Very Good Interview With Don Hale On LBC Radio.

Rhoydes Boyson’s role is illuminated, 16 MPs and Lords named in Barbara Castle files, and I’m going to go and hunt for info about the ‘Government Protection Unit’

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5 responses to “Very Good Interview With Don Hale On LBC Radio.

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  2. dpack

    this chap seems to be telling (at least some of the truth) he knows it.
    there are quite a few details that need deep exploration.
    the contextual stuff is very important to both the historical and current situations.

    i recon he is being quite brave and it might be safest for him to show and tell as much as he knows as quickly as possible .that interview seems like a good start towards that.
    waiting to be asked to testify by an inquiry rather than telling it publicly and explaining it to them later could be a good way to protect the message and the messenger.

    his mention of the cold war as the context is perhaps quite relevant but protecting politicals and controlling the protected could also be interpreted within a clockwork orange/gladio b /real politic/ etc etc context .

    even if the interviewer had a rough idea of the subjects he was going to mention i recon some of that was a bit mind blowing for em .
    what the listening public made of it remains to be seen .

    more of this sort of thing please,those folk who were scared into silence about things they know and preferably can prove their knowledge is true should stand up and shout loud .

  3. Bishop Brightly

    Don Hale is important I think.

    He was given Castle’s 16 names.

    She got them from Dickens.

    Smith and special branch threatened him.

    So those 16 names he knows are significant.

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