Fiona Woolf’s Letter To HASC And Drafts.

Original source can be found HERE
These are the images;
Woolf Letter 01aWoolf Letter 02aWoolf Letter 03a

Below are the ‘Thunbnails’ of the drafts from the document which are reproduced in the same order as they appear in the document.
NOTE : This may or may not be the order in which they were created at the time by the Home Office/Fiona Woolf.
Click the image to expand, and click again to see full size:-

First Draft;
FW Draft1 01

FW Draft1 02

Second Draft;
FW Draft2 01FW Draft2 02

Third Draft;
FW Draft3 01FW Draft3 02

Fourth Draft;
FW Draft4 01FW Draft4 02

Fifth Draft;
FW Draft5 01FW Draft5 02
FW Draft5 03FW Draft5 04
FW Draft5 05

Sixth Draft;

FW Draft6 01FW Draft6 02

FW Draft6 03FW Draft6 04

FW Draft6 05

Seventh and Final Draft;

FW Draft7 (Final) 01FW Draft7 (Final) 02

FW Draft7 (Final) 03FW Draft7 (Final) 04


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7 responses to “Fiona Woolf’s Letter To HASC And Drafts.

  1. Not in My Name

    May to Woolf
    (Hell, you could even set it to music!)
    I’m gonna sit right down
    And write myself a letter
    And make believe it came from you
    I’m gonna write words oh, so sweet
    They’re gonna knock me off of my feet
    A lot of [Seven?] kisses on the bottom
    I’ll be glad I got ’em

  2. holliegreigjustice

    What a rat bastard she is

  3. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog

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  4. Reblogged this on cathyfox and commented:
    As thought, not only Colin Tucker but dinners with Leon were downgraded in final letter of 7 drafts. AsloWoolf sets out her intent that she “wished to set out for the Home Secretary that there is nothing to prevent me from fulfilling the role”- well her intetn should have been to present the truth and let others judge. She deigns to be available next for Home Affairs Select Committee at end of Feb!!!

  5. dpack

    having had a quick read of the developing versions i rather admire the “sir humphrey”school of correspondence.
    if she thought the original version showed no conflict of interest she was mistaken and to be aided in producing an acceptable version by the home office shows the home office is not seeking an impartial chair,only the appearance of an impartial chair and also shows that she is easily persuaded to be party to that process.
    resignation sweepstake part two ?

  6. artmanjosephgrech

    If I was on the panel I would devise a what did you know when questionnaire about the cover up and hopefully Keith and his committee will insist that everyone circulated, including himself answer fully and quickly. with of course legal and political advise about the best way to answer

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