Prime Minister Tries To Spin Child Abuse Report

Who do you believe ?



“It says there wasn’t a cover up so some of the people looking for conspiracy theories will have to look elsewhere.” – David Cameron

“I cannot stand here and say the Home Office was not involved in a cover-up in the 1980s and that is why I am determined to get to the truth of this.” – Theresa May

“It is very difficult to prove anything definitive based on imperfectly operated paper records system at 30 years remove.” – Wanless/Whittam



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17 responses to “Prime Minister Tries To Spin Child Abuse Report

  1. All Cameron’s comment on the Wanless report proves is that this government lives in a bubble of wishful thinking. Cameron’s comment merely adds fuel to the fire of so called ‘conspiracy theories.’ After the farce of ‘safe hands’ Butler-Sloss and Woolf surely the government has proved itself incapable of uncovering any sort of truth. What I can’t understand is why Theresa May seems to generate do much confidence in her resolve to get to the truth.

    We’ve been hoodwinked so often that to have any confidence in our government is a form of certifiable madness. But no doubt the men in white coats will continue to incarcerate the whistle blowers instead.

  2. Just a point, I guarantee that every HO civil servant, even lower grades, who were involved in such policy work would have been trained and well versed in meticulous registry, record keeping and maintenance of files with minute sheets that recorded every assessment, every recommendation, every decision made before final sign off by the senior officer. Wanless was a senior civil servant and will be aware of this. So their phrase ‘imperfectly operated paper records system’ does not ring true.

  3. Sabre

    A totally different approach is required.
    If the State seeks to prosecute me or you, they will require me to provide DNA, I will be required to submit bank records, telephone records etc etc.

    They can make me ” convict myself” because they have the power so to do.

    We are being naive in the extreme in expecting the State to condemn itself.

  4. JS2

    Im sure you have listened to this, but just in case others havent

    By the way, your were right xx

  5. Andy Barnett

    That is appalling. That the PM would seek to misrepresent the findings of this limited inquiry AND prejudge the findings of the main inquiry, at a time when the Home Secretary is saying to survivors “Trust us” …. Well its beyond words.

  6. Sabre

    The fix is in, feigned incompetence is a sign of competency.

    We can’t be certain about anything because we bollocksed it all up, granted there are some concerns that will have to be addressed, but not really any proof of anything.

    In short it translates as “We know, You know, We know that You know, You know that we know, however, You can’t prove fuck all and we’re in no great rush to hang ourselves”. Move along, nothing to see here !

  7. barb

    i cannot believe how vile /evil they all are !!! absolute lies there is so much evidence to dispute this its like being in an old school yard with bullies !!

  8. I would believe “Tom Pepper” before ever I would believe David Cameron.

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  10. Poor old David, he desperately does not want the whole truth to come out before the election, or he is toast.

    How could you not know XYZ David?

    Oh…you did.

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  12. artmanjosephgrech

    PS Make sure Ed gets to see the quotes before tomorrows PMQ’s

  13. dpack

    having read id and listened to the hasc they said they could not “prove” anything regarding any coverups

    this statement might come back to haunt cameron in a way that the 45 mins bullshit came back to haunt blair.hopefully a bit more immediately.

  14. artmanjosephgrech

    Now I am convinced Cameron is wanting to cover up but May does not