Barclays Email Scam

Wow! It doesn’t take the scumbag scammers very long, does it ?

Its been less than a week since I set up my new email address having lost my password to the old one and this is the second email I’ve received from these turds.

It was very easy for me to spot it was a scam because I don’t even bank with Barclays but I guess these arseholes work on percentages, send enough of these illegal emails out and you’re bound to send quite a lot  to Barclays customers who may be fooled into giving away details that might give these cyber-criminals access to your account.

So, if you receive an email like this one. Report it!

And never give any account details to anyone who sends you an email or calls your home. When in doubt, hang up the phone, wait 10 mins (there is a type of scam that can take advantage if you call out straight away) and contact your own bank yourself.

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2 responses to “Barclays Email Scam

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  2. Sabre

    You would have thought that they would have gone to the trouble of including a valid IP address !