Peter Righton
Michael Hanson
Warren Middleton
Steven Adrian Smith
Tom O’Carroll
Charles Napier aka Roger Nash
Peter Bremner
David Joy
Charles Oxley

Elm Guest House
Dolphin Square
Knowl View School


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19 responses to “Wanless/Whittam ‘Interesting’ Search Terms.

  1. 17 names. That’s one away from the 16 from Castle.

    Wonder how they compiled that list to search?

      • dpack

        it does seem a rather close count
        i recon there could have been a lot more potential candidates for inclusion in the search terms list so 16 or 17 does seem as though the two are plausible connected .
        however if the relevant files have been destroyed or “lost” extra terms would still leave little to see except no dust on the empty shelves.

  2. gw

    I think that “Roger Nash” refers to Peter Bremner not Napier.

  3. Andy Barnett

    Peter Morrison won’t be pleased.

  4. Joseph Ryan

    Why is Underley Hall School Kirby Lonsdale on this list with same aligarions and the close links to Knowel View Rochdale where the Owners of Underley Hall Came from

  5. l8in

    Reblogged this on L8in.

  6. I believe the tide of truth has been ebbing for a long time for many victims of paedophilia but it is quietly on the turn and slowly stealthily it will first surround and then trap the guilty ones remaining on the rocky reef of silence and deciept before they are finally engulfed.

  7. artmanjosephgrech

    Pity they restricted themselves to so few

  8. I completely agree with artman….

    I was just thinking, why Dolphin square, but not “Portillo” or “Haig”?

    Why Elm Guest House, but not “Harvey Proctor”?

    Why not “Conservative Monday Club”?

    Perhaps someone should ask where the list of terms came from!

  9. GMB

    Appears to have left off a few places and people of interest. ‘The man in the funny hat’, A Lord Chief Justice (deceased) and various Met officers (very much alive). What about Nos 185 and the ILEA (Mal) home. Perhaps another chat with Mangalal/Morgan is in order? No need to do that…

  10. Aye right.

    I seem to remember Charles Oxley claiming he had joined PIE in order to ‘infiltrate it ‘ . Hmmmmmm

  11. I’m going ot go with the incompetence theory on this one. It really does make you wonder how people such as Wanless make their way into such positions when they don;t seem to even have the simple savvy of what to look for. It’s beyond parody when they make the point of how “Home office people helped us frame the wording of searches”…Oh, I bet they did…..

    For instance, did they search for names people like Leon Brittain were called at school? Their nicknames in politics? Stuff like and pardon the un pc nature of this The Big Yid? Did they find out what Dicken’s nick name was and search for that? Did they search for “Big Cyril”? Did anyone working on the report seek help from a cryptographer when they did these searches and if not, why not? Did they do a search of TT,Irrational number? Transcendental number? Archimedes?

    I have a similar educational background to many of the people accused and those working at the HO and it’s almost force of habit to use nicknames and coded names for almost everyone. In a sense it’s a form of ironic intellectual snobbery. That is, the more august the person, the more likely their nickname will be seemingly, wholly insulting. Dicken’s handed in the report so did they search for “Bleak House”, “Great Expectations” “Barcus is willing”?

  12. GMB

    What happend to the Dickens file sent to the DPP in August 1983?