Fiona Woolf Resigns.


I don’t think I want to add too much other than it is a great shame that it has taken so long and I wish Fiona Woolf all the best for the future.

I think she’s been played and her year as Lord Mayor of London ruined by an incompetent Home Office.

Fiona Woolf is to step down as the head of an inquiry into historic child sex abuse, she has told the BBC.

She said it had been clear for some time that victims did not have confidence in her, adding that it was time to “get out of the way”.

Victims’ groups earlier told Home Office officials they were “unanimous” she should resign over social links with ex-Home Secretary Lord Brittan.

David Cameron had been certain that she could do the job, a spokesman said.

It comes after the first person appointed to lead the inquiry – Baroness Butler-Sloss – stepped down in July after concerns were raised about the fact that her late brother was attorney general during the 1980s.

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  1. Bishop Brightly

    Truly astonishing times.

    If the next appointment is poor, May has to go.

    • Sabre

      Seven to one on that the next one will be as poor as a church mouse!

    • Sabre

      If the pro-PIE faction in the Home Office gets its way they’ll probably co-opt Sidney Cook, Ian Huntley and Roy Whiting onto the panel in the interests of “balance”.

  2. Sabre

    It was a dot on the card.

  3. pongo

    Fair cop! The chap who used to be the Home Secretary must be shitting himself a little more, His wife must be thinking why am I sleeping with a turd? His children must be thinking keep dad from my kids. All very sad for `his` family but what about his victims?.

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  5. colin

    She has stood down now just heard it on the news

  6. Anon

    Perhaps one might anticipate that there might be some interesting stories in this Sunday’s newspapers?

    • Anon

      I note the Foreign Office are now sending out unprecendented “Alerts” of a heightened threat of Terrorism across a large number of countries in Europe, which appears to be a distraction, so the answer to my question above might appear to be “YES”.

      • Sabre

        You may be right although we all hope not. Abused kids are a means to an end, blasted tube passengers or beheaded guardsmen can serve the same purpose. Our lords and masters believe in equal opportunity sacrifices!

      • Sabre

        dpack, heard the MI5 smear story before. Given the nature of the Security Service, it’s possible that it is a smear. Brittan could go into detail about the Security Service to
        a) help clear himself and
        b) get revenge on them.

        Why does he not do that?
        The Security Service who are never accountable to the public and will never comment have nothing to fear by ‘briefing against themselves’ in order to run interference for Brittan.

        Anti-Semitic officials my arse, The Security Service has an incestuous relationship with Israeli and US intelligence communities.

        Blair was bought and paid for by Lord Cashpoint and taken to dine with The Israeli Ambassador and an ’embassy official’ while still going for the leadership of the Labour Party that was still in opposition at the time.

        Why did these ‘anti-Semitic officials’ tolerate the dodgy dossier taking us to an illegal war sacrificing the lives and limbs of British servicemen, British treasure and around a 100,000 innocent Iraqi civilians (men, women and children)

        The Met and the Home Office will never tolerate organised vigilante groups in the country The CST being the exception that proves the rule.

        “But the CST attributed the overall increase – including a 55 percent increase in the Greater London area – “largely” to a new data sharing system with the Metropolitan Police which saw officers pass on details of 100 incidents during the year.”

      • Sabre

        A Clean Break.

        Written by “US Citizens” and officials for the prospective Israeli Leader Benjamin Netanyahu in 1996. Note the need to destabilise Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Iraq. History since 1996 of course unfolded coincidently and the Report had absolutely no bearing on things !!!

        The link is provided for the benefit of those that fail to see that the US and UK needed to go to war for and on behalf of Israel.

      • Sabre

        The “US Citizens” included Douglas Feith, James Colbert, Charles Fairbanks, Jr., Robert Loewenberg, David Wurmser, and Meyrav Wurmser

      • dpack

        i do not buy the mi5 smeared leon story either on the grounds that he was the perfect home secretary for “right wing elements of mi5 etc”
        if it had been “smeared by traditionalist officers of mi6 who felt that the security services had no role in domestic politics etc ” or “smeared by the unions””or even “smeared by######(fill in name as required) who was his rival for cabinet office “i might consider it possible .
        that some or all of the allegations that have had the most exposure are incorrect seems possible but that he was/is a victim of right wing security officers seems very improbable.
        from the information available it would appear that leon(and his political chums)were assisted to power by right wing elements of the security services ,overtly by the likes of neave and mclean and covertly in many ways, right wing officers smearing him (and by association damaging his chums as well)rather than protecting and directing him would be a rather odd thing to do.
        as to the lybian embassy shooting and a home secretary interfering with the organization of 5 i am fairly convinced that it would not be necessary to smear a minister just to explain it is not their job to demand anything of the security services.
        ps re lybia the interpretation might be a bit left field but the facts stand,
        gadaffi was supplied with training staff for his “come and learn terrorism” school at least in part from fort bragg , some of the trainees seem to have been rather useful to the strategy of tension and on occasions used as deniable contractors,he played the mad dog but never seemed to actually fully support his overt policy of exporting revolution in a effective manner and he turned poodle when asked to by the us/uk . my instinct is he was at least in part a uk/us asset ,probably with uk handlers as the uk has a stronger historical link to lybia than the usa .
        if that scenario is correct it would be more likely 6 that would resent a home secretary making waves about lybian matters on uk soil in case the nature of the relationship became known,as it happened their was public fuss “diplomatic relations ” were ceased and business as usual continued by other means .a final though on lybia if the usa/uk really wanted gadaffi gone why did he last so long ?

        pps blaming “right wing officers”for smearing leon could be seen as a way protect him ,to pass him off as in the center of the political spectrum and get wets and pinkos to see him as a a triple win if folk believe it .

        this didnt slide a bit off topic ,that sort of thing sometimes helps when blundering about in smoke and mirrors .

      • Sabre

        dpack, broadly agree.
        Even 6 would have passed the message back via The Cabinet Secretary that the Home Security be advised of the political reality of the situation.

  7. pongo

    The Government must be shitting themselves also. Politian’s have been blackmailed, by who?
    Don`t take Einstein to figure that 0.2% of the world`s population has been up to their arms in blackmail.
    Remember Pongo loves Norman Frankenstein.

    • Sabre

      Your percentage is probably right, however, I suspect that the target you have in mind isn’t strictly correct.

      If I misrepresent your position please accept my apologies.
      The problem isn’t 12 Million Jews, some of which are the scum of the earth, some of which are truly great human beings, the vast majority being normal people with the strengths and weaknesses inherent in us all.

      The Zionist lobby and Israel’s Government do figure prominently in world wide chaos engineered for Israel’s interests, despite the denials of the chattering classes.
      The trouble caused by the Zionists, while disproportionate, is not exclusive to them.
      The U.S, The U.K, The EU and virtually every State is guilty of similar mischief.
      Supra National institutions and Global financial and commercial entities are similarly guilty.
      The 0.2 % in reality are those with significant interests to protect, their interests sometimes converge sometimes run in parallel and sometimes diverge. The average Brit, American, Jew etc etc sometimes benefits from the dispersal of a few crumbs, often suffers from the fallout.
      The old the young the weak and the uncared for always take the brunt.

      I speak as a former “Far Right” activist and not as one of the politically correct neo liberals. In conclusion if I have read too much into your comment and misrepresented you I reiterate my unreserved apology.

  8. pongo

    Norman G. Finkelstein sorry!

  9. No doubt the establishment will wheel out another one if their ” FIX IT judges

  10. Sabre

    We’ve touched on this before, however, do you really want to know everything? Will you be able to cope with the unvarnished truth should it ever become available. Does everyone realise that we aren’t talking about just one Government or just one Party?

    Illegal wars, systematic financial market frauds that compromise all economies, controversies over the pros and cons of EU and NATO membership and systematic institutional CSA are not separate distinct subjects.

    The Security Services ( and others) haven’t let perverts off for decades because they are part of a brotherhood of perverts, it has merely been a method of control lest politicians get any silly ideas about really changing and controlling the world.

    The posts on this blog a few threads before this one covered the shock! Horror ! Disclosure of ‘Cahill being compromised’ , this is how the world works.

  11. pongo

    Sabre, I agree – can we take the truth, the real truth? Me I don`t think so.
    Just think now, that it will be dog eat dog soon, as people are realising that we have been `conned` by the State.
    I have no problems as I come from Birkenhead North, urban survivors, like 15stone cockroaches

  12. l8in

    Reblogged this on L8in.

  13. dpack

    truth is a good place to start improving matters and the threat of “things will get messy if folk know the full truth “is possibly true but no reason to hide the truth .
    tis messy now .

  14. Roger Gough

    From my own position as enthusiastic onlooker, I believe that the tireless efforts of bloggers and facebook posters too numerous to mention, have contributed in no small way to this magnificent result. Their methods and tenacity have unearthed information that could not have even been guessed at and have educated those who sense the corruption of our ‘leaders’ but have felt powerless to do anything about it; the startling revelations regarding Ms Woolf’s ‘butler’ being a hugely important case in point. Some bloggers have had no input into this particular case but they have added massively to the campaign’s impetus by reporting with equal vigour on other inequitable situations, thereby alerting the curious public to the overall levels of corruption within Government and the establishment and by so doing encouraging this ground swell of resentment. I take great pride in stating that this eulogy has not required a single rewrite; thank you folks.

  15. Celebrations!
    Down to the ale house!

  16. passerbypieton

    Maybe the crescendo of our civic strife will be lost in the crucible of war – world war 3, which has been and is still being agitated for at a quickening pace.
    There is an internet radio jock called Nick Spero (Circus Maximus) who aside from one unrelated error of judgment, seems quite switched on to the movers and shakers and the formula being implemented. He advocates scrutinising Coudenhove Kalergi’s Practical Idealism, which he asserts is being followed like a playbook.
    As I am not fortunate enough to read German fluently I have cast around for an English translation, none found so far. There is one overview here:
    As the author has some idiosyncratic views on nuclear weapons, you hardly need me to exhort you to check things out for yourselves.

  17. Abby

    In an ideal world, wouldn’t you want to head the inquiry yourself, Gojam?

    • Whether I’d want to or not it makes no odds. I’d be an inappropriate person to even be on the panel.

      I’ve made it absolutely clear that I’m on the side of survivors and I stand by that and so I’m not impartial.

      Though I hope I’m objective.

      • godhelpus

        Please do! exactly what is needed, Truth and Honesty Gojam?

      • godhelpus

        Please do! you and people like you is exactly what is needed, Truth and Honesty Gojam?

      • I’m obviously grateful for your personal support but this is a non-stater.

        I’ll always do what I can but it is far more productive to focus on those that are likely to be appointed.

        We want the truth, I want the truth, So we need to get behind those who will be appointed and give them our support.

      • Abby

        You’re too modest! It’s people like you on the side of survivors who are needed. Like Mark Williams-Thomas. You surely agree that he’d be appropriate?

      • I disagree. People like me have our place but any meaningful inquiry must persuade the general public at large. It does not need those already those concerned to be on the panel. I would ideally like to see neutral people convinced by the evidence, which is overwhelming.

  18. chrisb

    Do not assume that recent events were unplanned. The removal of a second head delays the inquiry. The plan may be to eventually leave child abuse survivors with a choice: accept our ‘safe pair of hands’ or forget about an inquiry. It will be very telling if abuse survivors are again not consulted about a replacement.

  19. Wendy

    I am beginning to think along the same lines as chrisb. There are a vast amount of establishments figures to go through. This shows that the powers that be do not get it. In my opinion they want to control the outcome.

  20. Wendy

    When I heard there was to be an inquiry I naively thought someone akin to Jim Gamble would head it, if not the man himself. I think the truth is they do not want an inquiry that would upset their ‘mates’. Anything to stall matters. Thank goodness we still have some politicians that speak out, have a backbone and try to give victims a voice.

  21. Butler-Sloss and Fiona Woolf were Britton’s best hope for a cover up. But the general sheeple are waking up to the ESTABLISHMENT’S total corruption.