Op Cayacos: Charles Napier To Admit Bulk Of Charges

According to Napier’s defence barrister on Tuesday.

So, it is rather odd that the BBC (HERE) decided to run a very confusing  story about the one charge Charles Napier was acquitted of.


The half brother of a senior Tory politician will plead guilty to a ‘substantial’ amount of historic sexual abuse charges, a court heard today (tues). Charles Napier, 67, half brother of MP John Whittingdale, faces 21 charges of indecent assault on boys aged eight to 13 between 1968 and 1973 and is yet to enter his pleas. As a single gross indecency charge was dropped by the Crown today (tues) his defence barrister said he will be admitting the bulk of the offences at his plea hearing next month. Napier, who appeared at Southwark Crown Court dressed in a dark green jacket, pale blue shirt and blue tie, faces sex abuse charges relating to 21 schoolboys over a five year period. –

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5 responses to “Op Cayacos: Charles Napier To Admit Bulk Of Charges

  1. Peter McKelvie

    Brilliant Thanks

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  3. sponge_mike

    What a ghastly looking creature.

  4. artmanjosephgrech

    wonder what the deal is?

  5. dpack

    it is rather strange to report that one charge has been dropped but not mention the defense indicating there will be guilty pleas to the 21 other charges at his plea hearing.
    iirc in general terms the “deal ” with an earliest possible admission of guilt/guilty plea is usually some reduction of sentence (less expensive,less witness trauma ,showing remorse etc etc )
    an early guilty plea removes the need for statements and cross examination to be heard in court .
    i hope i have phrased that carefully.