United Against A Common Ememy



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5 responses to “United Against A Common Ememy

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  2. Sabre

    I’m sure many of us accommodated on your blog would consider ourselves to be opponents. There does however seem to be something of a union against a common enemy by and large.

    Humans, being humans, do have a knack of falling into entrenched positions and giving way to petty enmities, this will of course be exploited by the enemy.

    Divide et impera !

  3. Sabre

    Fac et excusa

    Si fecisti nega

    Divide et impera

  4. Sabre

    Kant had them worked out two centuries ago.

  5. dpack

    the task is what matters and when we win we must remember common decency is why we fought this war or we may become are own enemies.

    i could be a bit less fluffy and say i dont care who i work with so long as the job gets done but actually i do care about who i work with and about the way we work .
    working with folk from what may seem very different backgrounds is interesting , diversity makes us stronger and it might provide a good model for the future .

    if we are serious about what we are doing we should consider how to play the endgame because we will win and what we do with victory is down to us.

    gulp .spose i/we had better be very careful ,the next phase is probably more dangeroos than the last two years .