Ahhhh! Change Of Email Address



I’ve had to change my contact email address. It is now gojam57@gmail.com .

I just want to make it clear that there is nothing sinister about this. I just stupidly forgot my password. I’ve been desperately trying to remember it this week but to no avail. So, if you’ve emailed me and received no reply, I’m sorry.

I want to apologise to everyone who has contacted me in the past but reassure everyone that the old account is perfectly secure. So secure in fact that even I can’t get into it!

I’ve got some contact email addresses and I’ll notify some people of the change but most I no longer have.

So, if you’d like to contact me then please use the new email address – gojam57@gmail.com

Many thanks.




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4 responses to “Ahhhh! Change Of Email Address

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  2. Jeremy Stocks

    Why 57 gojam? Ah is it your year of birth or was the old one 56? don’t worry, i’m sure if you contact the NSA they’ll give you your old password back! :)

  3. Jeremy Stocks

    Ah 2 years younger than me. Want you to know you’re doing a sterling sober job following this theme and I think a lot appreciate it. I hope we one day see the justice for these poor kids – now many of them adults – who these nasty people harmed. It’s thanks to the death of Jimmy Saville we found out about this.