The Establishment Wagons Are Circling

Nobody should be in any doubt of the seriousness of the current situation in regards to allegations of establishment complicity in child sexual abuse and the CSA Inquiry.

There is an old saying understood by politicians and journalists alike that the cover-up is always more damaging than the initial crime. In this case, it is not the case – but the cover-up leaves more evidence than the crime.

There has still not been any explanation as to why or how a letter from the CSA Inquiry’s former chair, Fiona Woolf, was redrafted by Home Office staff seven times. No explanation why, in the redrafting process, admissions by Mrs Woolf concerning private dinner parties with Leon Brittan, and a clear connection to an Edinburgh establishment child abuse allegation, were omitted from the final letter. Not only has no satisfactory explanation been given but absolutely nobody has accepted responsibility for these omissions.

In the light of this can anyone be confident that the Wanless report, due to be published next week, will be entirely his own work ? That it will not have been substantively reworked by Home Office civil servants ?

The concerns over the independence of that report are not new. Originally Peter Wanless was appointed alone to head that inquiry but he was quickly joined by top government lawyer Richard Whittam QC and it became the Wanless/Whittam review. For some this was simply abbreviated to the ‘Whitless’ Inquiry, a reflection in part of the lack of cohesion and headless chicken approach demonstrated by the Home Office over all child abuse matters in the last 2 years.

Anyway, this is how Daniel Finklestein, former political advisor to senior Conservative politicians and now a Times journalist, has chosen to write about the CSA Inquiry debacle. Not a helpful suggestion and a way of ensuring that any official inquiry does not get off the ground.

To Whom it May Concern,

We do not know each other and you may therefore regard this letter as presumptuous. However, please trust me when I say that, stranger though I am, I have your interests at heart.

I would however like to proffer some advice. If, in the next few weeks, you are approached by the Home Office to chair the independent panel inquiry into child sexual abuse, you should politely decline.

The Times

Unless those calling for an independent inquiry unite and put aside infighting then the establishment might still yet avoid legitimate scrutiny for past transgressions.



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10 responses to “The Establishment Wagons Are Circling

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  2. dpack

    it could be argued that the establishment circling the wagons is a rather comforting development , they have ignored ,concealed and/or distracted from the truth for years while their masters have cynically exploited the vile,weak and evil among them for their own ends .
    that they are retreating to their traditional castles whilst attempting a fighting retreat shows they fear the weakness of their previous positions and that those who have been pointing to their misdeeds are generally pointing in the right directions .
    it may be wise to adapt to this next phase and exploit the tactics of escalation in the field to reinforce the sieges of their strongholds whilst maintaining the tactics of armed recon and ambush which appears to have ,very effectively ,put them on the defensive .
    any weakness around a besieged stronghold will be exploited by those surrounded but if the ring is solid they get weaker until the inevitable surrender (or storm) gives victory .
    there is a traditional understanding that if the besieged surrender those who caused the conflict to be “dealt with appropriately” there is minimum of destruction and unpleasantness but if the walls must be stormed there is no quarter.for any of the defenders .

  3. Please no comments referencing those standing trial unless it is a reference to evidence presented in open court and preferably reported in the MSM.

    Too many people have waited a long time for justice.

    Many thanks.

  4. Sabre

    The cover up isn’t more damaging than the crime covered up, ergo the reason for a cover up.

    The unravelling of a cover up is immensely more damaging than the initial crime, it is the difference between mitigating a grievous wrong and compounding it to the nth degree with the accompanying cynicism exposed to all, having drawn in previously innocent parties that subsequently bear great culpability.

    The circling of the wagons tells us all that ” they have something to hide” this is an obvious negative for ” them” , however, there is no way out for ” them” . The whole scandal has gone on for far too long with responsible parties everywhere on the official and political spectrum, ” they” have no room for manoeuvre, there isn’t a way of issuing a profound mea culpa followed by the usual ” lessons will be learned” nonsense.

    They have nothing to lose by holding on for grim death, they have to be harried, provoked and relentlessly pursued.
    Wait until you see the whites of their eyes, no prisoners ! No prisoners !

  5. dpack

    if no quarter and no prisoners is the only way we can do this so be it .

    we should try to make this as tidy as possible and only do what is needed with swift kindness .
    the huge variety of good folk who require truth, justice and change has surprised my cynicism and convinced my optimism that decency will win if we work to make it so.
    everything needs care ,these are interesting times .

  6. dpack

    if the hostiles fire arrows at the wagon circle it will keep them static

  7. chrisb

    I totally agree with the sentiments of this article. I didn’t think the appointments of Butler-Sloss and Woolf were accidents. I think they were chosen for a purpose. The question is who is involved in the continuing efforts at protecting the abusers. Clearly Home Office civil servants are involved. I assume that there is political interference too. But by whom? Is it May or is it Cameron denying justice to the victims ?

    Credit the Indie. They at least seem to be interested in putting info in the public domain.

    • Anon

      Well we’ll be in no doubt that it was genuine if Oxford’s Bodleian Library accidently burns down in with all of it’s contents in the near future.

  8. Andy Barnett

    Given our doubts over the complicity of Home Office staff – past and present – just how safe is it, I wonder, that lists of survivors’ names and other details are being passed to the Home Office via well-meaning campaigners such as David Burrows and others? What are the dangers, do you think, of such lists falling into the wrong hands, especially if such survivors have not yet had their day in court?

  9. dpack
    i hope there are well aimed arrows landing on the home office section of the wagons regarding this.