Jim Hood MP Outs The ‘Noble Lord’ Leon Brittan For ‘Improper Conduct With Children’.



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15 responses to “Jim Hood MP Outs The ‘Noble Lord’ Leon Brittan For ‘Improper Conduct With Children’.

  1. pongo

    Well done Jim! The Noble Lord was never going to get his collar felt, but must be shitting himself that one of the great unwashed are going to give him a mouthful, or a slap.

  2. Sabre

    I took that view on here some time ago pongo. Given that sod all will probably be done.

    • pongo

      I agree mate. Still a `life sentence` knowing there might be something going to happen to you that is bad.

  3. dm t

    Brittan was our MP in North Yorks when I lived there in the 70’s and there were many rumors about him then; he then went off the Brussels.

  4. Sabre

    They should find a way of alluding to Dolphin Square, Kincorra, EGH, Lambeth, Islington, The Welsh care homes during debates.

  5. rich

    Once in a decade you’ll see an MP do something good, we should enjoy this being one of those times

  6. William hague must know a great deal about what brittan got up to. After all it was him who sent brittan to brussels when he found out he was a paedo. For some reason hague is stepping down at the next election. Mmm, i wonder why? Clegg must also know a shitload about brittan and other abusers,get them in to a police station and get them answering questions. It would be anti semitic to treat the likes of leon brittan,greville janner etc any different from the rest of society surely?

    • NJG

      Very true, Mick. It’s so convenient for the right wing tabloids when they have a Jewish, Muslim or Black scapegoat. However, not so long ago – and certainly within living memory – those ‘pure’, so-called ‘aryans’ were responsible for some of the worst and most widespread acts of child abuse in human history. Us Jews call this the holocaust.

  7. It would seem it’s all becoming rather tactical now. Labour having , in effect, given up one of their own in Janner and seemingly not doing a whole lot to “defend” him, now feel free to begin to chip away at the wall of silence emanating from the government benches. The fact that, the Tory party are so desperate to string this all out to post the general election next year tells you all you need to know about the serious nature of charges facing some of their own ranks and that, of the three parties, they stand to lose the most. Well that’s their problem, by adopting the mantel of the “party of the establishment” when that same establishment is shown to have not just the odd maggot rather, is in parts, rotten to core, then their fortunes are tied to such revelations.

    What’s more, Cameron in appointing the current head of the COE seems to be developing a Beckett syndrome and the bloke he thought was probably, a safe pair of hands, is turning out to be a bit of royal pain in the butt with his almost brusque, by establishment standards, admission of severe and prolonged problems with child abuse in the church

  8. Kittiwake

    This seems quite important, yet the only reports I can find in the msm are in the mail and the telegraph. I wish I knew why they go where everyone else fears to tread.

    • Le Gin

      because the Mail is a tory trumpet
      because the Torygraph came out last week unequivocally for the tories
      because there’s a general election in 6 months

      When you find some reasoned analysis in either of those publications then maybe, just maybe, some of the people in those stories that have been on the web for years might start seeing their names in a more mainstream (and I mean between x-factor, strictly and sports lovers programming) light beam.
      However, imvho, I would suggest that holding your breath for this to occur will result in death through asphyxiation.

  9. Bishop Brightly

    The real story is how the Tory demands that labour disacossiate themselves in a diguates manner.

    Fingers in ears la la la Leon’s not a paedo.

  10. Jeremy Stocks

    Is it possible that finally the floodgates will open to this huge story?

    • Bruce Goldfinch

      Possible but unlikely. Sadly there are far too many people with a vested interest in the ‘status quo’.