Abused Buckingham Palace Kitchen Boy ‘Exiled’ To Canada

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10 responses to “Abused Buckingham Palace Kitchen Boy ‘Exiled’ To Canada

  1. artmanjosephgrech

    Vague recollection that on a royal trip to Canada some care kids were taken over for settlement

  2. ex-officer

    Well well. I wonder if HRH D told CS about this as well? Better not Force it, I would look a right Charlie.

  3. GMB

    Don’t worry I have not given any tapes to my Butler or hidden them under a Rock.

  4. GMB

    Must speak to my cousin at the Palace. I could speak to the other cousin who is Chair of the Surrey County Lodge or maybe the former Commissoner of the Met who signed me up to the same lodge or the 6 buddy who is a very very angry man…

  5. GMB

    PS. I do not ride a bike or a motor bike. I am not into shooting or dangerous sports and according to my doctor I have no heart problems and other health ailements. There again I am not an investigative journalist like Paul Foot or a crusading MP like Dickens or an opposition leader threatening to ask awkward questions like John Smith or a former Foreign Sec like Robin Cook who was asking awkward questions or a Princess who knew too much… Advice to me from Vauxhall Man ‘Don’t go digging on that one I had to sort it out’.