Brian Moore

A qualified lawyer, a journalist, and a England rugby international.

Who’d want to mess with him ? 99% of the male population would steer well clear and I’d suggest that the other foolish 1% were deluded.

I mention this because Brian Moore has also come out as a survivor of child sexual abuse and many male survivors feel stigmatised by this but you won’t find a more personally courageous man than Brian Moore and my own personal experience with male survivors of sexual abuse is that they are all pretty solid and courageous people.

He should be on the panel. Not because he’s famous but because he’s honest and courageous and qualified.

Enjoy this video and try not to wince.



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8 responses to “Brian Moore

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  2. dpack

    he gets my vote ,not just for his understanding of physical realpolitic

  3. Sabre

    He’d probably be ideal, he can have experts at his disposal and leading counsel too.

    The issue of exactly what documentation will be disclosed is another matter entirely.

  4. 70% no 80% of the physical abuse that happened at Bryn Estyn was committed by members of the Wrexham Rugby teams 1st and 2nds. Brutal, bullies, big, bonkers, brainless bastards. Not an ounce of remorse shown after being named and died with honour among friends. Plus this Moore fella is a lawyer with many contacts in the MSM and propaganda machine that is the BBC.

  5. Ingrid

    “Who’d want to screw with him ? 99% of the male population would steer well clear and I’d suggest that the other foolish 1% were deluded.”

    Wow, I’m a girl and even I’m not 99 per cent sure that I could beat him in a fight!

  6. dpack

    as a write in candidate mr moore does seem a chap who might be able to do the job ,mike mansfield is another possible candidate .
    they are very different and there may be other ,better choices ,

    what about a proper wild card entry ? maybe we should ask a recent nobel prize winner?.
    malala yousafzai might be a good choice of chair ,although she is young in years she has shown courage and decency .
    she seems to have worked towards what is right regardless of established power before and after she got shot .
    she has shown modesty and decency since she got famous and prized up.
    maybe we (the citizens)should politely ask if she would help us try to sort out some difficult problems.
    the skill set for chair does not need to be broad or sophisticated ,an honest and decent person with real power to ensure that the evidence is presented when requested and if the evidence is found true it is acted upon should be enough.
    personality might help or hinder but the parameters of the office should be such that the chair and panel could be replaced if illness or burn out or whatever require it.
    this will be a long process if it is to cover all the evidence and the protocols should allow for replacing staff.
    so long as the “experts” know what to request they can explain the technical things and the chair merely needs to be robust, honest and decent rather than a technician or an expert in all matters .