Slagging Off Barbara Hearn

If Barbara Hearn reads this she will know that we’ve had no personal contact and I hope she’ll excuse me for the title.

I’m not going to slag off Barbara Hearn, who as far as I can see has worked tirelessly on behalf of survivors for the last 2 years.

But others have attempted to do so. If Barabara Hearn was the only current panel member being undermined behind the scenes then maybe, perhaps I’d have given it more credence than it deserves but she is not alone. She is just one of five CSA Inquiry panel members who I know of who’s suitability to be on the panel is being called into question by the same people.

I suppose I must reluctantly provide a link to The Times article. It’s HERE

I’m not completely distanced from this subject. My own credibility was called into question by this same person. Not only the malicious and untrue lies by a monkey thrown back at me but I was asked if I was related to a person connected to child abuse involved in social services because I shared the same surname. I was completely ignorant of this person before hand and I have no relationship at all as far as I know.

My surname is Sawyer and I know that the head of MI5, a former union leader and a journalist (Miranda Sawyer) share my surname and I’m somewhat proud that those of us descended from people that sawed wood for a living have made good but I’m not related to any of them as far as I know.

This insult was compounded when my good friend Greenlight, a very intelligent and honest mum of two who has, along with the rest of the Needle Team, been totally steadfast and unerringly objective in looking at this sensitive subject. She was accused of being a spy. In front of me. I felt embarrassed.

I’ll not be part of some feeding frenzy, I’ll not be a part of a bloodfest.

I have never heard anything other than good about Barbara Hearn. Never!

All I want to see is some kind of satisfactory resolution to this issue. I’m not going to get involved in a bitch fest.

To the people behind this, I say this; I’m aware of what is going on and I don’t like it. If this continues then I’ll have no alternative but to be more candid on this matter.

I hope that suffices.


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  2. Sabre

    You tease, that post is obviously targetted at someone, the rest of us remain in the dark sans candour 😉

    • Obviously.

      I’ll not gonuclear on this unless I really have to but I am very grateful that Tom Watson MP tweeted this article

      Make your own mind up.

      Best Jon

      • Sabre

        I hadn’t realised that you have so many dodgy relatives!
        To think my identity is discernible from my email.


  3. Sabre

    But seriously this was always a controversial subject and all sorts of games are to be expected.



  4. Sabre

    To paraphrase Churchill, You have enemies ? Good you stood up for something.

    • When you deal with serious people over a very serious and emotive subject like this you put aside sleights and perceived sleights.

      Enemies is far too strong a word. I’m not the enemy of any decent honest person.

  5. Sabre

    What about the indecent dishonest ones?

  6. Sabre

    The question was rhetorical ;-)

  7. Sabre

    Dolphin Square allegations are coming back to haunt our lords and masters again.

  8. artmanjosephgrech

    You could be surprised by those who are behind the Times and other articles.

    However tomorrow will tell if the Tory party will stand firm on what ii has agreed otherwise Barbara and the other appointed panellist will quick be made redundant if they have already been issued with contracts

    I understand from the interesting meeting on Friday ( I take it you, Spotlight abuse Exaro and Cathy Fox were not invited. I am resisting the temptation to go for a judicial review over not being invited given that I am a survivor in contact with other survivors but Peter Mckelvie was there not a survivor although he has been in contact with a few survivors recently. The question of number is important because how many survivors did those invited to the meeting ( who decided who invite and not) actually represent and had consulted in advance for their views as a total of all survivors since 1970?

    But I digress. According to Ian Pace the main call was for the Inquiry to become statutory and which given its importance will merit a Judge like Leveson and can I remind what then happened to panel, they were effectively sacked by the lawyers representing t the accused and who brief some of appearing on how to lie given that several subsequently admitted or were found guilty of culpability. or tot eh Bloody Sunday Inquiry or that e Tony Blair and Iraq. Given the number of administrations involved in the cover up and the number of people a ten year Inquiry seems a conservative length of time.

    However it is now axiomatic that because the good lady bottled it she was an suitable choice.

    I am reminded of the tune If you do not play it my way I will not let you play.

  9. dpack

    the historic dolphin square events getting publicity again is probably important .if my recollection a mp’s conviction from around the time mentioned is correct there was a sadistic aspect to his behavior ,perhaps that conviction was a way to hide the iceberg by chipping a little off the tip.

    slagging off decent folk ,dirty tricks etc does smell of fear and desperation rather than the strength and confidence indicated by ignoring truth tellers and merely adding extra smoke and mirrors to conceal their dirty secrets.

    in a truly byzantine world one would smear one’s hidden friends in order to make them appear more credible to one’s enemies but “there lies madness”.

    know them by their works can be a good way to establish folk’s motives and imho trust is as important as caution.
    ps know them by their works can lead to the thought that the most useful need watching the closest but if they are the most useful they might be the means by which the job gets done.

  10. Ali

    Exactly who was at the meeting on Friday & how were they chosen, there are hundreds of thousands of survivors out there waiting to be heard. Why would any ex professional want to be involved, it;s not about you, Get that into your thick heads & lose the ego asap. Listen to the people please.

  11. dpack

    slagging off mr dickens by mentioning him falling into a fairly crude trap that (plausibly) was set for him at the time (along with the direct threats etc ) seems to be an attempt to ensure his dossier and statements can(again) be presented as fantasy .

    perhaps this is a rather desperate and hurried attempt at smoke and mirrors by some very worried interests .
    he seems to have been a blunt yorkshire tory and not a player of the darkest sort of realpolitic ,in many ways he didnt even know he was a plump antelope in a lions den until it was too late.

    by a chap with a few possible conflicts of interest

    i recon there are some rather wobbly knees and sweaty palms among the establishment and observing where the attacks are directed might be a good way to learn more about what could be important .
    when appropriate the tactic of ” we should attack our friend so as they appear to be their friend “reverse bluff should be allowed for and recognized for what it is when spotted but this appears to be a simple attack rather than a feint.
    observing who and what is attacked might show what seems to be of greatest concern to those who wish truth concealed .

    in a world of smoke and mirrors identifying a mirror or smoke machine not only reduces the power of it’s effects but ,at least partially,exposes what it is attempting to conceal.

  12. Sabre

    The dogs in the street know that Lawson is a spook, we’ll gloss over his father’s friends and colleagues!