Fiona Woolf Sent 7 Drafts To Home Office. Words And Facts Ammended

No wonder Fiona Woolf looked nervous when the Home Affairs Select Committee asked her to produce any drafts.

Oh my!

Her resignation should be immediate.



The head of the official inquiry into historic child sex abuse re-wrote a letter to Theresa May, the Home Secretary, to play down her links with a Tory grandee at the centre of the scandal, it has emerged.

Fiona Woolf has faced calls to resign over her personal contact with Lord Brittan, who as Leon Brittan who was in charge of the Home Office in the 1980s.

Now it has been disclosed that a formal letter between Mrs Woolf and Mrs May was re-written seven times, with Home Office assistance.

Keith Vaz MP, the chairman of the Commons home affairs select committee, said the re-writes “gave a sense of greater detachment between Lord and Lady Brittan and Mrs Woolf”.

Even facts about Mrs Woolf’s contact with Lord and Lady Brittan appeared to have been “amended”, he added.

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8 responses to “Fiona Woolf Sent 7 Drafts To Home Office. Words And Facts Ammended

  1. For David Cameron to confirm the appointment of Fiona Woolf today in the light of this evidence is an admission that whatever he might have said about ‘leaving no stone unturned’ he was talking with a forked tongue.

    What was wrong with Prof. Alexis Jay? Perhaps she works at the University of Strathclyde makes her ineligible and the fact she wrote a damning indictment on Rotherham makes her doubly ineligible.

    We have a long list of so called enquiries which were little more than damage limitation exercises. Nothing has changed. The establishment don’t want to turn over any stones yet again.

  2. Anon

    Surely the whole point of their games is that they will continue to appoint chairs who will then stand down and nothing will ever get started until after the next General Election when everyone is safelty re-elected before any of the potential real dirt can get out?

    • The Home SeSecretary already announced it wouldn’t report until after the General Election –
      some time ago. The parameters Of the enquiry and appointment of Lady Butler Sloss and Fiona Woolf are evidence enough they intend to appoint someone who feels close to the establishment – an establishment in the frame for these offences. Who next? Fiona Shackleton? Or someone else wanting a gong for services to the establishment? Why not give the job to Alexis Jay? Oops she doesn’t live in London and won’t know who to protect.

  3. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog

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  4. dpack

    i wonder who will be playing aunt sally does seem that this inquiry is being used in an attempt to conceal rather than reveal.
    although it could be suggested that the first two attempts to conceal are quite revealing of the depth of nepotism and corruption in the establishment.

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