PIE: The Paedophile Intelligence Enigma


Former Director of MI6 Maurice Oldfield and former Deputy Director of MI6 Peter Hayman

“A conspiracy like this… a conspiracy investigation… the rope has to tighten slowly around everyone’s neck. You build convincingly from the outer edges in.” – Associate Director of the FBI Mark Felt (Deep Throat)

After two years of investigation since the Savile expose by many people, the noose is tightening.

Last night Exaro revealed that Sir Peter Hayman was the Deputy Director of MI6 – Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, PIE.

The suggestion was not entirely new. Hugh Muir in The Guardian had said much the same in February 2014:

When the police did get around to prosecuting PIE leaders for conspiring to send indecent material through the post, a strange thing happened. Evidence comprised masses of obscene material, but by far the most active and viciously minded member of PIE – one Mr Henderson – was never prosecuted nor produced as a witness. Who was this hideous fellow? After the convictions, a conscience-stricken member of the prosecution called Private Eye to say they had been ordered from the very top to perjure themselves over “Mr Henderson” – who was, in fact, Sir Peter Hayman, long-time deputy director of MI6.

The Guardian

However, that Guardian piece was only one article, Others had described Sir Peter Hayman variously as an MI6 operative, or someone with connections to the security services. The Exaro article is important in that it explicitly confirms Sir Peter Hayman as the Deputy Director of MI6 from around 1974.

Sir Peter Hayman was a paedophile and a member of PIE.

His tenure as Deputy Director of MI6 appears to coincide with Maurice Oldfield’s tenure as the Director of MI6 (1974-1979) – a man who has come under suspicion himself and not just for his ‘homosexuality’.

The Prime Minister– Sir Maurice Oldfield became Security Co-ordinator in Northern Ireland in October 1979. Subsequently reports were received which caused his positive vetting clearance to be reviewed. In March 1980, in the course of that review, he made an admission that he had from time to time engaged in homosexual activities. His positive vetting clearance was withdrawn. By this time he was already a sick man; he finally ceased to serve as Security Co-ordinator in Northern Ireland when a successor took over in June 1980; he died in March 1981.

There was a lengthy and thorough investigation by the Security Service, which included many interviews with Sir Maurice Oldfield himself, to examine whether there was any reason to suppose that he himself or the interests of the country might have been compromised. The conclusion was that, though his conduct had been a potential risk to security…


And so we face the very real possibility that from 1974 (the very year that PIE was founded) until 1979 both the Director and Deputy Director of MI6 were paedophiles and members of the Paedophile Information Exchange, PIE.

Over the last two years I’ve occasionally picked up tantalising indications that there is a different view within the security services regarding the ‘establishment paedophile’ issue, nothing firm, nothing that I could hang a story on, just the odd titbit here and there.

It now starts to make a little sense for if the foreign intelligence services(MI6) was headed by two paedophiles then the domestic intelligence service (MI5) would have known and would have been put in an impossible situation. One point I’d like to make is that it is not helpful to greater understanding to think of any of the UK’s security services as homogeneous organisations. These are organisations which depend entirely, and out of necessity, on compartmentalisation of  roles and information.

This brings me to the PIE membership list. Over the last two years I’ve had two sniffs of this but have never been able to lay my hands on a copy. I’m told that there are 3 slightly different membership lists held by 3 different police forces in the UK. I’ve also been told that there is no legal reason why this list could not be published. PIE was a legal organisation from 1974 until 1984. Though many members of PIE were at some stage prosecuted, being a member of PIE was not illegal and the membership list is not subject to the Data Protection Act as it can not be enforced retroactively.

It had been suggested to me that some names on the list are not paedophiles themselves, they foolishly considered the PIE campaign as a equality and rights issue and they deeply regret having been a member. We’ll call this the NCCL PIE members for arguments sake, as it would not be unusual for executive members of an umbrella organisation like the NCCL to automatically receive membership of an associated organisation – as PIE was to the NCCL. Nevertheless, these NCCL PIE members would have received literature through the post just as every member of PIE would.

I’m afraid that it is no longer in the public interest to spare these individual’s blushes. With an increasing number of high establishment figures named as members of PIE it is essential that this membership list be put responsibly into the public domain.

At the very least, the CSA Inquiry panel members should not wait until a chair is appointed, they should demand copies of all three PIE membership lists without delay.


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  1. @dpack – regarding Hayman’s tenure in Canada…I wonder if you might find some connection between Hayman and a Vince Miller – ?
    Vince Miller was at one time the president of the Libertarian Party of Canada and editor of their monthly magazine Libertarian Option. He was calso founder of the Libertarian International. While Miller was editor of “Option”, he published an interview with Dyer Grossman and Adam Starchild of “Ocean Living Institute” on the subject of “sea-steading”. Documented here:

    Sea-steading was a libertarian utopian fantasy, wherein towns would be constructed on giant, permanent floating platforms in the middle of the ocean. They would be in no national territories and therefore subject to no nation’s laws or regulations.

    Not mentioned in Vince’s interview, was Grossman & Starchild’s nefarious intentions for their personal city-state on the seas. Dyer Grossman was a millionaire pedophile and a science teacher at a private boarding school, and one of the primary conspirators in the Better Life child pornography and prostitution conspiracy. He was charged with sexually exploiting a 10 year old & a 14 year old boy in 1976. Adam Starchild was a prolific fiscal libertarian and tax-cheating author, whose birth name was Malcolm McConahy. McConahy had a conviction for sexually abusing a young boy and personally set up all of the non-profit fronts through with the Better Life conspirators carried out their child sex abuse crimes.

    • topaz

      Peter Lamborn Wilson and his pirate utopias book immediately springs to mind. I’m sure you’ll know where my thoughts are going with that.

      • @topaz – Indeed I do! There are so many parallels…traits, specific unique interests, coincidental biographical dates…
        That’s my research, ripped off by someone on ICKE-LANDIA. (Not that I care). I certainly convinced myself, BUT – be wary of this hypothesis because there are still two American academics of apparently impeccable character, who would surely testify in support of Wilson’s false bio in any court proceedings.

  2. dpack

    mr smith was in hut 6 .i will cross reference for his wartime chums .he does seem a good candidate for the missing ddg6 if one is missing .

    the pie man has been recently named as ddg6 but even if that is accurate titles mean little at times .
    maybe the pi man had bones of the ddg6 job,he was in ni , the cabinet office and the moscow residence and therefore of some importance regardless of his title .
    in 78 smith got dg5 as a “safe pair of hands” post clockwork orange etc etc
    if neave (a 9 to 6 sort of chap)was referring to corruption and big changes in early 79 etc etc.
    then oldfield did one last job and reported to thatcher etc etc.

    i recon i could put a believable narrative to this stuff.
    possibly several believable narratives
    smoke n mirrors is a strange world and the above would seem quite mad if it wasnt based on arranging the available evidence into a variety of shapes until only a few shapes look sensible.

  3. Cathy Fox asked: “Justin- on what evidence do you base this?[There never were any MKULTRA child sexual abuse programs] And how do you account for books such as Cathy O’Briens?”
    1. There have been persons, victimized and injured by CIA financed experimentations, (such as Janine Huard), for whom there existed sufficient documentation of the funding, the experimentation and the injuries inflicted, for them to successfully sue the US government for compensation. In ALL of those cases, the victims were adults at the time of the experiments. Cathy O’Brien is not one of those persons, by the way.
    2. There is documentation of questionable experimentation upon minor persons by psychiatrists, such as the administration of LSD to teenaged psych patients by Lauretta Bender. In these cases, however, there is no evidence that the experiments were financed or directed by the CIA, the research was not clandestine but in fact was documented in professional journals, and did not involve sexual or physical abuse of the children.
    3. Most persons who have claimed to be victims of “MKULTRA child sexual abuse programs”, including Cathy O’Brien, have stated that their abuse was carried out as part of an MKULTRA program titled “Monarch”. However, extensive investigation by independent researchers including H. P. Albarelli has proven that there was no MKULTRA program called Monarch. Other researchers have claimed that Mark Phillips admitted making up the term “Monarch”.
    4. Colin Ross’ book, “The CIA Doctors”, lists and describes 149 MKULTRA financed programs whose existence was revealed through FOI release of “secret documents”. Only 4 of these programs involved children as research subjects. Ross says: “The four MKULTRA subprojects on children were benign and did not involve unethical experimentation”. There was another subproject – Subproject 136 – frequently cited as evidence of abusive experimentation involving children, but the persons making such allegations have blatantly misrepresented and deliberately misquoted the subproject proposal application for their own purposes. The full document clearly demonstrates that children were only involved in questionairre style research.
    5. The idea that “brainwashing” or “mind-control” could be, or had been, facilitated through inflicting pain & suffering [the alleged purpose of “sexual abuse programs] upon the brainwashee, DOES NOT come from MKULTRA research. In fact, that idea was invented by science fiction writer and scam religion founder L Ron Hubbard, many years BEFORE the first MKULTRA financed projects commenced. Hubbard claimed that American psychiatrists all worked secretly for US military and had been brainwashing all their patients since the end of WW2 on behalf of the US government, without the patient’s awareness. Hubbard claimed that thousands of Americans were secret mind-control victims, that they could not diagnose this themselves but HE COULD, and that they could only be cured through Hubbard’s own Dianetics “therapy”.

  4. dpack

    maybe it’s this chap you are looking for
    Howard Frank Trayton Smith

    although callahan thought him an “outsider” and so a “safe ” dg for 5 he was in with the in crowd of 6/fo for decades .
    he was in moscow for some of the relevant time ,that is the type of joke that appeals to spooky folk and might have fooled the ruskies as well as being very funny .

    ni/cabinet office /moscow during the relevant years .

    tis hard to think of a better place to hide a deputy head of sis during the 70s than very publicly in the moscow embassy .

    that is so daft im giggling ,if it is the case it would be “enhanced context delux” to some of the unexplained events of the 70s and early 80s

  5. dpack

    thinking of odd ,occult and well dodgy types who had spooky connections this lad is a splendid example .

    his dad was good at business so he was rich ,very rich ,mostly from valleys coal miners and east end of london slum tenants , his income was about £50000 a day( £18 mil pa)in modern money so he was able to bankroll any project he wanted to .

    he was sometimes usefully spooky and rather inept in other things (chucking carrier pigeons out of a lancaster was never going to go well ,especially for the birds )
    he was a palace lurker (and special friend of david ) he got cocky and became embarrassing .
    allegedly he had many photos some of which mary had recovered and once(at least most of) the photos were secured evan was banned from court

    he was a chum of some very dodgy types ,he also cultivated some well known but probably harmless folk from a wide variety of backgrounds.
    he was a rather nasty chap in many ways ,he had his own torture chamber and much of his interest in historic sites was not pleasant .

    iirc he was deeply associated with the pre war palace /posh folk/nazi connections and his relationship to this chum
    was probably a bit closer than the” one dinner”mentioned in the bbc report. ernst röhm got dead and so he has been rather forgotten but evan knew him well .

    he would probably have got on like a house on fire with some of the more recent persons of interest .

    no apology for getting historical cos there are continuities from the past to the present

    as he died in 1949 he isnt directly relevant but he is a warning from history

  6. Gojam – I want to thank you for this article. It is most excellent and thought provoking.

    There are a couple of things that I hope someone can clarify for me. Hayman’s diaries are described as detailing sexual encounters AND PEDOPHILIC FANTASIES. So, I assume his diaries didn’t detail PEDOPHILIC sexual encounters? The pedo content was all simply fantasy? Who would have made that assessment – that the non-pedo encounters were real events, but the pedo content was just fantasy?

    In the excerpts from Parliamentary questions posed by Geoffrey Dickens, a response from Havers includes this disclosure: “…the metropolitan police submitted a further report, which revealed that one of the nine – not Peter Hayman – was carrying on correspondence with a tenth person. The police investigation investigation showed that the two shared an obsession about the systematic killing by torture of young people and children…”

    WHO on earth is Havers referring to there. Does anyone know?

  7. G

    Just to say, Exaro notwithstanding, Peter Hayman was not deputy director of MI6 in the mid-seventies. Can’t comment on any work he might have done at that time for MI5 or the MOD, as I just don’t know. Incidentally I wrote to Exaro yesterday to let them know, so I hope they clarify this soon.

    • Thanks G,

      We’ve been looking into the claim ourselves. We can find no confirmation that Hayman was but we have a gap

      We know Oldfield was deputy under Rennie before taking over in 1973/4? And we’ve got ‘Dickie’ Frank as deputy in 1977 before taking over as chief from Oldfield

      We can’t fill in that 4 year gap between 1973-1977. The only other name we’ve got as possible is Rowley but info is thin on him.

      Are we looking in the right place ?

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  9. dpack

    in the context other things the first thing that struck me was that i had assumed the hayman /sis link was common knowledge,i did not know he was deputy director but that he was fairly senior seemed obvious.

    regarding context :
    if hayman was yugoslav desk /station chief at the time mentioned he will probably have known henniker 8 .h8 seems to have had a finger in a lot of things .

    internal tensions as well as those between the domestic, overseas and other secret services include “different objectives”, a variety of “office politics”, “personal issues ” etc etc that went/go far beyond the”management”of the troubles .
    these include the “cambridge spies” and the subsequent distrust from the usa ,the “role of the services in domestic politics” ,”soft shoes or spats”,”the moral high ground” etc etc .
    these are just a few examples of things that have caused sudden,personal and departmental,rows and long standing feuds .

    re the role of occultists in security matters crowley,for instance,was an asset from before the end of ww1, his ability to influence and blackmail was well developed and as he aimed high i suspect he was also quite good at collecting information as well as creating assets .

    blackmail and reward has a limited menu which provides fine dining for the security services .(ambition,resentment ,sex ,cash and even exploited morality are among the ingredients of the dishes served)

    it is possible that oldfield was a “wrong un” and it is possible that he did take the hess papers(if he did ) as insurance to protect himself from his “wrongness”being used against himself or “wrong un chums”.
    he might have taken them(if he did) after he was recalled to active service and after he knew his cancer was terminal and by then any trial /disgrace was unlikely before his death ,especially as spooks try to do the laundry in a quiet way,so how could any documents protect him in the relevant time frame?.

    it is also possible he was not a “wrong un” and he was trying to protect some decent folk (protecting himself being irrelevant by then ,see above) ,who ,why and how effective that was/is (if it happened)is so far an unknown.
    my instinct is he was a fairly decent gay bloke in a overtly strait world rather than predatory “wrong un” .

    my opinion is strongly influenced by the reported attitude of a woman he worked with(and who probably was in love with him),she seems to have thought of him as a good chap.
    slipping the extra info re oldfield into her obit would be a very subtle long game in relation to the current situation and seems rather like someone explaining her loyalty to him (and maybe their own as well)but i have no definite proof either way .

    it seems plausible a small sample of the hess papers was bought at auction (for a lot of money)by a private purchaser fairly recently .
    on all matters of spookery it is sensible to keep an open mind as to the truth of the evidence and the interpretations of the evidence .

    neave allegedly mentioned “corruption” “30 officers” and “big changes” in the weeks leading up to his death ,if that is true what was he referring to ?
    and where does it fit with his death? , dickie’s life and death has a lot of unanswered questions,what sort of chap was oldfield ?
    these things are probably important and relevant..

    “here lies madness”
    it is often best to try to work out what was said and/or done ,why it was said and/or done and who ensured it was said and/or done and the motives of whoever mentioned it in whatever way ,it is as much art as science to make sense of such things and the only thing im certain about is (perhaps some of)the truth can be established if enough information is obtained and tested.

    ps if the mkultra stuff is true a fraser and righton combo might fit into a mk two version,iirc there was a very dodgy uk based doctor chap who would have been contemporary for the mk 1 version.i suspect that some of what has been said of such matters is smoke and mirrors to conceal the obvious (but much less spectacular) ugly means of control.

    • Many strange people, professing many strange beliefs, have worked in some capacity as “intelligence assets” for a long list of patrons; for aristocrats, kings, popes, generals, armies and nations – over the last 400 years. Some of these persons were famously obsessed with supernatural ideas and practices that were trendy during their times, such as John Dee’s obsession with allegedly angelic informants. However, as there is no such thing as supernatural causation, there is no reason to believe that “occult” or “magical” powers were ever successfully employed by anyone, in aid of intelligence gathering or security – and in the modern era, Western nations have relied on science and technological innovation, not superstition or supernatural intervention, in their intelligence & security pursuits. (With the exception of the Keystone Kops of the international intelligence community – the CIA – financing some dead-end research into the idea that persons claiming to possess “psychic powers” might be of some use, somehow).

      Aleister Crowley was certainly a strange person professing strange beliefs, but he was never an intelligence asset for any nation. The Real Aleister Crowley was a man of keen intelligence and some modest talents, which he for the most part squandered living out a Live Action Role-playing Game, (in which he played the role of a Great & Powerful Mage, running ancient & powerful Magical Orders). Crowley was a person of very little significance in his lifetime, a person with no political power, no wealth nor social influence, a person incapable of exerting any appreciable impact on or control over the society he lived in. His books never sold more than a few hundred copies, his “secret societies” attracted only a handful of adherents during his lifetime, and NONE of those persons had any more wealth, power of influence than Crowley himself. No doubt, he may have led some people to believe that he had been “a secret agent” at some point in his life, but that was just another Crowley LARP. The Real Aleister Crowley was nothing at all like the fantasy selves he portrayed himself to be, during his lifetime.

      It may be the greatest ironic joke of all time, that The Diabolical Caricature Aleister Crowley – the Crowley of popular myth & imagination, created primarily by his detractors – is such a powerful and influential icon in our culture today! ALL the LARP fantasies and dreams of Crowley’s imagination, and more! , have been bestowed upon his caricature – and are believed in and declared to be True Life History by thousands of people. Hilarious!

      • dpack

        symonds and bryans might disagree with that interpretation re crowley and his connection with spookery but it isnt the paranormal aspect that is powerful,the blackmail /info and influence aspects were plenty of reason to make use of such people .

  10. It is an astonishing thing if true. That the two most senior foreign spy coordinators in the UK were paedophiles, while others were in the Home Office, including senior politicians.

    You begin to see why they are so bloody desperate to hamstring the CSA Inquiry.

  11. Abby

    The source of all this seems to be the 1981 Private Eye article. Have you read it and do you know who wrote it? Could it have been the one who “made a career out of exposing the peccadilloes of Anglican clergymen in Private Eye”?

  12. Evan

    See early day motion 529 on 10 December 2007, reference Charles Roy Taylor imprisoned for paedophilia. Well known child abuser n Poole, Nottingham and North Wales. Worked in Jersey and abroad.
    Lived at White Horse Drive Oakdale Poole and Trinidad Crescent Poole.
    Served prison sentence for child abuse.

  13. Jeremy Stocks

    Whilst driving my kids to their German school this morning I was struck at how it seems the Government here in DE seems to actually like its citizens, as opposed to back in Britain when I never ever had that feeling.

    The Germans started from Square One after the war and didn’t have those awful public Etons and Gordonstouns private schools where this evil goes on year on year. Yes they have the Catholic Church but that plays an inreasingly lesser role in my observations in life here.

    When people say “It’s going on worldwide” I wondr if they mean the Aglöo speaking world (UK/US(Israel), as it seems to be less in the non-English speaking places. Just my obseervation.

    • Thanks for sharing your perspective, Jeremy. I don’t have your first-hand experience, but many Western Europeans – especially Germans, Dutch and Danes – have always struck me as a bit saner about matters of sexuality generally. Only in english speaking countries will you find perverted “neo-Victorians” condemning a cartoon frog as obscene because it allegedly has visible ‘bits’, for example. I’m sympathetic, and don’t wish to spoil your postive feelings about life in DE. I offer the following info simply as historical fact, drawing no judgement;

      “Baron Wilhelm von Gloeden (September 16, 1856 – February 16, 1931) was a German photographer who worked mainly in Italy” – wikipedia
      Wilhelm von Gloeden was a very prolific early photographer of German birth & upbringing, famous for nude portraits and naked Greco-Italian scenes (imitating ancient stylings of those peoples) that featured many hundreds of boys and young men. Although von Gloeden is not known to have photographed sexual acts, he did produce obviously homoerotic scenes featuring men & boys and teens & prepubescents, which circulated throughout his personal social circles.Most of the models came from impoverished families in the area where “the Baron” lived quite pallatially…he is alleged to have made financial gifts to some families, so that the boys could attend those private schools you rightly derided… At least one of his models, known as “Il Moro”, was von Gloeden’s lover from the age of fourteen..

      John Henry Mackay 6 February 1864 – 16 May 1933 was born in Scotland but raised in Germany. Mackay lived in Berlin from 1896 onwards. Mackay was a writer and an influential individualist Anarchist activist of his time. Mackay was also, albeit pseudonymously, one of the most ardent and prolific propagandists for Pederasty (literally “boy-love”) the world has ever seen. Mackay advocated abolishing sexual consent legislation entirely, and produced tracts calling for decriminalization of sexual relationships between men & boys of any age. In one of his novels, “Der Puppenjunge”, Mackay described and discussed the thriving boy prostitution subculture in Berlin, which he clearly knew quite intimately. “The Gates” were in fact known throughout Europe during his lifetime as a prime destination for pedophile tourism.

      During the brief period of genuine commercial production of child pornography, circa 1960s – 1985, there were a number of titles produced in Germany featuring German “models”. The most graphic of the child S&M victim magazines from this era, came out of Germany…

  14. pauline

    They are all at it,they all know who the paedophiles are and who is not,but they all protect each other,they just think our poor innocent children are there for them to bugger/rape/murder by those in Government/power/high places.
    We should have a bloody good spring clean ,get rid of nonces like Blair/Brown/Brittain ect ,they all know where the bodies are,get rid of anyone who does not tow the line, and out the mass of paedophiles who run this country who infest our Government/social services/schools/childrens homes.
    Untill we have a major clean out of all the paedophiles who are today running this country our children will never be safe.

  15. Sabre

    Imagine a ‘Secret Trial’, there is a long lead time for serious trials of about a year, The defendants are long ‘blown’, the alleged crime long executed or the alleged conspiracy long ‘blown’. Why the secrecy? evidence likely to be adduced implicating Security Service ‘irregularities’.

  16. Sabre

    Intelligence services are of necessity compartmentalised, police infiltrators in ‘subversive’ organisations don’t know of each other, protection against one of them going ‘native’.

    I know of two infiltrators into the SWP, not police or intel, that were totally oblivious of each others status as infiltrators.

    Within intelligence services there often exist different factions, differing loyalties and differing views of situations lead to these factions.
    We often lazily and inaccurately generalise, The US State dept, The NSA, CIA and FBI are often accused, I have done it myself, of being Pro Zionist.

    The accusation is made because US diplomatic and security policy is heavily biased towards Israel’s favour.

    There are of course officials that take a more measured view and even antagonistic views to Israel, Michael Scheuer being a notable example.

    The Security Services see an advantage in targets being vulnerable and therefore controllable. They probably take a slightly different view re their own people. They cover for their colleagues because they know that their own organisation(s) would be as vulnerable as their targets.

    • Bill Post

      “I know of two infiltrators into the SWP, not police or intel, that were totally oblivious of each others status as infiltrators.”

      If they weren’t police or intel, who the hell else were they working for?

  17. mi5

    moving along now theres nothing to see here.

  18. l8in

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  19. Jeremy Stocks

    “After two years of investigation since the Savile expose by many people, the noose is tightening.”

    So after this time are we likely to see any dramatic arrests? I would imagine this harrowing subject has taken its toll on the personal lives of the researchers.

  20. chrisb

    I am not an expert. However, I have read that there was a deep rivalry between MI5 and MI6 over who was responsible for Northern Ireland during the Troubles, MI5 pointing out that NI was part of the UK and MI6 claiming that the terrorists used another country (i.e. Eire) as their base. The knowledge that one of the organisations was run by paedophiles would only have antagonised the other. Obviously any analysis of Kincora and other child abuse in NI should take this inter agency rivalry into account.

    • Chris Moore’s book on Kincora states that William McGrath had a relationship with MI6 from 1958 onwards, and this was taken over by MI5 when they took over the leadership of Northern Ireland operations in the mid-1970s.

      There have been a lot of allegations of MI5-MI6 rivalry in Northern Ireland over the years, but officially operations were run by an Irish Joint Section until the early 1980s.

  21. artmanjosephgrech

    Ben Emmerson Counsel and Simon Regis Solicitor explained at the meeting between the panel with survivor groups on Friday that they will have the power to call for all the documents needed. so those with knowledge of the existence of relevant documents & ( I assume for relevant people to be interviewed). The announcements that the SNP led devolved Parliament in Scotland is to set up an investigation into historic crimes against children and the Children’s Commissioner, (pre appointment hearing before Commons Education Committee this week) will head inquiry into sexual crimes against children in a family setting are both important developments. Colin Smart .

  22. Wendy

    I find it unbelievable these people did not understand the the aims of PIE, disassociating themselves with the group by using excuses as to why they were members. Surely the clue is in the title.

    • Bill Post

      It was as a result of the PIE scandal that the word paedophile acquired the currency and the aura of horror it has now: at the time it was an anodyne description of sexual preference, of relatively recent coinage.

      I was a teenager in the 1980s. At the time I’d probably have supported a lowering of the age of consent to 13 or 14: I considered myself perfectly capable of making those decisions and saw it as a civil liberty issue. There seemed to be one rule for us provincials and another for celebrity “wild children” like Mandy Smith. And of course the age of homosexual consent was 21, which added to the arbitrariness of the law as it stood. I have no difficulty in believing that some well-meaning adults shared those views without themselves having any grasp of PIE’s deeper agenda.

      • PIE were campaigning for the age of consent to be lowered to 4 years old. Do you still believe that a PIE member might be ‘well meaning’ for joining ?

  23. Richard Crowden @ScaredyCat44

    @MarkWatts_1 I’ve just realised Peter Hayman was the key liaison btwn MI6 & CIA at the height of the MKULTRA child sexual abuse programs

    • There never were any “MKULTRA child sexual abuse programs”. No matter how widespread and popularly accepted that false idea may become, no matter how many persons might claim – out of sincere delusion or a desire to deceive -that they were victims of such programs, no matter how many conspiracy theorists might pretend to research and expose such programs, this will remain a fact. There never were any “MKULTRA child sexual abuse programs”.

  24. brian

    My family knew a man some years back who spent some years in intelligence and he said that the occult world was interconnected with British intelligence since W W II, he said that rites were conducted throughout the war on the south coast to deter any German invasions, in these he claimed
    young boys were sacrificed.
    The question of poofs in the service he told us was an idea that men would often talk to their wives about what was going on, whereas men who just dabbled in same sex relationships in railway stations and public toilets
    did not, also they could hold it over the man that they always had the card to play to out him as a poof. he went on that in the SAS and other special units they did not want married men and told the men to use prostitutes when they had to but not to get into proper relationships.
    This rule still exists today.