The Wanless Report

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  1. gw

    I admit I can’t read this properly cause I’m a busy bee so at the moment I’m going on extracts and bits and peices. But this is interesting:

    From the guardian:

    Q: You conclude there was nothing to show a deliberate cover-up?

    That’s right, says Whittam.

    He says they inspected paper files. And titles of files were held on disc.

    But they were dependent on file titles. Some information was under the heading Brighton assaults.

    Wanless says they were dependent on searching using the right search terms.”

    Might this refer to ?

    Anybody care to chime in?

  2. dpack

    the “brighton assaults”seem to have had some paperwork which is now unavailable.
    the security services dont seem to have found anything of relevance.

    there is a lot of scope to study this report for similar traces,anomalies in order to seek potential means of filling in some the gaps.

  3. dpack

    i wonder if the “brighton assaults” wit/wan refer to include this alleged incident.

    two panda car coppers found a distressed kid in the early hours of the morning and having asked him what the trouble was they went to a house where they found some distressed and very worried men one of whom they recognized,they made some inquiries,some men from “security”arrived quite quickly and told the coppers that they were now in charge and would deal with the matter.
    iirc the timing of this was during a party conference and hours before an (alleged) dawn chat on a beach.
    what i read online was alleged to be a first person account of this by one of the coppers but i did not realize the possible significance of it at the time and i didnt burn it to disk. much later i thought it might be worth cross referencing dates etc . i have tried to find it again online with no success ,from memory i dont think it was posted by any of the “usual suspects” but that it popped up on page 5 of a search results based on places and a selection of relevant names .

    damm my filing even if it hasnt been weeded.
    has anyone else seen/got that document?
    or better still was the copper involved

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