Home Office Discussed ‘Dickens Dossier’ In Minuted Meetings ?


According to John Mann MP the missing Barbara Castle files included “leaked Home Office minutes of meetings”.

In 1983, Geoffrey Dickens had a thirty-minute meeting with the Home Secretary, Leon Brittan, after giving him a dossier containing the child abuse allegations. These documents are currently referred to as ‘The Dickens Dossier’

Over the last year there have been attempts to down play the significance of these documents and Geoffrey Dickens himself by quite a few sources. Most notably by David Mellor who served under Leon Brittan as a Home Office minister at the time and went on to become a Cabinet Minister himself serving as Chief Secretary to the Treasury and Secretary of State for National Heritage under John Major in the early 1990’s

“My only recollection of this from my time at the Home Office was the suggestion there wasn’t much to it,” he told Sky News.

“The real crunch point for me is if – and I don’t believe this for a millisecond – Leon Brittan had not taken appropriate action, Geoffrey Dickens lived for another 11 years and there is no evidence he went back and followed it up.”

The Independent

Only this Monday the Home Secretary Theresa May referred to the documents in her statement as the “SO CALLED Dickens Dossier” The emphasis on ‘So called’ was hers and it seemed like yet another attempt at down playing their significance.

News that there were minuted (therefore on the record and official) meetings (note the plural) regarding the Dickens Dossier seems to strengthen rather than diminish their importance.

One thing is for sure, even if the Home Office have ‘lost’ the dossier itself, they couldn’t have lost the official Home Office minutes of meetings which discussed it.

Could they ?

Nothing would surprise me any more and like everyone else I’ll be eager to see if there is any reference to these minutes in the Wanless Report when it’s published next week.



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16 responses to “Home Office Discussed ‘Dickens Dossier’ In Minuted Meetings ?

  1. nuggy

    well you have got ask why dickens failed to follow it up when the home office dident act.

    you also have to ask why he handed over a dossier about abuse by members of the government to a member of that same government and expected him to act.

    and why dosent seem up copys and handed them to anybody else.

    • sxjack

      Was it not a criminal offence in the ’80s to dope and sexually assault someone? The same happens these days, spiking a drink with Rohypnol or similar before assaulting someone. Today’s victim wouldn’t ‘remember’ either. Would the police dismiss it as easily as they appear to have done for this guy. Or is this a case of another untouchable assailant?

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  3. Bishop Brightly

    Dickens had three meetings, sent and receives letters, and there’s evidence it was discussed and copied for distribution within the home office.

    We all know the government and home office are covering up its significance, I hope one day soon we will find out why.

  4. l8in

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  5. dpack

    iirc (and the things that i remember were being reported correctly) mr dickens said that he was threatened by phone regarding the safety of his family ,that he was warned by the police(sb?) that his name was on a “hit list”belonging to a very dangerous man, that he was given police “protection”for a while ,that a member of his family read a copy of his dossier that they found among his papers after his death but they said it was too scarey to keep so they destroyed it .

    if correct all or any of the above might indicate the significance of the mr dickens dossier.

    one potentially significant detail is that a contemporary news report in the local paper (huddersfield examiner)referring to him delivering it to the home secretary was put online for a short while 2 yrs ago and then it disappeared .
    i remember at the time ,30 odd years ago, the local paper had a few stories featuring mr dickens and his dossier and then all mention of it ceased .i cant recall who wrote those stories but maybe somebody who worked there at the time and/or since then might be able to add important details from their knowledge and/or perhaps the archived material of the paper or the local reference library might have some interesting details( if it hasnt been “weeded”)

    i think it is a good thing that it is now getting some of the attention it probably deserves .
    although the official line is that it is lost there will be a copy in the paper files of the registry and if the cabinet minutes of discussions regarding it also exist finding at least part of the truth of this matter should be possible

    i wonder if the “brothel papers”which seem to have been copies of cabinet minutes are directly connected to the discussions of the dickens dossier or if they are referring to other matters ,either way they are another set of documents that should be located and examined.

    another possible line of inquiry might be via any surviving paperwork that mrs whitehouse might have kept,im fairly sure that mrs w and mr d were working together on some aspects of these things .

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  7. Abby

    Your blog is really interesting. It’s probably a big ask for a blog, but it would be great to see your analysis of the speech here, starting on page 3.

  8. TonyM

    The Independent reported that there may be a copy with Barbara Castle’s documents at Oxford University’s Bodleian Library:


    I have a gut feeling that the TV executive who was referred to in the Daily Express at the time of the dossier may have worked at Leeds.

    Would the Express have been told the name or just that a “TV executive” was named in the dossier? All these links yet there seem to be few actual names known.

    • dpack

      ps the bbc reports linked with the one i put above have some interesting details,i had forgotten about the 2 break ins ,(london and yorkshire ,nowt valuable stolen in either) which stretch “coincidence”more than a bit unless somebody was looking for something more valuable than the family silver .

      the comment that the immediate lack of a copy of the dossier from the home office is a red herring because the information is known to various people (and might be on paper elsewhere)seems quite important .
      i cant be too difficult to establish who is likely to know the content even if the original documents are missing until found.

      if anyone who is decent has that knowledge they should share it and help establish truth ,knowing and keeping silent could be considered conspiracy to pervert the course of justice if crimes are being concealed and to be discovered party to such behavior might have very serious consequences.

  9. TonyM

    Even if it is 30 years ago, you wouldn’t read or be told about something like that and then “forget” which famous names were mentioned. It would have been utterly shocking.

  10. dpack

    .im fairly certain some who know would not have been surprised by that behavior ,they may have been/ will be surprised at this behavior becoming public knowledge .

  11. artmanjosephgrech

    The first task is for the CSA to interview those at meetings still alive then pass info to Police or vice versa