I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

The Friday Night Song


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  1. Andy Barnett

    The 114 files were taken from the Home Office by persons unknown, to be used (we suspect) as leverage against serving politicians and ministers. The fact that the Home Office retained a record of the files’ existence and volunteered that fact earlier this year, suggests that the HO itself was not responsible for their disappearance.

    The key question is not about the competence of HO officials in securing / losing the files; the question is who took those files, (or more accurately, who were they working for) and what was the leverage used for? Was it simply to cover up the activities of paedophiles, or was paedophilia merely the means by which control was exercised?

  2. leon brittan

    i dident do it honest.

  3. exmatelot2014

    The song, the voice and the guitar: Sublime

  4. dpack

    the glowering thing is pretty funny though


    i recon he was hardcore .
    if it is true that he did get the hess papers as insurance so as he could then tell the unpleasant truths in downing street he was probably a reasonably decent chap(as spooks go and some are very nice ).
    the stories of him being a “proper wrong un” dont seem plausible considering his long career but make sense as black propaganda to discredit his later works.

    what maurice said to thatcher is possibly as important as who mr dickens documented in the papers he gave to leon.

    • Sabre

      We are still living in the shadow of and suffering the fallout of that bloody war.
      Capitalist imperialism found common cause with international communism to secure global capitalism and the creation of Israel.

      A marriage made in hell!

  5. dpack

    i just had google sending me to a non answer to a big question i posted last july re “what did maurice said to thatcher?”
    i spose if other folk see that they can seek an answer but it was a bit odd to find my question as a potential answer to my question .

  6. Sabre

    Remembrance Day on Sunday,

    They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
    Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
    At the going down of the sun and in the morning
    We will remember them.

    We will remember the fallen, officials and politicians should do some remembering too perhaps ,

    • Pluto

      Politicians will not remember the fallen. These are the conniving sh*ts who start wars in the first place. They create wars. We’re well on our way to our 3rd Iraq war, they wanted war with Syria and may yet get it. They wanted war with Iran and that is still their plan.
      Everyone else is simply collatoral damage, just part of the process in their schemes. As for those who sign up to go and kill? My uncle was signed up for WW1 in July 1914. It hadn’t started yet, but the recruitment drive was on. It was planned and started on time. He served in France until he “got shot in the head by a hun sniper” as my granny used to say. He died there in the mud in August 1918 and had spent four years in the trenches. For absolutely nothing.
      Let us not delude ourselves that politicians might remember or even care. They are too busy claiming expenses and b*mming rent boys.

  7. Sabre

    …… but then again I am but a humble Home Office archivist.

  8. dpack

    diligent research is a good way to find things [:)

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