Oh, To Be A fly On The Wall…

Keith Vaz, who has been exceptional as chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee and Simon Danczuk.

I suspect they had a very interesting conversation.



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9 responses to “Oh, To Be A fly On The Wall…

  1. artmanjosephgrech

    That constitutes a close relationship I think dinner looking chummy

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  3. Sabre

    I’d reserve judgement on Vaz until the conclusion of all this, if it is ever concluded.

  4. dpack

    he;s not a fly ,he’s a very naughty bug.
    the transcript will be typed by now but unless they tell us i guess we will never know .

  5. colin

    For sabre do a Google check on Mr vaz past political career he was a Labour mp for the same area that housed the elm guest house personally I would not trust him

  6. joanne

    He was also a seniour solicitor for islington council in the 80s. and a charity he had links with also had a pedo infiltrate it.. The pedo changed his name from Mr Slade to Dr Marsh so he could avoid detection for abuse. The name Marsh that he used was the identity of a dead child.. Link that with his support for janner and his links to the area where elm guest house was makes me think that this man has seriously been had over or is part of a cover up..

    • I’m aware. I’ve put it all up here. He was also a junior solicitor at Richmond

      He has also been an outstanding chairman of the select committee.