Theresa May Statement – CSA Inquiry 3rd Nov 14


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  2. jhon gallager

    bbc have just given back sound recording of TOP mp saying I dont care just keep alid on it .mic was still on .

      • dpack

        that bit of tape might be a very important bit of evidence ,is it available yet ?. could it be put on a public site such, wherever available and robust will do via private means ?.

        if this is true i want to know which” top mp” said such a despicable thing and i want the public to know as well .

      • dpack

        such = as such

        PERHAPS via private means
        oops i was too keen pounce and i forgot to to proof read

  3. artmanjosephgrech

    shows how out of touch some MP’s are. Any MP who makes this issue should face a voter abstension at GE whatever their Party. Cameron reminded me of Football club Chairman before sacking the manager to day as some Lib Dems men plot with Labour men for Coalition. A Teresa May Yvette Cooper leaders TV debate on issues might save us from a Tory UKIP coalition and break of UK and exit from Europe’s As Tom Watson urged important to understand the big picture. People seen to forget that without Tom his PMQ and those who provided him and Tersea May there would be no Inquiry and no appropriate resources for it..

    Norman Baker resigned to gain brownie points in his fight to retain his Parliamentary against his Tory opponent choosing the night of the Child Care statement to maximise the damage.

    BBC have ignored several important statements on care of children now and future which I find disturbing and are being very selective in who they arrange scripted interviews. Why has BBC not published the Savile Inquiry report ?

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