Peter Saunders On Radio 4 CSA Inquiry 31/10/14


From Radio 4’s Today program.

Can be listened to HERE




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6 responses to “Peter Saunders On Radio 4 CSA Inquiry 31/10/14

  1. Vic

    And in the meanwhile, child abuse victim and whistleblower Melanie Shaw was yesterday found guilty on manufactured charges with inadequate evidence at a trial presided over by a judge who was observed to have fallen asleep three times during the proceedings. How much lower can we sink?

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  3. artmanjosephgrech

    The transcript of this contribution should be widely circulated please as it sets out in the clearest terms. Who said Be careful what you wish for

  4. dpack

    it is also on radio i player 2hrs 10 mins in if direct rfrom the bbc is easier.

    i noticed the official bbc line was not to mention by name the ex minister who has dinner etc with wolfe until he was named by mr saunders and that the problem is that he should be called by this inquiry to explain his role in the dickens dossier events ,his knowledge of morrison and other many other matters including those referred to by mr hood in the house of commons were not mentioned.

    the other chap seemed to be recommending that a few measures are put in place towards safeguarding in the future and that the past is too complex to investigate .

    • Sabre

      Too complex to investigate is a euphemism for how do we tell the public that a Nation that boasts “mother of Parliaments”, “bastion of liberal democracy” etc etc is in fact effectively a one party State and even that one party is nothing more than a marionette, the crowd boos and pelts the marionette most of the time and on precious few occasions lauds it.

      The Government is permanent, the special interests semi permanent and the electorate are ignorant fools tasked with producing and consuming before participating twice a decade in propagating the sham that serves to reassure them that they are free.

      How do you tell the electorate that they have blindly secured a regime that implements truly evil policies such as illegal wars that leave hundreds of thousands dead injured starving and homeless, that actually pays the banks out of our money after those same banks have deliberately defrauded us and ruined our economies.

      How do you tell the electorate that even policy “successes” such as EU membership and “peace” in Ulster are at least in part secured by blackmailing perverts that rape and possibly kill the little children that a decent society is charged with protecting nurturing and educating???

      He’s right it’s much too fucking complex.