Don Hale Talks About Barbara Castle Paedophile Files

“Investigative journalist Don Hale says he was threatened by the former MP Cyril Smith, and then raided by police and Special Branch to stop him revealing a crucial list of top politicians and Peers, who were trying to legalise sex with children and promote the ideals of the PIE network. Don was editor of the Bury Messenger in the 1980s. He says he was told he’d go to prison if he printed a story or revealed secret information based on a dossier of Westminster documents given to him exclusively by Euro MP Barbara Castle. He gave his first broadcast interview on these incredible revelations to Ashley Derricott at ITV Granada Reports in Manchester.”


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8 responses to “Don Hale Talks About Barbara Castle Paedophile Files

  1. Abby

    You can put things under a carpet or put nothing under a carpet. Either way it’s still a coverup. Do they think we’re stupid?!

  2. I’m not familiar enough with all the ins & outs of UK parliamentary process (and shenanigans), so I need to ask – how plausible is it, that a small group of MPs, a couple Ministers and perhaps some Lords, could quietly pass a bill that legalized sexual acts between adults and children of any age? How close do people think these alleged conspirators might have come? Was such a bill ever introduced in the Commons for debate?

  3. It really is time that someone put that list of 16 out there. I’ve heard it mentioned before that there were 16 active abusers on the list, and Castle seems to have gotten the same list as/from Dickens. I’m pretty sure that Hale must remember those 16 names – how could you not – which would tell us exactly if the Dickens dossier was fluff or not.

    If only someone could get those 16 names out of Don Hale….

  4. Unfortunately he will never be invited to share that story.

  5. gw

    We know that the home office and police have the “dear Geoff letter”. I wonder if that will appear with the alleged victim’s names redacted.

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