Please Welcome The Latest Needleteam Member!

Anyone who watched the debate regarding the child abuse inquiry debacle in the House of Commons on this last Monday 3rd November, following the statement by the Home Secretary, Theresa May will have had no doubt who the real star of the show was. It was the fly.

As John Grace noted in The Guardian

“She [Theresa May] was also being stalked by a fly that buzzed around her head throughout the session. It eventually settled on her head and she no longer had the strength to swat it away. The shit may not have quite yet hit the fan, but even the flies sense it is not far away.”

Following such a bravado Parliamentary performance and having clearly demonstrated a canny and unerring sense for bullshit and cover-up, I was very eager to meet this investigative upstart.

I waited patiently in the lobby and soon spotted him edging his way slowly toward a Conservative MP who I can not name. I didn’t want to interrupt him in his work and so I waited until after he’d defecated on a cream cake that the MP was soon to eat and then introduced myself.

I learned that the fly’s name was Freddy. He was very polite but explained that he had some serious work to do in the House of Lords but he agreed to meet up with me later that evening.

As arranged we met up and I asked him if he’d consider joining the Needleteam as our chief political reporter. I’m pleased to say that he didn’t hesitate to accept. His skill in identifying VIP paedophiles and those who knew and covered it up is unparalleled and I’ve set him to work straight away.

For some reason Freddy the Fly has taken a particular interest in this photograph.


Thatch Fly



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15 responses to “Please Welcome The Latest Needleteam Member!

  1. dpack

    the initial claim for “the operation” singular seems as though the announcement from belfast could refer to warrenpoint.
    the claim for mountbatten from republican sources seems to be later (possibly much later).
    that the media directly and immediately linked both events might be deliberate,it is quite possible the events of that day have separate origins .

    the suggestions of a sponsored kgb hit seem very unlikely ,the oira (and maybe inla) had some arms that plausibly had a kgb connection based on what was decommissioned as part of the peace process (and that they had a broadly communist agenda )however soviet made arms are easy to find on the international market .
    arms are from who ever payed for them rather than who made them.
    the kgb often supplied non soviet kit so as the connection was plausibly deniable much like other organisations supplied soviet kit for the same reason.

    regardless of a few boatloads of soviet kit in republican control imho a high profile wet job on a royal would not have been sanctioned by moscow especially at a time when the cold war could have got a lot hotter .

    the suggestion dickie was a soviet asset is daft ,they killed his playmate cousins including his first “crush” maria whom he never forgot if the bedside photo he kept all his life is anything to go by.
    although he had a good relationship with some of the soviet in crowd (diplomacy is a two way street which often involves an exchange of facts) he seems to have been on the side of european royalty (his extended family) by any means necessary in everything he did.

    dickie is pretty much where i started to look into these matters (my pal told me a very unpleasant death bed confession from a messed up old man about some specific orders dickie gave in the far east ) .i have nowt to report about that ,he was a very interesting chap and both his life and death seem to have many unanswered questions .
    i have insufficient data for a meaningful answer in relation to almost everything about him .

    what maurice said to thatcher about this and other matters (neave springs to mind as one topic he might have mentioned )got him sacked and disgraced very rapidly (even if he had the hess papers for insurance ) ,when his report is found i expect it will be rather educational about a variety of relevant matters.

    dickie was a very high level mason with strong anglo irish connections ,he was a top strategist in nato/royalty/uk interests ,possibly a high functioning sociopath ,more gay than strait ,maybe a bit “frisky ” but as far as i can tell only with willing players etc etc how any or all of that is relevant remains to be discovered .

    an interesting chap who will almost certainly be the subject of historical study for millennia ,i hope now is not too soon to establish the truth and context.

  2. dpack

    morning freddy ,while looking for references to a republican statement/s regarding dickie i came across this which i posted elsewhere in the context of may be a unhelpful distraction however the documents referred to(if they are what they seem to be from the way they are mentioned) might include data regarding the more lurid rumors about dickie or if he gets no mention it would make those rumors less plausible.
    page 144 weds 18th sept has the start of colin wallace’s evidence to the saville enquiry re kincora .interesting reading.

    i have no obvious way of checking some of the things suggested in this
    but it is a possible framework for the events at warrenpoint and mullaghmore and perhaps worth further study .

    has some interesting background details such as the united irish leanings he seems to be credited with.

    i still havnt found any reliable transcript of either an immediate claim or subsequent “admission”of responsibility for either event

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  4. Sabre

    Freddy look after yourself mate, you’re doing a very dirty job, shower after every Parliamentary session.



  5. dpack

    hello freddy we will make an effort to keep your dinner warm

    • dpack

      i will have a poke about for the various statements about dickie and warrenpoint .
      i seem to recall that “inla” might be prime candidates for snuffing dickie but there might have been “contractor” or”very well trained” elements involved in what was a rather sophisticated operation.
      im sure i have found a few versions about both events none of which convinced me that they were a full and accurate account of who,how and especially why.
      iirc some of the statements from republicans about warrenpoint seem more plausible as true ,if perhaps incomplete, accounts than those relating to dickie which i recall as being very odd,impossible or unlikely on strategic and political grounds.

      dickie was a big shark and now more smoke has been cleared and more mirrors have been broken perhaps further study of him is a good idea .
      when i first looked at him i got the impression that dickie studies was a very complex subject in that the official and unofficial versions were all inaccurate.

      robin bryans wrote about some of the rumours regarding dickie in a way that makes me think that the situation might be far more complex than the apparently obvious, possible or even quite plausible explanations of his nature, motives ,actions and the events that led to his death .

  6. Jeremy Stocks

    I remember back in the 80s how much hullaballoo there was about the Westland Helicopter scandal. Does any of the scandal have anything to do with this?

    Another thing I remember was that on the BBC when Sinn Fein spoke they “dubbed” their speeches to camera. Is it possible that these politicians in Ireland ever mentioned places like Kincora homes?

    • I personally do not think Westland has anything to do with this.

      If you can find the full IRA statement following Lord Mountbatten’s murder, I’d like to have a look at it.

      • colin

        Goggle bbc on this day August 27 1979 , and you will find it there

      • colin

        Keep in mind that on that day 18 soldiers were killed at warrenpoint including 2 men from my regiment ,I think that is the full statement depending on how it was sent if by phone it would be short.

        • I take that on board but I’ve heard that that is not the full IRA statement and given the circumstances in is not implausible that the BBC and other media would not carry the full statement. It could justifiably be considered terrorist propaganda. I think it would be naive to think that in the pre-internet age that media would allow terrorists a voice and the censorship of Sinn Fein leaders on news programs by dubbing voices supports that possibility.

  7. jubei

    Of all the living peodophiles and abusers in this picture that have been reported, do you believe any of them will be interviewed under caution or arrested before they die? Action is getting very ‘late in the day’ for the culprits.

  8. sxjack

    Welcome Lord Fly. You did a super job with the Home Sec’s hairdo, congratulations. From the photo above, there’s just too much choice for you to make an immediate landing-pad decision, do take your time, there’s penty of shite to go around and more to come out. Have plenty of babies, you’ll need them for your workforce.

    • Freddy is very busy right now.

      Obviously it was very difficult to make his mind up with that photo. I’ll try and give him some less confusing assignments later.